Egg Beaters: Food for Fools

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

If you were a rat, what would you want to look like – Rat Brad Pitt on the left or Rat Charlie Sheen on the right?

It seems pretty obvious that Brad Pitt Rat on the left is frisky, happy, and healthy in a normal, rat sort of way while Charlie Sheen Rat on the right looks rather worse for the wear and does not in any way possess “tiger blood” or “Adonis DNA”.

Hold on a minute.  Charlie Sheen didn’t really say that, did he??

Oops, sorry. Back to the rats.

Guess what these little guys are eating?

Egg Beaters Better Than Real Eggs?  Who are They Kidding?

Brad Pitt Rat is eating eggs.

Charlie Sheen Rat is eating Egg Beaters.

How can this be?   Why, Egg Beaters is a masterpiece of food chemistry, after all!

Developed in the 1970’s, Egg Beaters has the same protein, fat, calories, macrominerals, and vitamins as Real Eggs!

Marketed as a “healthy” substitute for eggs, Egg Beaters is routinely served to nursing home residents and is a typical breakfast choice of older Americans seeking to limit cholesterol and saturated fat.

The problem is, when you take out the saturated fat and cholesterol from eggs and substitute vegetable oil, nonfat dry milk, additives, and artificial nutrients and feed it to weanling rats what do you get?

You get little Charlie Sheen rats that look like the pathetic creature in the picture above.  These Egg Beater rats do not develop properly and have mangy looking fur.   They also develop diarrhea within one week of eating Egg Beaters and die within 3-4 weeks.

The Brad Pitt Rats eating eggs?  They go on to develop properly and live out normal little rat lives.

Are you or a relative eating Egg Beaters thinking it is a better choice for your health?  Set the marketing mumbo jumbo and misleading doctor-speak about saturated fat and cholesterol aside for a minute and just look at the picture and make the call with simple common sense.

Doesn’t it seem downright foolish to eat Egg Beaters if that stuff can make a young rat look like that within one week?

Perhaps it might help you to know that a thorough review of the world’s scientific literature published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2009 concluded that eggs do not in any way, shape or form contribute to heart attacks!

You don’t have to tell that to Charlie Sheen rat.   From the looks of him, he would much rather be eating eggs instead of Egg Beaters so that he can get his Brad Pitt on.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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  1. I have been unable to eat whole eggs for several years, because I get terrible heartburn when I do. I’m talking *hours* of pain and regret. At some point I discovered that egg whites didn’t bother me, just egg yolks. However, plain egg whites are fairly blah and Egg Beaters do at least have some flavor. Plus, I love the convenience at 6 AM of just pouring from the container. So cut people some slack. I miss my poached egg on toast, but very happy to be doing omelets again.

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  4. So if real eggs are good for you what about the cholesterol in them? Is that just a food myth or is it a fact? An if it is a fact, doesn’t cholesterol plug your arteries up and cause problems with the blood flow to your heart and brain? Not trying to cause a problem but would really like to know. My heart Doctor of 25 years is one of the leading ones in his field and he plainly states that if you eat eggs regularly, 4 or 5 days a week, your heart is going to plug up and you are going to die or lose blood flow to your brain and have a stroke. So who’s telling the truth? Makes you sorta wonder doesn’t it. Maybe they taste bad, but egg whites and vitimans cannot be bad for you, unless eggs themselves are bad for you, who telling the truth? A good question.

    • processed foods and white refined sugars are the main culprits. they cause inflammation of the arteries which causes damage so your body produces cholesterol to repair that damage in your blood vessels… but what do i know as i am not a doctor… low fat, no fat, chemshit, and GMOs are banned in my house

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  6. Who conducted the rat study, and when, and why isn’t it cited?

    Without some kind of a citation, it’s hard for me to take this seriously instead of as propaganda.

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  8. This article claims that Egg Beaters and real eggs have identical calorie counts…not true according to Live Strong web site: A single serving (1/4 cup) of original Egg Beaters contains 30 calories, compared to the 70 calories in a single large egg…making Egg Beaters a healthier alternative for the weight-conscious.” Well that’s obvious from the picture!!! LOL

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  10. Heidi Maxwell via Facebook September 20, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Oh ok nevermind. Somehow I thought it was fat free in which case I *might* have been right. That’s pretty nasty news thanks for sharing :)

  11. How ironic that just today at the grocery store I offered to help a woman get whatever she was wanting to reach when I saw her seriously struggling to get up from her motorized wheel chair. What did she ask me to get? Two different varieties of Egg Beaters. :( What a timely post. Real food is ALWAYS the better choice. Her little basket was probably full of food that was making her sicker.

  12. Heidi Maxwell via Facebook September 20, 2012 at 1:04 am

    Well if your only food hAs no fat and no cholesterol of course you would starve. I would never eat eggbeaters (ugh) but really this experiment is super biased lol. Nothing can live on a zero fat diet, no matter what that diet consists of.

  13. Lisa Wallen Logsdon via Facebook September 19, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    I would not have been able to keep a straight face either if I was writing something like that! So glad you made Charlie Sheen the scruffy rat. Very fitting! LOL!

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  16. I’m one of those “fools” who used to eat Eggbeaters, nonfat artificially sweetened Yoplait and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray. By the time I became so sick I was bedridden, I had a lot of spare time to do research. I discovered WAPF, The Healthy Home Economist and lots of other great information. I thank God for people like you who educate people like me. Thank you.

  17. Did the silky rat eat ONLY egg beaters? If so, that’s why he’s sickly. He needs some fat in his diet. So, maybe he’s sickly because of no fat, not necessarily because he ate only egg beaters.

  18. Thanks for this. I just found out a friend is on a statin and eating a low cholesterol diet. It just kills me to think of him being put through that and it isn’t going to make him healthier but sicker! Nothing I say matters because “it is genetic” and “the Dr Says”. Ugh.
    I am so glad my parents grew up eating real food because that is what is cheap and they were poor. Then after years of lower fat eating (they never went crazy with fake foods) they learned about the benefits of good fats from me and reversed my fathers high cholesterol by eating more fat and fewer grains. They even bought a copy of Nourishing Traditions after reading mine for themselves and my 3 siblings.

  19. Sorry, but this photo looks like it was snapped pre-Egg Beaters. It looks old! And, where is the discerning person’s informative reference to who took the photo? With no other details about this ‘trial’, I’m only convinced that the article was written mostly for entertainment value.

    I eat free-range, farm eggs, BTW.

  20. Love this article — have read about these studies elsewhere, and have always thought it was very “spot-on” about “man-made food-stuffs”. A few years ago, I would recommend the custard [to patients] that our hospital makes as it seemed to be the less processed than the other fat-free, sugar-laden packaged brand-name yogurts that were in the refrigerator until I called down to the kitchen to ask for the ingredient list. Wouldn’t you know it — “Liquid Eggs”. Talk about repulsive. Hospitals nation-wide are not a place to go for good, nourishing food. Hospital kitchens are all supplied by Food Services of America and Sysco.

  21. Nice exposure re egg beaters.
    However, I disagree with using
    celebrity names, etc. to make a point… Stick to the subject without pointing fingers, such as
    healthy rat vs sick rat ….

    • Sometimes we really need to laugh about this stuff, don’t we? It’s too sobering and scary if we don’t find the humor in it and life is just no fun at all otherwise!

      I read a book in college about a guy who was in a concentration camp during WWII. He laughed and found joy in his horrible situation nonetheless. No wonder he survived and thrived to enjoy the last half of his life in freedom in the US. We have to laugh at this stuff or it is just too depressing!

  22. i am still not defaulting to the home page for some reason.. is anyone else having this problem?? i am only able to view anything by opening in my emails.. help someone.. this is our favorite website..

    -jason and lisa-

  23. Thanks for doing your part to wake people up, Sarah. I’m glad you don’t mince words. We’ve been under the anti-fat propaganda and Feedlot Pyramid for so long it takes strong, passionate language to jolt us into thinking.

  24. I grew up eating egg beaters, skim milk and tub margarine because my mom had high cholesterol and believed everything that the nutritionist told her about what she should eat. The crazy thing? We lived on a farm and had our own farm eggs and raw milk/butter/cream readily available. I still turned out fairly healthy (I think strong genes helped to play a role in that), but I do wonder how much healthier I would be if I had only gotten the right nutrition as a child.

  25. Kate @ Modern Alternative Mama December 6, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    I saw the word “Eggbeaters” in my inbox and thought “WHAT is that doing in there? I don’t want that!” Then I realized it was your post and it made sense. I’ve never bought it and never would. I only buy pastured eggs from a local farm.

    Trader Joe’s sells “egg whites only” in cartons. I really, really want to call them up and ask them if I can have all those extra yolks, because that’s the part I really want. (Not because I want them since I’m sure they’re CAFO, but just to make a point.)

  26. As a child I had an allergy to eggs. We used Eggbeaters instead and I had no reaction to them. Hmmm. Must not be too many eggs in that little yellow carton! Thankfully the allergy is gone and I enjoy pastured eggs almost every day!

  27. This is just criminal – to tell people that it’s “good for you” when they KNOW it is not, is beyond insane. Like their continued attacks on raw milk, forcing people to use the processed milk/dairy. We need to start accusing them of deliberately trying to make people sick…and DIE. Because that *is* what is happening. Watch for the word “safe” when they talk about *their* “foods…they always say real food isn’t “safe” but their foods are. It’s not about nutritious. You can nuke manure until it’s “safe” to eat but….SHOULD you eat it? Of course not! The animal ID scheme (which is alive and well and being crammed down our throats) is part of taking away our ability to feed ourselves with whole, nutritious food. It will make owning your own animals impossible. And that’s the whole idea. We are lifetime ranchers/farmers/homesteaders and we’ve been fighting this monster for six years. They are taking complete control of all food in the whole world, not just America. If you are not up to speed on Agenda 21, you need to do it right away…

    • I agree Lynne. I think the folks who adhere to “no bar code” eating are definitely onto something. I’m not quite there yet myself as I still buy good quality packaged foods like coconut milk and the like (though I also make it myself though not all the time), I would like to get there one day.

  28. Thank you for sharing this. I confess to eating these from time to time, I honestly didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. I always eat at least one pasture egg a day (DELICIOUS, such a difference) but will definitely be cutting eggbeaters from my diet. I love learning about real foods and cooking clean for my family, thank you!

  29. Well that’s just great! Now when I’m checking out an order with 6 cartons of Egg Beaters in it (sadly, not freakishly uncommon) I’ll have to bite my tongue so I don’t ask them if they have some rats they’re trying to kill.
    I scan so much crapola every day, that I’m lucky my tongue’s not completely severed from restraining myself from saying anything.
    However, I did have a nice conversation with a young mother buying the non-homogenized, low temp past. milk last night. She asked if I’d seen King Corn and I told her about The Healthy Home Economist and the post on New Zealand and “Food Safety” bill.
    Refreshing to meet someone in person who doesn’t want their head stuck in the sand.

        • So funny that you said this. Whenever we buy from the grocery store (all we buy there are some organic vegetables, frozen organic berries, and the occasional kerrygold butter.), the casheers all know my mom as the “organic lady with all the kids!” They’re always asking her whether she saw some good coconuts (we alway make coconut milk) over in the produce section, or they’re telling her that they just got a new order of the grassfed raw cheese in from New Zealand. I love our Publix here on FL’s beautiful east coast!

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  31. Isn’t it amazing what people think is “healthy” food when really all they are eating is junk. I wish we could convince more people that it really does make a difference what we put into our bodies. Thanks for another enlightening post.

    • I think we Real Foodies tiptoe around people’s feelings way too much. Someone who eats Egg Beaters is most definitely a fool. You do have to tell it like it is – sometimes this is necessary to wake people from their zombie state of conformance.

  32. Mike Winslow via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    YUM i just had some Eggs right from the Farm down the road….Fresh organic….I don’t think i’d ever think of eating an egg substitute…

  33. Ew. Brad Pitt. Really? I’ve never found him attractive. Nevertheless… yes, it drives me crazy that my husband insists on these for breakfast (or rather, Better ‘n Eggs). For a while I had him convinced to at least eat real egg whites fresh from the farm (bad for him, but good for me- I got the extra yolks!), but he insists that real eggs upset his stomach. *sigh* At one point, he was eating about 6 eggs a day (3 at breakfast, 3 at night). He was looking better, feeling better, but… oops! His cholesterol was “a little high”. And then he told his doctor how many eggs he was eating. His doctor told him that 1-2 eggs per WEEK was plenty. Ugh. Well, at least his doctor is getting a bit of his own back- his wife’s gone vegan and she controls the kitchen. Muahahahahaha! He is NOT happy. 😀

    Husband does have real farm fresh eggs about twice a week, so at least that’s something. And no, I can’t convince my husband with logic or facts. After all, he’s a DOCTOR (not my husband, my husband’s doctor).

    • Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist December 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm

      Brad Pitt is pretty gross these days, but he sure is better than Charlie Sheen! Tiger blood and Adonis DNA? NOT!

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  35. Julia Overstreet Sathler via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    there is something to be said for service to others…with humility. i know that humility is not en vogue anymore…it’s a pity…it is a virtue.

  36. My Mom-in-Law eats egg beaters every day (she cooks it in the microwave). Any ideas on how I can share this information with her? We’re pretty close, but I don’t want her to feel like I’m indoctrinating her or make her feel bad, either.

  37. Honestly, never tried it, but it sounds disgusting. My main rule when it comes to food is: always eat the real thing. Really thats all you need to know for good health and real food.

  38. Thank you for this! My father in law is full-on into the whole cholesterol myth and will not every listen to me. He eats egg beaters every day, then asks me how to help his bowel problems (and chronic muscle problems…resulting, most likely, from the statins he’s been on since he was 30 years old!!!) I wish he would read this, but prayerfully others will, at least!

    • I heard, but don’t know for sure, that the rise in Alzheimer’s is related to the rise in use of statin drugs…..maybe someone here knows for sure if there is a link…

  39. A person is foolish though if they fall for something without first examining it. Different personalities express things differently. I wold say Sarah is a prophet type person who says it how it is, not worrying about feelings, but making it clear. A servant type person may be more sensitive to people’s feelings, but the message may then be watered down….
    What a difference….WOW!

  40. Karin May via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I am glad I work in a place that allows me to fact check and find original work, like the study this article was based on. I don’t take internet articles at face value. That said, I read the study in Pediatrics Journal and as a result, while I never touch Egg Beaters, I will make sure no one else I know does either. Honestly, does the food industry care about anything more than profit? I know there are individual companies trying to make a difference, but how can they when they go up against the giants with deep pockets full of lobbyists. I am disgusted, confused and saddened by what I see offered up as food for the masses.

  41. We don’t eat Eggbeaters either, or any other products that are not natural, but please don’t call other people “fools”. Not knowledgeable maybe, or unaware, but not fools.

  42. Heh heh! Charlie Sheen – an example of what should never happen to human DNA. ; ->)

    I have a friend who eats egg beaters – thinks they’re wonderful. He can’t figure out why he always has diarrhea . . . . . . .

  43. Jan Dillon via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    That is so sad! I just wish that people wouldn’t feel the need to insert demeaning language like “for fools” in an otherwise important message. Thanks for posting.

      • I think Jan has a point. If you saw that somebody had posted an article called “Eggs: Food for Fools” would you read it with an open mind? I bet you either would skip it or would read it ready to argue with every bit of it. If the article was called “New Research on Eggs” or “Why I Quit Eating Eggs” you might be more ready to THINK about what it says and (if it did present good evidence) make a change in your diet.

        The trouble with many animal studies is that they feed the rats ONLY the food being tested, not a balanced diet that includes that food. This can produce results that don’t apply to humans who eat the food as 5% of their diet. So I try to find out exactly what was done in a study before I make any changes based on it.

        That said, I’ve always been turned off by Egg Beaters because they are so heavily engineered. If you believe a food is bad for you, just eat LESS of it and substitute a different FOOD–don’t eat weird fake foods! Scientists try to take out the parts they think are bad and leave in the parts they think are good, but they’re not perfect, and these manipulations can have unintended consequences.

  44. yep it really saddens me to see some old ladies putting this stuff into their grocery cart…
    but after working with a few clients recently (I just started my nutrition practice, yay!!!) people just DO NOT KNOW stuff about foods, and they have lots of AHA moments when I explain it to is the key here, great you have this site Sarah!!

    • Congrats on opening your new practice. How did you go about getting training? I would love to be a real foods nutritionist so that I can teach people about real foods. Do you have any advice that you may be able to give to me? I’d really appreciate it.

  45. Faithful Farmer via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 12:25 pm

    Unfortunately, I have to travel an hour each way to get good eggs that are not from grain fed chickens and they cost me almost $6 per dozen, but I won’t eat anything else!

  46. Melanie Shovelski via Facebook December 6, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    makes me feel so much better watching my 2 year old devouring a bowl of oatmeal (old-fashioned with milk and dried apples bit) and 2 eggs for breakfast 😀 She was hungry :)

    • Wow, I’m impressed! Not sure I could eat quite that much for breakfast. Reminds me of one of my little sisters! She’s known to eat up to 4 lard-fried pastured eggs at a time. 😀

  47. Awesome article. We had a free coupon for egg beaters once, so I bought them and made them. My family was so disgusted and refused to eat them. Thank goodness!

    I agree completely that whole food is the only “real” food. Thanks for sharing all your great insight.

    Do you have any opinions on protein powders or shakes for workout recovery? I’d love to get your thoughts.

  48. Reminds me of the lab experiment where one group of rats was fed corn flakes and the other group was fed the corn flakes box. By the time box group was starting to die, the corn flakes group was already completely dead after having become insane.

  49. I maybe bought one carton of Egg Beaters during my family’s lowfat low cholesterol craze.. then we went on to do 1 egg/1 egg white instead in our scrambled eggs. Then we scrapped this, too, and just ate real eggs!!! Now I’m happy to buy local pastured eggs and have 2-3 every day!!

    • Just make sure if you are eating eggs every day that you are not always cooking them. Eggs every day is good, but some days out of the week they should be raw. Throw them in a smoothie, that’s the easiest way. If you can handle frying them in coconut oil but only just barely, then you may be okay.

      • Great way of getting sick eating raw eggs. And please don’t give me the ole “organic” BS, Just because they are organic, you can still get sick.

        • you Are suppose to wash the eggs before you crack them open to remove any potential contaminates you know. and never eat an egg, cooked or not, that has a crack of any size…. whether or not you keep them in the fridge…
          i make my own mayo and ceasar dressing with raw, gasp, eggs straight from the dirty chicken’s um…. and it keeps in the fridge for a week. maybe i should lie down and be sick?

  50. It really is sad that people still buy into this. I have one family member in particular who’s health continues to decline, and she continues to do even MORE to make it worse. But she’s doing it at the direction of her doctor. She’s always so proud of herself when she adds another fake food to her diet. Egg Beaters, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Canola Oil….Aaaack!

    She thinks I’ve gone off the deep end because I drink raw milk. LOL!

    • Reminds me of my dad who suffers from diabietes, (don’t think I spelled that right) and he continues to think his doctor has his best interest at heart. His fat intake is restricted and he has to take meds daily. My mom and I have tried to tell him some of the things we know about real food, but he’s too set in his ways to listen. I won’t keep telling a person who chooses not to listen.

      • canola oil is made from a multy step chemical process from ‘rapeseed’…. i mean would you buy into Rape Oil?… so change the name to make it sound better… it is fake. if you can’t cold press it to get oil, it is fake.

  51. This picture is downright hilarious. I tried Egg Beaters many years ago when I didn’t know any better, but was very unimpressed with them. My family and I are big egg eaters and there’s no way that I would feed them this fake stuff. Funny how people still think low-fat and low-cholesterol foods are healthy, yet people are more unhealthy now then they ever were. I’ll pass on the fake foods.


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