Chiropractic for Constipation (and Other Energy Blockages)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

By Dr. Mark Frank D.C.

chiropractic for constipationHow do you know when you need a chiropractic adjustment?

Many patients will say “when I hurt” of course!

While adjustments for physical discomfort are important, getting checked out in other situations may prove helpful as well and may even avoid surgery or medications.

Take Emily, whose parents were told after her birth that she failed her hearing test and needed to repeat it in a month.

They followed up at that time only to be told that Emily needed to go to a hospital in Orlando for a specialized evaluation that would require surgery.

Her Mom had been a patient of mine since she was a young girl and she wanted a different kind of opinion. They called the office and we got Emily in for an adjustment. The following day, Emily’s parents took her in for the evaluation and were told there must be some mistake, her hearing was perfect!

Chiropractic for Constipation a Real Solution?

This same patient would occasionally come in for an upset tummy. Her Mom would relate that she was unable to have a bowel movement for almost a week. After an adjustment her mom said they would have to stop at a gas station as she couldn’t make it home without going to the bathroom.

Another fascinating case was a woman who came in after a severe car accident that required neck and back surgery but still had persistent pain. She didn’t mention in the initial history that she would be constipated for almost a month at a time since the accident and her gastroenterology team could find no reason for it.

After her first adjustment she was relieved that day. This prompted a call from her pain management team to ask what I had given her.

They were quite surprised to learn it was from the adjustment. This was a problem they dealt with every day due to their heavy reliance on opiod medication for pain relief. Her gastroenterologists were so impressed, they wrote in their notes to the insurance carrier that the patient needed regular (no pun intended) Chiropractic care for her condition which was directly related to her car accident.

Chiropractors and structural therapists (osteopaths, cranial practitioners, etc) all over the world report these kind of cases all the time. It is not some specific kind of adjustment that gets the result. It is the inherent unlimited healing potential within each of us. It just needs to be nourished and allowed to flow.

Many other non pain related syndromes present to Chiropractors all the time. Dizziness is very common. GI complaints like GERD in adults and colic in children are very common. Frequently patients will tell me, my knee (hand,elbow etc) acts up and when you adjust my spine, it gets better. Many patients complain of stuffy ears that respond well to adjustments.

Chiropractic for Constipation Releases Energy Blockages

Why you ask, do these complaints respond to Chiropractic care?

Chiropractors find dysfunctions that they call subluxation complexes. Essentially these are energy blockages. Chiropractic care on a structural level is about optimizing the neurological functioning of the body and removing these vertebral subluxation complexes.

The nervous system can be looked upon as the electrical system of the body.

The brain’s job is too gather sensory information, assess and then transmit a proper response.

Initially Chiropractic was thought to be affecting local areas such as just the back or neck. As neurological research went on, it was found that joints and muscles provide a huge stimulus to affect how the brain works and to target certain desired neurological results.

Problems to the muscles and joints occur due to structural stressors like gravity, trauma, toxicity and repetitive strain disorders. None of us can escape gravity. It is the one common stressor for all of us.

You will notice a common pattern in older patients. As time goes on they develop a head forward posture and forward rounded shoulders. This is not just osteoporosis-this is losing the battle with gravity.  When joints and muscles are not moving properly they give off altered signals which go into the brain in the sensory department and eventually effect the motor and autonomic (heart rate,digestion,etc) programs coming from the brain.

This is why when you strain your back, frequently it’s accompanied by a limp (altered motor programs). These altered motor programs can also affect smooth muscles such as the eustachian tube in your ear or the smooth muscle in your bowels. This can cause stuffy ears or constipation or vasoconstriction leading to high blood pressure. Essentially any symptom can result from a nervous system not functioning properly.

Past Pointing Test to Assess Nervous System Health

I like to use in office tests that show subtle dysfunction of the nervous system in the patient’s ability to recieve and transmit information.  A simple neurological test I use to test these functions is called the past pointing test.

Have the patient stand, feet very close together, and close their eyes. Some patients will start to fall with just this part of the test.


You are removing the eyes which help tell us where we are in space and the patient is just relying on joint and muscle information going to the brain.

I then ask them to touch the tip of their index finger to the tip of their nose. Then repeat with the other hand. Frequently they will miss with one hand or it will be more difficult. I also will have them march in place with their eyes closed. Without realizing, many will spin 90 to 180 degrees within 50 steps!

This is important information to determine optimal functioning of the nervous system. Some people will recognize this test as one of the tests police officers give for DUI testing. The muscle coordination center of the brain, the cerebellum is very sensitive to many toxins, alcohol being one of the worst.

Many auto-immune patients will have this finding as well because the cerebellum is one of the most common tissues to be affected by auto-immunity second only to the thyroid.

Nutrition is critically important to the optimal functioning of the brain, but that is the subject of another article.

In the meantime realize that motion is life. Get adjusted, do exercise that you love, nourish your body and develop loving relationships.

About The Author

Dr. Mark Frank has been in private practice in Zephyrhills, Florida since 1981. He has traveled the world studying acupuncture, homeopathy, functional medicine, chiropractic and functional neurology in an effort to understand how the human body heals.

He is currently practicing with his daughter Celeste Holstein D.C. Their practice, The Frank Clinic of Chiropractic, is located at 38040 Daughtery Rd, Zephyrhills, FL 33450. (813) 788-0496


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  1. This is very good info – I know from personal experience that chiropractic care has helped me with my digestive problems. I think it had to do with the nerves being properly aligned.

  2. Sarah, Thank you so much for the awesome acknowledgement to the benefits of regular chiropractic care. As a chiropractor my self, I see these amazing miracles on a daily basis and it is always amazing to see the healing power our body possess. You are truly an inspiration, and myself as well as my patients follow your blog on a regular basis. Keep up with your awesome work.

  3. It might be hard to trust a chiropractor because it is really delicate to fix your spine. Many people are afraid that if they fix the spine, it would end up getting worse.

  4. Sarah, thank you for having a Dr (DC) as a contributor on your blog, it’s crazy to me how many people do not understand how the body works! (Well, I guess I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t married a DC) On my blog, I have an Ask Dr. Jake segment, my husband is happy to answer any health-related question!

    “The Power that made the Body can heal the Body!”

  5. Joanna Hunt Nunez via Facebook August 23, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    I can attest to that! My baby boy had occasional constipation, even on breast milk. We were seeing a pediatric chiropractor for torticollis but anytime we had an appt, we had “success” on the way home.

  6. Had my chirp appt today! My whole family goes; we have been patients for a few months. I have been hoping it would help with some anxiety I have and I feel better after the adjustments, but since have some anxiety. But I do believe it is doing my body good. Maybe I need to give it more time.

  7. Heather Sheffer via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks for posting this. My husband is a Chiropractor. It helps with so much that people don’t even realize!! There are many methods that work for different people. My husband practices the Atlas Orthogonal technique. It’s super gentle. My kids tell me often, “I need an adjustment!”

  8. After our little girl was born (after a long and hard labor) we took her to a chiropractor. It did wonders for her. She wasn’t nearly as fussy and slept better. I know I can always feel a difference when I am adjusted well.

  9. Catherine Camiolo via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 3:45 pm

    I’m actually going in for an adjustment now! I get 2-3 a week… You have to go to a chiropractor who works by the roots of chiropractic model not just one who will adjust you once a month to make money.. I only go to chiropractors who practice through Maximized Living. I get adjusted for my over all being!

  10. We treat our chiropractor like our primary care physician too. I can’t tell you how many times we have left the chiropractor’s office saying “I wonder how a conventional MD would have treated that?” We get results in 1 visit at the chiropractor where it would take mulitple visits and lots of pain meds at the regular MD’s office. I brought my son in for an adjustment when he was having night terrors and they stopped after 1 adjustment. My other son was diagnosed with a parasite by our chiropractor. He put him on black walnut tincture and he was pretty much back to normal the next morning. He had to take the tincture for 90 days but it was cheap and easy. My chiro uses a cold lasar and it has restored my voice when I’ve had a tired voice (bordering on total laryngitis). It’s really remarkable. every time he says we should youtube the treatment because it’s amazing how my voice comes back as he is doing the lasar treatment. My chiro also does a technique for treating allergies and my seasonal allergies have been way better this year after getting this treatment. I’ve heard that colic can be corrected sometimes in just 1 adjustment (or other gastro-intestinal issues for babies). If my baby had colic, you better believe I’d be running to my chiropractor first!

  11. My six year old daughter, who was a chronic bedwetter, stopped bedwetting completely after her very first adjustment.

    My chiropractor has been treating me for severe incontinence (I am 33) that I’ve had since my first pregnancy. I started treatment four months ago and have already experienced significant improvement. I can now run, take a Zumba class, and sneeze while walking – all things I couldn’t do before without embarrassing consequences. I have also noticed that the head fogginess, neck pain, and IBS symptoms I had, have all disappeared since I started treatment.

    When my husband was so sick with a throat infection that he couldnt even sit up for three days, I took him to my chiropractor and after she worked on him he was feeling better within an hour. When my daughter had her first ever ear infection at age six, the chiropractor was able to treat her without any medication. Even my three year old loves getting adjusted.

    I now consider my chiropractor our “primary physician.”

  12. Michele Fendler via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Brenda Weston – I get like that, if I need to use the restroom I get so nauseated. I used to work for a chiro before I got sick with lung stuff and I go to her now for everything. It’s amazing how being out of alinement, even if you feel fine, you still could be out and getting it fixed puts things working together back into place.

  13. Cristina Marzullo via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 3:02 pm


  14. Nice. I appreciate this getting to read about this point of view. Thanks for including him as a guest contributor today, Sarah.

    As someone recently said to me in a discussion about various coping mechanisms, dietary measures, treatment methods, “You don’t always know what is driving what…” But it is always good to have a lot of stuff in your personal bag of tricks and be ever striving for more information and a wiser point of view on how to care for ourselves, and the more natural (or the fewer side effects) the better.

    • our family has seen great results of chiro with colds, allergies, the onset of flu symptoms, food sensitivies and eczema. i’ve heard of people having success in helping with infertility. with one of my pregnancies, adjustments encouraged my baby to flip from the breech position into the proper position (actually, chiropractic adjustments have a higher success rate at this than the typical manual version that they do at the OB office), and a special type of adjustment is just what my body needed to encourage me to go into labor. we have had really great success with our chiropractor for pretty much everything!

    • in my family: eczema, sinus infection, migraines, all through pregnancy to eliminate normal aches and pains, colds, sore throat, damage done forceps delivery etc (our chiro does cranial work as well)….

      If anyone is looking for an AMAZING chiropractor in Los Angeles (Hollywood area), Dr. Christine Andersson is the BEST. She the whole family and she specializes in newborn to pregnant women and everyone in between. She has changed our lives.

  15. Our baby too failed the hearing test at birth, and 2 months afterwards. At three months we were noticing that she was not moving her head correctly. Regular doctor did not see a problem just thought the muscles were developing at different rates. That did not sound right and we sought out chiropractic care. One adjustment and she was moving her head freely. We never did a follow up test to see about her hearing. When I asked the chiropractor if the nerve being pinched was the cause he said he really thought that it was. Our little one is 11 and a half months old now and she definately does not have a hearing problem of any kind! Praise the Lord and thank you chiropractors!!

  16. ELoah Christos via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    still not addressing the root of the issue with chiropractic treatments. A little too reminiscent of the allopathic approach in my humble opinion

  17. Jan Posch via Facebook August 22, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    Also, for ear infections. I didn’t have an infection, but had terrible pressure in my ears. The chiro told me he could fix it and sure enough the adjustment did! He then told me about how it can help with ear infections.


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