Swine Flu Vaccine Must be AVOIDED by Pregnant Women

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Today, media outlets report that out of 100 pregnant women hospitalized for swine flu, 28 have died.

Does this mean that pregnant women should get the swine flu shot as soon as it becomes available next week? Absolutely not!
Let’s talk statistics for a moment. On average, only 1 out of every 1000 pregnant women who get the regular seasonal flu will require hospitalization. The swine flu is known to be much milder than the seasonal flu, so these numbers are likely conservative if applied to H1N1. This means that there were over 100,000 pregnant women who got the swine flu to result in the 100 who were hospitalized. And, if 28 died, this is a rate of death of .03%. Wow, that gives some perspective to things, doesn’t it? A pregnant woman is far more likely to die in a car wreck in her lifetime than from the swine flu!
In addition, multi dose vials of swine flu contain thimerosal, a mercury containing compound known to cross the placenta and harm the fetus. How can the CDC possibly recommend a thimerosal containing vaccine for pregnant women when the FDA recommends that pregnant women avoid eating fish because of the mercury risk? The amount of mercury in a flu shot (25mcg per .5ml dose) dwarfs the amount in a serving of swordfish (a high mercury containing fish).
It is extremely interesting to note that anything that contains greater than 200 ppb of mercury is classified as hazardous waste by the EPA. The swine flu (and seasonal flu) vaccine has mercury levels that exceed this value by 250 times (50,000 ppb mercury).
Not only is the death rate from swine flu if one is pregnant miniscule, the swine flu itself is an incredibly mild virus! 99% of flu circulating right now is swine flu! So, if you or someone you know has had flu like symptoms in the past few weeks, it was probably swine flu and you didn’t even know it! My entire family likely had swine flu last weekend (we all had fever, malaise, and a nasty headache), and guess what? It lasted about 3 hours (no medication, only rest and fluids); much milder than even a headcold typically lasts!
Skip the swine flu vaccine, my pregnant friends! The risks to you and your baby far outweigh any possible perceived benefits.
Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist
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