Saving Time and $$ Getting a Healthy Dinner on the Table

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Back in my days of processed, packaged foods, dinner was frequently an afterthought.

My freezer was well-stocked with frozen pizzas, and I could usually dig out a box of mac-n-cheese or some canned chili from the pantry – heat it up and put it on the table. Done.

Then, I discovered REAL food – home-cooked meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients; fermented foods; slow cooked broths and stews – dishes made from scratch. Seemingly the opposite of convenience foods.

While I loved the upgrade to delicious, satisfying, nutritious meals – added onto a full and busy life – getting dinner on the table seemed like a daunting task.

Can you relate?

Sometimes dinner time would roll around, and I was completely unprepared.

Or I’d get home from work too exhausted to spend time standing in the kitchen.

Or I’d just feed my family the same three meals over and over again. Boring.


Good meal planning has saved me time, money, and stress.

Without a plan, it’s impossible to keep the fridge stocked with the right foods. Some weeks I would over-buy, and good, expensive food went to waste. Other weeks we would find ourselves making ‘quick’ trips to the store to buy ingredients for individual meals – wasting both time and money on those ‘extras’ that always seem to wind up in the shopping cart.

I know that if I try to wing it and make dinner based on what we’re in the mood for, it’s very likely we will be eating grilled cheese sandwiches. Again. Or going out for another mediocre and over-priced meal.

Does this sound familiar?


Meal planning can be tedious and time consuming…

After years of doing it wrong, I’ve finally developed a meal plan system that works to get healthy, nutrient-dense food on the table despite my hectic life.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce my meal plan subscription service – Real Food Meal Plans For The Busy Home! Affordable meal plans emailed directly to you that include shopping lists, detailed recipes, and even a schedule — just to make it as simple as possible.

I’m a working mom juggling two businesses, my home, and two young kids. It’s important to me to get nutritious food on the table that my whole family will enjoy taking the least amount of time and effort.

My menus serve up a Traditional Food Diet – including lots of healthy fats, bone broths, pasture-raised meats, and fermented foods.

Is your family gluten free or dairy free? I provide options or alternate recipes to accommodate for your needs.


Here’s how these meal plans will make your life better:

You’ll serve good meals, minus the stress.

Having a plan means you simply have less to stress about.

As a health practitioner who writes a lot about nutrition, I am passionate about food that is real, nourishing, and delicious. How about BBQ pork, loaded sweet potatoes, or white chicken enchiladas? Click here to download a FREE sample menu.

I also includes bonus dishes each week so you’re never short on food. Let me do the worrying and so you can focus on the cooking.

You’ll save time.

These meal plans will save you time planning, shopping, and cooking.

Usually serving healthy meals means MORE time in the kitchen. Not any more. Most of my recipes require 30 minutes or less of active time in the kitchen. (Some require as little as 10 minutes!) You’re not even cooking every day.

The week is designed with one big prep day, spending some extra time in the kitchen to make the upcoming week easier.

You’ll save money.

With this plan you will minimize wasted food in the fridge, eliminate impulse purchases with extra trips to the store, and reduce the need for over-priced last-minute meals in restaurants.

On top of these everyday savings, I am offering Healthy Home Economist reader 20% OFF each of the subscription options through the end of the month.

Just use Coupon Code “DELISH” at checkout through March 31, 2013 to get the discounted Real Food Meal Plan.

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose from 3 different subscription options.

With the discount, a 1-year subscription will cost you less than $5 per month. So worth it.

Want these Real Food Meal Plans for your family?

Give yourself a break from the worry and stress of getting dinner on the table, and get Real Food Meal Plans today.

Click here to learn more.

Remember to use your coupon code “DELISH” at checkout. Hurry! This 20% off coupon expires on 3/31/2013!

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