Natural Lifestyle Moms Targets of Bullying by Healthcare Workers

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parental bullying

Parents who embrace a nontoxic, natural living lifestyle be warned …

At some point during the raising of your children, there is a high likelihood that you will be the target of bullying by someone within or associated with the conventional medical establishment.

The inexcusable level of frustration of some healthcare workers, especially pediatricians, with parents who do their own research and question the overmedicalization of our children today is brazenly on display in a recent article in the March 2016 issue of the journal Pediatrics.

Authors Jessica Martucci and Anne Barnhill, Medical Ethics and Health Policy researchers at Penn Medicine, rashly recommend in this shocking piece that healthcare providers stop referring to breastfeeding as “natural” (1).

The obtuse reason given for this ridiculous suggestion is that calling breastfeeding “natural” unintentionally gives a parent the “false” impression that a natural lifestyle is somehow “superior” to other approaches for raising children.

Here are some quotations from this nonsensical article that should be retracted as quickly as possible unless the journal’s editors are somehow striving for their publication to be perceived as the medical edition of the National Enquirer:

We should think twice before referencing the “natural” in breastfeeding promotion, even if it motivates women to breastfeed.

Wait, there’s more ….

It doesn’t take much internet digging to find some of the potentially problematic implications for a public health campaign built around an argument that ‘natural’ is better. A search for ‘natural living’ turns up a variety of sites devoted to natural parenting. Parenting blogs and natural news sites often discuss practices and ideas ranging from home-birth and consuming the placenta after birth to homeschooling, breastfeeding, and homeopathy. But these are also spaces where one might expect to run across writers and commenters expressing concerns about the necessity and safety of childhood vaccinations and the promotion of immunity through ‘natural’ disease and healing processes.

Studies have shown that anti-vaccination sentiment tends to overlap with reliance on and interest in complementary and alternative medicine, skepticism of institutional authority, and a strong commitment and interest in health knowledge, autonomy and healthy living practices.


The astroturfed reason for this article is at last revealed!  It’s all about the money and keeping parents in line with Big Pharma’s residual income approach to raising children which involves a nearly worshipful view of conventional medicine as the one and only gatekeeper of health through toxic, drug induced methods.

If you doubt that the movement to raise children using natural, nontoxic, traditional methods is a recipe for getting bullied or worse at the doctor’s office, below is yet another story of parental abuse using Child Protective Services (CPS) as the enforcer.

How to most effectively avoid these problems?

Be a regular and persistent no show.

In other words, birth your children at home or in a free standing birth center, take them to alternative practitioners and/or holistically minded medical doctors and dentists for check-ups, examinations, tests and school physicals, and don’t set foot in a hospital or walk-in clinic except for emergency situations.

Is this really possible?

Yes it is. I personally know dozens of mothers (including me) who have raised their children from birth to adulthood outside the control of the increasingly fascist conventional medical establishment that threatens to take your children away from you for the “sin” of thinking for yourself or even just asking questions.

This email below was sent to me by a mom who was so traumatized by her bullying experience at the hands of a hospital nurse and pediatrician that she was unable to even talk about the story until several months later.

Kathy A.’s Story of Bullying and Parental Abuse by Hospital Staff

Hi Sarah! I just read your article about Jan R. and how she was verbally berated by her family “Doctor” while naked in an exam room for choosing not to vaccinate.

This story resonated with me so much, because on January 22, 2016, I birthed my 3rd beautiful, healthy child by C-section. On January 23, 2016 I told the nurse on duty that our birth plan (that had been approved and signed by my doctor and the head nurse of labor & delivery) that my newborn wouldn’t be taken to the nursery for her checkup. Instead, I requested the pediatrician to perform the checkup in our room since I was not able to go with my child.

The nurse rolled her eyes and said she will “let her know.” When she came back to our room hours later I asked the nurse where the pediatrician was because I was told she would be there that morning to perform her checkup. She said she was busy performing checkups on NICU patients and the babies that WERE allowed to go to the nursery. Although I felt like I was put on the back burner because of our refusal of the Vitamin K shot, Hep. B shot, and eye ointment, I was still polite and courteous to the nurse.

Another couple of hours passed and it was obvious the nurse was making up excuses as to why the pediatrician could not come to our room to check on our child. She finally snapped at me, in front of my father who was in the room at that time, that she was “only going by what the doctor was saying, and she was in the middle of this not knowing what was going on.” It was CLEAR at that point we were targeted.

I said “ok, that is fine, we will just go home and have our own pediatrician perform the checkup.” At that point, the nurse began threatening us. She said to do that, I would have to sign my child out AMA and the hospital would call CPS. I broke down at that point. To threaten a mother who just got out of surgery less than 24 hours ago who was actively nursing on demand and clearly an experienced, good mother was devastating. We birthed our other 2 children at this hospital and were not treated this way then. Of course there were different nurses and a different pediatrician.

At 4 PM, the pediatrician finally made her entrance. She went on to lecture me about the dangers of refusing the Hep. B vaccine and Vitamin K shot. I politely informed her our other 2 children were vaccine free and the healthiest children anyone had ever seen. No serious illnesses, advanced for their ages, etc  etc. Our baby was 8 lbs 9 oz at birth, 8 lbs 7 oz at the time of the doctor’s arrival. Yet, she said she HAD do a heel prick to check her blood sugar because of her weight (note: my other 2 children were the same weight and this check was NOT recommended and our own pediatrician said it was NOT necessary).

I said the heel prick wasn’t necessary, and I didn’t want to cause any unnecessary discomfort to my newborn because I know that it can effect breastfeeding. The doctor then got in my face, shouting at me that if we did not comply Child Services would be called and she would not sign our discharge papers. My mother was there at this time and witnessed the doctor’s behavior as well as another helpful and supportive nurse.

This nurse worked part time at a midwife’s gentle birthing center and knew what I was requesting wasn’t anything out of the ordinary at the center. I was in tears because I was being verbally abused by someone who is supposed to protect our children. I was bullied into the heel prick procedure and I admitted defeat. I was beside myself at her anger and rage.

The first nurse then came in the room and announced “the social worker is on the phone about her case” and Haley quickly said “not her case?!” “No!” And ran out of the room with the doctor. Turns out, the doctor had called Child Services in the middle of the day BEFORE SHE HAD EVEN PERFORMED A CHECKUP ON MY CHILD!

Then it was the helpful nurse’s turn to be in tears. She started crying when she came back in the room to explain to my husband and I what was going on. The doctor had reported us for “medical neglect” when she hadn’t even laid her eyes on the child she was declaring was medically neglected.

The irony here is that SHE medically neglected my child by putting off her check up ALL DAY! The social workers arrived and thankfully the helpful and supportive nurse was still there, still in tears, explaining to them the confusion. She even commented that the call was made obviously out of spite. When a case is opened by someone such as a doctor in a position of authority, a follow up must be made by Child Services.

The social workers informed us they needed to come by the house and make sure all of our children had beds, etc and to make sure their environment was safe. This was mortifying… Our children are EVERYTHING to us. My oldest who is 4 was breastfed until she was 3, none of them had ever or will ever go to a daycare facility and we are homeschooling! I cannot even begin to explain in writing how traumatized and devastated we were.

This pediatrician ruined what should’ve been an amazing 3rd and final birth for our family. Thankfully the social workers were kind and understanding and the case was closed as a “no indicator findings of neglect.”

It is now several months later, and I’m only just now able to even speak about this. It weighed so heavy on my heart for so long… Our naturopath and pediatrician kept telling me to “take my power back” “never let anyone speak to me that way” but one must understand that doctors are authority figures (at least that’s what we’re told!) and to stand up to one who is outraged and yelling is a VERY hard thing to do! After being escorted out of a pediatricians office in 2011 for asking QUESTIONS about vaccine ingredients, this whole experience really came as no surprise.

To bully and demean a mother who is only doing what is best for HER child is appalling and these doctors need to be held accountable and go under review! If you have any ideas about how I could report her or take this story a step farther please let me know. Thank you so much for all you do for our conscious organic movement Sarah!

What to Do if You Are Bullied by a Healthcare Worker

The absolute best thing to do if you find yourself a target of bullying by a healthcare worker is to whip out your phone and start filming. Better yet, if a family member or sympathetic nurse are present, have them do the filming so you are on camera too as the clearly identifiable victim.

The prospect of unethical professional behavior on display for the whole world to see via a viral video is usually enough to stop the behavior in its tracks.

Even if the healthcare worker continues to verbally assault you once you start filming the ordeal, the video can serve as proof that you’ve done nothing wrong should CPS show up.

The video can also serve as evidence of unprofessional behavior should you decide to file a formal complaint with your state’s health department or medical ethics board.

Do you have a similar story of bullying because of your natural lifestyle? Please post in the comments section.

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