12 Homeopathic Cell Salts for Fever (no Meds EVER)

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homeopathic cell salts for fevers
Put down that Tylenol. Did you know that using it only once a month raises your child’s risk of asthma astronomically?

Hang up the phone to the pediatrician’s office.

Don’t touch the analgesics.

You can do this on your own! Fever is not a bad word. It is your friend!

In fact, it’s the mechanism that the body has intuitively designed to cook off illnesses such as the flu, colds, ear infections and the like. And it serves an important purpose because it is the body’s way of curing the illness.

Did you hear me? Fever is the body’s way to rid us of illness.

Then why eradicate the cure by administering a synthetic drug, such as Tylenol, aspirin and the like?

Certainly, we don’t want our child to suffer needlessly, but by employing meds to suppress a fever, we’re chemically forcing the body to stop treating itself with its natural promise of resolution.

What Some (Good) Doctors Say about Fevers

In the words of my all-time favorite pediatric hero, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, in his book, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor, “There is a common misconception that the height of body temperature is an indication of the severity of an illness. Research has shown that more than half of all parents consider a fever high at levels between 100-102 degrees F. And almost all believe it is high if it reaches 103 degrees. These parents are also convinced that the height of a fever indicates how sick their child is. This emphatically is not the case. Knowing the level of your child’s fever will tell you nothing of how sick he is or if the fever is produced by a viral or bacterial infection. There’s nothing to be gained by measuring its climb and by doing so will only magnify your fears and upset the child. Even a temperate of 105 need not be a cause of concern.”

Even Dr. Sears is quoted on his site regarding normal childhood illnesses as saying, “Fevers are not serious. Many parents have a misconception that fevers are a bad thing and a sign that there is some serious underlying illness. This simply is not true. Fever is a normal and healthy response of the body to an illness. The body’s immune system releases chemicals that raise the body temperature. This is part of the normal infection-fighting process.”

Dr. Thomas Cowan MD, presenter at the Weston A. Price conference two years ago, made it clear that fever may be instrumental in warding off the potential of cancer in the future. He elaborated that every case in which the child is allowed to present a nice high fever, it potentially inadvertently protects from cancer later in life.

I know, I know. It can be difficult to resist the temptation to give children “a little something for that fever”. After all, we certainly don’t want them to suffer the pain of an ear infection or a sore throat. But, if we understand that the medications of commerce will often cause further affliction in the future, the choice is easier.

How to Use Homeopathy for Fevers

When a fever appears to be debilitating, what’s a parent to do? I reach for one of my lovely homeopathic cell salts…Ferr phos 6x. It’s the remedy that aids during any inflammation and may help the child get over the illness in shorter time and step into full bloom again with fewer accompanying symptoms.

Four pills is a dose, regardless of the age of the child, and it can be offered directly into the mouth every 4 hours for as long as the little one is sick.

Once the worst is over, then Ferr phos 6x offered in combination with Calc phos 6x is a great way to ensure convalescence. This combo is what I call the “finishing touch” to a good productive fever. The way I have used it for my feverish children is as follows: 1PM is time for Ferr phos, 3PM Calc phos, 5PM back to Ferr phos, and so on.

My favorite company for homeopathic cell salts is Hyland’s, which can be found at most health food stores, some with-it pharmacies and online (click here for sources). 

When used correctly, homeopathic cell salts are not only inexpensive but nontoxic. That means no side effects.

Can you think of any conventional meds like this?

Yeah, me neither.

12 Homeopathic Cell Salts for Fevers

But these little cell salts don’t just stop at fevers. Ferr phos 6x is a premier remedy for anemia and frequent nose bleeds. I’ve used Calc phos 6x for my children’s dental issues such as teeth that were growing in crooked and premature cavities, growing pains, nervousness, insomnia and even fusing of broken bones. (Actually, that was for my father.) My time-tested tips and tricks as a homeopath have allowed me complete freedom from conventional pediatric dependency.

Take Away

In a world that encourages moms to depend on big pharma and its advocates and to feed our families on the fly, homeopathy, instead, celebrates the home, the cuddle of children and just the right dose of information.

But don’t stop here. There are 12 Homeopathic Cell Salts that you can learn to employ to empower your healing ability — low potency, very easy to learn, inexpensive to own, efficacious and safe. Click here to find out more!

Ferr phos 6x and Calc phos 6x offer rational medicine that empowers mothers and has done so for more than 150 years.

Long-established traditions. Informed parenting. Two little homeopathic cell salts. How easy.

joette calabrese
Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) has a passion for teaching moms. Why? Because she was successful in raising her now-adult children without ever resorting to a drug. Her methods are simple: Clean living, nutrient-dense foods, staying away from the pediatrician’s office and knowing…really knowing…homeopathy. And one of her favorite homeopathic methods is to employ cell salts, as they are easy to master.

Click here to learn more about Cell Salts.


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