Merck: Gardasil Increases Cervical Cancer 44% for Women Most at Risk

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In case you haven’t noticed, the pharmaceutical industry is highly effective at getting news articles and research that are unfavorable toward vaccination removed from large media websites.

One such story that was quickly removed from the large media website Examiner tackled the very touchy subject of greatly elevated cervical cancer risk in women vaccinated with Gardasil if they are already sexually active and exposed to HPV prior to injection.

In cases of prior exposure, women are at a 44.6% increased risk for precancerous lesions or full blown cervical cancer.

This shocking data that is rarely (if ever?) discussed in the doctor’s office and seemingly forgotten since the news story was squashed was presented to the FDA on May 18, 2006 during the Gardasil approval process. The presenter of this shocking research was none other than Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil.

This troubling data was discovered by Merck scientists during Gardasil safety trials. Even more disturbing, the FDA did not respond by requiring HPV screening prior to vaccination with Gardasil or even requiring a simple warning about it on the package insert.

Gotta protect those lucrative post-FDA consultant gigs with the vaccine industry, don’t we?

FDA Aware of Increased Cervical Cancer Risk from Gardasil 

The Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) at the FDA reviewed this information, and it was presented via the VRBPAC Background document at the bottom of page 13 (click here for the full text on the FDA website).  A copy of page 13 is provided below:

Gardasil FDA VRBPAC Background Document on cervical cancer risk

What’s more, Merck claims that Gardasil may provide “cross-protection” against the dozens of other strains of HPV that are not included in the vaccine (1). Does this mean that exposure to any of the other HPV strains prior to vaccination with Gardasil also increases cervical cancer risk the same as prior exposure to the strains contained in the vaccine?

Probably, but again, no one seems to care because coverage of this subject is taboo.

Why isn’t the FDA investigating further the heightened cervical cancer risk from Gardasil for those who are already sexually active? Why isn’t there a warning to screen for HPV prior to administering the Gardasil jab on the vaccine insert? Why aren’t pediatricians and gynecologists staying up on this research (it’s their job after all), informing their patients of the risks, and properly screening sexually active patients for HPV prior to vaccination with Gardasil?

As a consumer, you had better be ready to protect yourself because the government and your doctor clearly won’t. There is a tremendous amount of fraud that goes on in the pharmaceutical industry. As just one of many examples, remember the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) debacle, where for decades, women were assured that such drugs lowered heart disease risk when the exact opposite was true?

Stay alert, stay safe and know what you’re getting yourself into before you blindly roll up that sleeve or the sleeve of your child.

Better yet, skip the Gardasil jab altogether. Even Merck admits that the women most at risk for getting cervical cancer have a high likelihood of being harmed rather than helped by the shot anyway.

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