Europe Head of Health Calls Swine Flu “A False Pandemic to Sell Vaccines”

by Sarah Pope MGA | Affiliate linksComment: 1

At last, the medical experts are starting to line up and call “Swine Flu” aka H1N1 what it truly is. Not a pandemic nor a public health crisis, but rather a covert marketing tool for the pharmaceutical companies to sell billions upon billions of dollars of vaccines to governments around the world and line their own pockets. Blogs like this one and alternative news outlets have been detailing the truth about swine flu for months, but only now are government officals from around the world beginning to see the light. Unfortunately, this message is too late to save all the billions in tax dollars that were wasted on a dangerous and useless vaccine. It is also too late for all the suckers who lined up, sometimes for hours, with their sleeves rolled up to be injected with a toxic stew of chemicals. The many and varied types of auto immune diseases that these vaccinated folks start to come down with in the coming years will continue to be a painful reminder of their gullibility. Maybe next time when the pharmaceutical companies cry wolf, more people will simply yawn and go about their business as usual. And just maybe the US Government will launch an investigation into this international medical scandal of epic proportions. Given the revolving door between the FDA/CDC and the boardrooms of the major pharmaceutical companies, don’t bet on it.

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