cut mangoRecently, I bought a bunch of mangoes at the store because they were on sale. While checking out the cashier said, “I love mangoes, but just can’t figure out how to eat them. I tried peeling them once and made a terrible mess!”

Before showing you how to cut one up quickly and like a pro (instructions plus video demo),

lectinsLectins are a class of proteins that bind to carbohydrates. They aren’t to be confused with leptins, which are “peptide” hormones produced almost exclusively in fat tissue.

Lectins play a wide, varied, and important role in all sorts of biological systems, from within the human body to plants, animals, bacteria and even viruses.

whole house water filter systemMost of us, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, are consuming water that contains the residue of treated sewage, industrial waste, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, fluoride, disinfectants and their byproducts, as well as storm runoff. Growing awareness of the problem is why more consumers are seeking whole house water filter options.

lecithinFew nutrients have pervaded both the supplement and industrialized food industries as much as lecithin.

As a supplement, lecithin is touted as helpful for protecting cardiovascular health, reversing liver damage, and improving brain function and memory. It is frequently recommended by holistically minded doctors.

Within the food industry, lecithin seems to be in almost everything from dairy foods to chocolate bars!

cold pressed milkMy oldest child who starts college this Fall recently returned from a trip to visit his Grandparents in Australia. Down Under, raw milk is totally illegal. You can’t even buy it at the farm! Rather ironic for a British Commonwealth country where the Queen drinks unpasteurized raw milk and had her dairy farmer Adrian Tomlinson bottle it up fresh and deliver to grandsons William and Harry when they attended boarding school at Eton!

toenail fungus causes and curesBesides leaky gut and the host of autoimmune issues that go along with it, antibiotic overuse is also a major cause of nail and toenail fungus. The unbalancing of the gut that occurs allows pathogenic fungal strains like Candida to become dominant over beneficial, friendly microbes, get into the blood and infect other tissues.

soy proteinMuch controversy exists on the topic of soy today. Is it an ancient food or modern menace? Or a bit of both? Beyond the known problems of soy proper, does soy protein bring any additional dangers to the dietary table?

This is important because many food manufacturers stealthily replace part of their meat based processed foods with soy protein.

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