caprese salad recipeOne of my favorite dishes to order while traveling is a caprese salad. The picture above is one that I ordered in Amsterdam recently. It was amazing!

I’ve discovered over the years that a simple caprese salad made exactly the same way can taste quite different depending on the location. Between the type of tomatoes arranged on the plate to the thickness,

lardArchaeological evidence indicates that pigs were one of humanity’s earliest domesticated animals. Few livestock became as widespread and prolific under its influence. This ancient trend continues today with pork comprising nearly 40% of the world’s current meat production. In addition to the meat, lard (along with butter) formed the lipid backbone of European cuisine from castle to corner store for much of its post Roman history.

raw milk freshnessWhen making the smart switch to unpasteurized milk from allergy-triggering pasteurized or ultrapasteurized (UHT) organic milk, a consumer needs to learn a few tricks of the trade right away. One of the most important is how to maintain raw milk freshness as long as possible.

Practically speaking,

autolyzed yeast extractChances are, if you glance through your pantry, you will find numerous foods that contain yeast extract. This ingredient is particularly prevalent in crackers and other carb-based food with a savory flavor. Given the positive reputation of nutritional yeast and the widespread use of baker’s yeast in breads and pastries, most people never give this ubiquitous additive a second thought.

loose tea and bulk herbsAnyone who is serious about keeping a family healthy without meds (as much as possible) becomes well versed in using herbs over time. You don’t have to be a trained herbalist to accomplish this goal. It simply happens out of basic necessity! That said, purchasing quality bulk herbs and medicinal loose tea is an expensive endeavor.

arsenic in riceRice. Comfort food par excellence. What is chicken soup without rice? For those who are gluten free, rice often becomes an affordable alternative along with oats. It is also attractive to food companies that manufacture the dozens of gluten free foods now available in supermarket and healthfood stores.

But rice has a troubling story to tell,

bone broth dietWhen I first heard of the Bone Broth Diet, numerous questions immediately came to mind.

  • Is it a GAPS Diet knock-off designed to mend leaky gut?
  • Is it a mirror image of a raw milk cleanse, just using bone broth instead of dairy?
  • Does the Bone Broth Diet detoxify the body or help you lose weight? 

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