pickled garlicIf you peruse the most popular pickled garlic recipes on the internet, nearly every single one contains vinegar and/or sugar. Even more problematic, the instructions frequently suggest using white vinegar and refined white sugar.

Both of these ingredients are almost always GMO frankenfoods at least in North America! The vinegar is derived from glyphosate laced GMO corn and usually the white sugar from Roundup Ready GMO sugarbeets.

ant baitEvery Spring they return. Tiny single file armies invading kitchens, bathrooms, and other domestic locations. Or, silently circling your picnic, waiting for the tiniest of forgotten morsels and crumbs (and sometimes not waiting!). Sadly, the ant bait available at home improvement stores or the supermarket is toxic to your home environment. How to eliminate an an invasion safely without harming your family’s or pet’s health in the process?

season bone brothA good friend of mine recently made bone broth for the very first time. She was very excited about it until she took a sip. She texted me that much to her surprise, her carefully prepared broth did not have much flavor!

Tasteless bone broth is a common problem that many newbies to the wonders of ancestral diets encounter.

sunflower oilAs a kid, I remember Summer, baseball, and sunflower seeds. Kids throughout my neighborhood enjoyed munching on this healthy treat during baseball games both in the dugout and in the stands. While most adults don’t eat sunflower seeds like their kids, many do consume sunflower oil even if they aren’t aware of it.

In recent years,

rabbit bone brothRabbit is not a very popular meat in the United States. In Europe, however, it is commonplace with numerous traditional recipes in German, French and Italian cuisine. Where there are rabbit recipes, there is also rabbit bone broth as our forebears frugally used the whole animal for food. This was in keeping with the 1546 proverb,

samaritan ministriesSeveral years ago, I wrote an article about why we ditched traditional health insurance for health care sharing. It’s been almost 6 years now since I called Humana, canceled our family’s longstanding health insurance policy and switched to Samaritan Ministries to cover our family’s medical needs.

Our policy is also covering one of our children now in college!

sugar cookie recipeMy paternal Grandmother was not much of a cook, but wow, could she ever bake! Every year during the first week of December, she would go on a baking binge and whip up dozens of cookies for the Christmas holiday. My two favorites were her incredible gingerbread cookies and the old fashioned sugar cookie recipe below.

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