Study Confirms Link Between Flu Vax and Miscarriage

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist October 1, 2012

pregnancy vaxWhen I first started writing this blog in 2009, the hysteria over Swine Flu had just started to gain momentum.

A number of my early posts tackled the topic of the Swine Flu and specifically warned people not to get the vaccine as it was clearly a media induced frenzy purposefully designed to rake in billions in profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical experts agreed with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Head of Health of the Council of Europe and an eminent epidemiologist, calling the Swine Flu “a false pandemic to sell vaccines” as well as “one of the greatest medical scandals of the century”.

In one of those early posts, I wrote about the strong anecdotal link between miscarriages and stillbirths and the Swine Flu vaccine. The internet was abuzz at that time with women claiming to have miscarried within hours of receiving the vaccine and these reports were sweeping pregnancy and baby forums across the web.

Now, science has confirmed what women already knew by observation – getting the Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccine when you are pregnant is dangerous for the fetus in many cases causing spontaneous abortion.

The study, published online September 27, 2012 by the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology, examined three flu seasons, starting in 2008/2009 to see if the addition of the Swine Flu vaccine in 2009/2010 did indeed cause an increase in fetal death.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database was searched for reports of miscarriage and stillbirth following administration of the flu vaccines to pregnant women.  The researchers found nothing short of a huge spike in miscarriages and stillbirth during the 2009/2010 Swine Flu “Pandemic”.

During the 2008/2009 flu season, the unadjusted miscarriage/stillbirth report rates were 6.8 cases per million pregnant women vaccinated with the regular flu vaccine.   This rate skyrocketed to 77.8 cases when the H1N1 shot was added to the mix in 2009/2010 – an increase of over 10 times!

Remember too that many thousands of women likely never even reported a miscarriage after receiving the Swine Flu (H1N1) vaccine.  The VAERS database is notorious for underreporting adverse vaccine events as many doctors either don’t submit the information to the database when a patient reports a problem or the patient never reports the event to the doctor in the first place.

As a result, the reality is that these numbers are likely far higher than even this study reports.

The researchers did indeed conclude that the “pandemic” Swine Flu vaccine caused a synergistic toxicity with the regular flu vaccine by issuing the following statement:

“Thus, a synergistic fetal toxicity likely resulted from the administration of both the pandemic (A-H1N1) and seasonal influenza vaccines during the 2009/2010 season.”

What’s The Point?

So what’s the point of revisiting the past and spotlighting this study that highlights the link between the Swine Flu vaccine and miscarriage and stillbirth?

It is very important to spotlight this study because women who are pregnant or will be soon potentially during the coming flu season need to know that the H1N1 vaccine is now included as part of the regular seasonal flu vaccine.  Pregnant women who choose to get the flu shot this year will get H1N1 in the same jab!  This is very scary given the results of this newly published study.

Secondly, this study shows that it is foolish to wait for “the science” to confirm what people have already figured out by observation.  Anecdotal evidence is very valuable in our toxic world and if there is a buzz going on about something like the Swine Flu vaccine causing miscarriage, it would be wise to heed it!

If you want to live a healthy life, you had better start honing your powers of observation and plain old common sense.  Anecdotal evidence is crucial in our modern, chemical soup world and waiting for “the science” to come in is a very dangerous proposition indeed!


Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist



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  2. Your claims are misleading. The study only involved a season when two shots were administered. To confirm your claims requires studies on multiple flu seasons when only one shot was administered. To confirm the conclusions of the actual study requires statistics from a different season when two flu shots were administered. A lot of people are going to die if they assume you are right.

  3. I received this years flu vaccine right before finding out I was pregnant with my second child. At 7 weeks I miscarried and I do believe there is a correlation. I am young, had a healthy 1st pregnancy, am in good shape, and eat healthy, and have a good family history of fertility. I would not recommend the flu shot to anyone pregnant…why risk it? I will elect to wear a mask at work next pregnancy.

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  5. Why are blog posts of this nature always so poorly written and biased? This one at least mentioned some research on the topic but didn’t even include legit data or an accessible source, much less a reference.

    I wrote better than this in 9th grade.

  6. Is there anyway that you could publish or copy the study you are refering to? The link requires a subscription to access the study. thank you!

  7. Thank you for this post. Yesterday I had my 14 week Dr appointment and of course they tryed to push the flu shot on me. When I denied it my Dr tried scar tactics and told me some horror stories about having the flu while pregnant. After still denying it she looked at me like I had a third eye. This article gave me assurance that I did the right thing so thank you.

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  10. Hi every one,
    unfortunately I’m unable to open the article even though I supposedly have access to the e-journal. Shame.
    Yeas, it’s highly relevant info. The h1n1 vaccine is in the regular influenza shot in Brazil as well. I’m not getting it.

  11. I hadn’t heard this information before I saw this post today. It breaks my heart because I lost my middle baby very early, the same week I had my flu shot in October 2009. Obviously, I will never know beyond a shadow of a doubt what caused my loss or if it was just random, but this information does seem to indicate the possibility of it being linked to the vaccination. This year I declined the vax for myself and my children and will continue to do so.

  12. Hi there reading this actually brings back an awful memory for my husband & I. I was 12 weeks pregnant exactly to the day when advised to have the shot & listened intently to my doctor as I already suffer a liver problem & other medical issues my immune system is not great & I always had the flu jab anyway as when I catch the flu more often than not I end up in hospital and get pnumonia & bronchitis :( I had had an ultra sound 2x both showed strong heart beat & healthy fetus but after the injection I was due for my ultra sound at 15 weeks due to my health I have them frequently I had the scan & they could not see a 15 week old baby & had to do a vaginal U/S where they found out sadly my baby had dies at 12 weeks 4 days! 4days after the flu jab! They called it a missed miscarriage I already have a daughter she is 8 years old now & I am so thankful for that & having her really helped me get through this awful time! I had to return to the hospital 2 days later to have my miscarriage induced via tablets & pessaries, it was horrible & so distressing! I never in a million years imagined the jab had caused the miscarriage as my doctor had told me it was advised to have it. So I just assumed it was my turn to have a miscarriage as they say every 1 in 4 pregnancies end this way. So one year later I finally catch on again & yeap you guessed it , it was flu season & again had my normal flu jab I was 17 weeks+1 day I was not made aware the swine flu was also in the jab & once again I had another missed miscarriage but this time I started bleeding a couple of weeks after the jab so we went to the hospital & after an U/S was told again my baby had no heart beat & had died at 17 weeks + 3 days, I should have been 19 weeks+1 day :”( I had to be induced & gave birth to my son 3 days later! And as before I had 4 ultra sounds ALL great, fantastic strong heart beats each time good growth & no underlying issues that can cause or contribute to the miscarriages as my doctor confirmed my medical condition played no part at all in this! Obviously after this I started to question the recent flu jab! I have looked into this & I am convinced the jabs were the cause of my miscarriages!! I will never have another jab unless I have a pregnancy test (or 5) stating NEGATIVE!! If I am able to catch on again god willing I will pass up on the offer & for some reason I have the feeling my baby will be fine I just wish I had not listened to everything the doctor tells me & looked into this better! I wont be so nieve again! Thank you for sharing this xxx

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  14. I took some time to research this study and the source of data used and have come to a conclusion that this study is poorly executed and doesn’t use reliable statistically accurate data sets. The VAERS database is biased and not scientifically based data (i.e. anyone can add entries with no verification protocols), sort of like why college students will get lower grades for using Wikipedia as a source). This study then proceeds to use a survey produced by an advocacy group and there’s no indication that their survey was unbiased. They also didn’t account for other possible causes of a miscarriage (i.e. age, habitats, medical history, etc.). Keep in mind that 15 – 20% of all pregnancies result in a miscarriage. Data can always be manipulated to produce a desired result, and this study appears to be using this very well known concept.

    I’m not at all saying that the new flu vacs for H1N1 cannot pose a threat to pregnant women, but that better data sources need to be examined. Apparently the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology hasn’t always had the best track record in publishing peer reviewed studies that present reliable data sources.

    I’m over 10 weeks pregnant and my doctor did recommend a seasonal flu vac, but stated that it should be mercury (preservative) free. I have yet to get it as I’m doing my due-diligence to investigate what vacs and medicines I put into my body. I wonder if it’s the mercury laden preservative that should be of the bigger concern regarding the seasonal flu vac.

    A better question to possibly be asking is of the women who have experienced a spontaneous miscarriage after receiving the seasonal flu vac with H1N1 how many received the preservative free (non-mercury) version of the vac vs. pregnant women who received the mercury preservative?

  15. Christy Oswald via Facebook November 30, 2012 at 8:47 am

    It is very true that healthcare workers are getting fired if they won’t take the shot. I cannot be staffed at several buildings that I usually work at because I won’t take the flu shot, during flu season anyway.

  16. Sisters, you need to find midwives and doctors who are your advocates for good health, who know you and care about you, and whom you can trust. If you have a bad vibe about your caregiver, find another one! Go with your instincts!

    Twenty years ago we moved to the southeastern US from the northeastern US with our two boys and 4-month-old girl. I told the new pediatrician that our previous doctor recommended that we give our baby the inactivated polio shot instead of the live polio oral dose, since all recent cases of polio had occurred in immunized patients. The new doctor, an older man on the teaching staff of a very prestigious university, arrogantly pooh-poohed the very idea, saying that I must be getting my information from TV, and that his practice didn’t even carry the inactivated shot. I told him I’d rather just skip that one then. He also mockingly said, “You’re the whole package, aren’t you? Homeschooling and breastfeeding and not getting vaccinations.” He then went on to lecture me about how “people like you are riding on the backs of people who get vaccinated,” endangering everyone else’s health, etc. And he said that he and his partners felt very strongly about vaccinations, so I would have to go elsewhere for my children’s care. I told him that I had already come to that same conclusion. (I wish I had thought to ask him why unvaccinated people were a threat to vaccinated people.)

    (By the way, in recent years the trend has been to go back to the inactivated polio shot, so I knew more about the subject than he did.)

    My husband and I soon found a family doctor (also a Christian homeschooler with a large family) who agreed that vaccinations were our choice to make as parents, and he has never had a problem with our choice to stop vaccinating our children. I also know that if we take our child to him with a broken arm or a bruise, he will not jump to the conclusion that we abused him, since he knows us and since he too has children and knows how life can be. We also had our next four babies at home with midwives, who always honor our wishes when it comes to prenatal testing and treatment for the newborn.

    So far four of our children have gone to college, and we have successfully made it through the vaccination question on the admission process by including a personal statement of religious exemption. Our eldest son had all of his “well baby” shots until he was 6, and he is the one who suffers with allergies.

  17. Morgaine Donohue via Facebook November 30, 2012 at 2:18 am

    ^ I dont disagree, but I feel the urge to mention that if you arent going to take the word of your doctor at face value, you should probably exhibit the same discretion on facebook pages and websites.

  18. Jocelyn Lister via Facebook November 29, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    Thank you for this! I have never had the flu shot before and my Dr office keeps offering it to me this year because I am pregnant. I am glad to know I am making the right decision to continue NOT receiving it!

  19. Morgaine Donohue via Facebook November 29, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    The problem with the flu shot is that it only covers five strains at most, and there are thousands out there.

  20. Isabel Johnson via Facebook November 29, 2012 at 1:54 pm

    Getting the flu shot does not prevent a person for getting the flu I have heard countless times that those who get the shot are sick with the flu a week or so later. Why don’t hospitals invest in cafeterias that sell healthly whole foods that will build immune systems not tear them down with processed junk food and vaccines.

  21. Morgaine Donohue via Facebook November 29, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    Do any of these anecdotal stories include how far along and general lifestyle of the mother. Thats just one of those really hard things to pin causes too, since on average, something like 30% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.

    I have a really hard time using VAERS as conclusive evidence. Maybe additional evidence, but beyond that, it seems useless to me to use a system that ANYONE can report into, not judt doctors.

    According to VAERS, vaccines cause one individual to turn into the incredible hulk.

  22. The issue is consumer choice ( or lack thereof); combining H1N1 takes away much of that choice. The first three years of H1N1, the vaccine replicated in an unusual manner, compared to the regular flu vaccine. This year’s batch replicates the same as the regular vaccine. But it should still be available separately….

  23. Contrary to what we are lead to believe…. A vaccinated person DOES NOT protect anyone else from getting a disease. Everyone can be or is a carrier of an illness – vaccinated or not. Bacteria and viruses are everywhere and they don’t know who is vaccinated and who is not! It is the condition of the host which will allow the virus or bacteria to flourish or die off. In the meantime the host passes it on to others. So if anyone tells you you need to get vaccinated to protect others DON’T DO IT!!!!!

  24. yikes!! I was pregnant with my twins when I got my vaccine.I got the n1h1 and the regular one. My dr wanted me to get it. that is so scary… So glad my babies were fine!

  25. UGH! I’m thankful on many levels for this information and that my 4 children are now 14-22.
    The medicines/immunizations of infants has tripled since my 1st born. So concerning!

  26. My husband tried to talk me into getting a flu vaccine (he is in the Army so he is indoctrinated to believe that they are good for you). I tried to explain all the reasons why I would never ever get a flu vaccine, and he thought i was just being paranoid. Thanks for sharing!
    Michelle\’s last post: Dirty South Clam Chowder

  27. I advise everyone to go out and check the vaccine ingredients on wikipedia and also look up information on the vaccines. I don’t want lead, mercury or Thimersol injected into my body, not to mention foriegn DNA.

    The statistics are that the vaccines are effective less than 50% of the time because it is a guess as to what flu is going to prevelant. Additionally, after the vaccine, you are shedding the live virus up to 20 days, actively spreading the disease they claim to be trying to prevent.

    The information is out there on the internet for anyone who cares enough to look for it.

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  29. Hugs to those finding out late what we found out late in our home as well, do not kill yourself with worry, it does happen but it is still the smaller percentage that it happens too and stress is no good for you or baby… We can only go forward and change tomorrow and fight for the right to know all the facts, not just part of them. In our home that is called a lie :-) I am learning so much that I am so sad that I did not know before my kids were born. I wish I had at least known so that I had all the facts to make whatever decision was my own… big pharma and big government and related hide or turn their back on facts that don’t profit them and I trusted blindly that someone else knew best. They may have meant well, but I am no longer trusting that they know best. This documentary is so well presented and informative and non-extreme. Please pass it on… I think it should be shown to every person before deciding what to do about vaccines. Hope it is ok to link it here…

  30. PS The nurse just now told me that the shot I got, h2, h3, contains no mercury and is different from the H1N1, safer..

  31. My doctor gave me the flu shot while in my second trimester the day before yesterday. They made it seem so procedural and safe. Now I am reading all of this negative information. I feel angry and stupid. I was drinking green tea at the time. Today I went to the store to buy cilantro and a bottle of acai berry juice. Will this help? My anxiety level now is very high.



    Page 12: 8.1 Pregnancy
    Pregnancy Category C: Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with FLUVIRIN®. It is also not known whether FLUVIRIN® can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproduction capacity. FLUVIRIN® should be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.



    Safety and effectiveness of FluMist have not been established in pregnant women, nursing
    mothers, geriatric adults, or children less than 2 years of age.



    Safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers.



    Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL have not been established in pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children.



    Safety and effectiveness of Fluzone has not been established
    in pregnant women.

    • LOL!

      You do know that they don’t test meds on pregnant women don’t you? It is considered unethical because the unborn child does not have the chance to opt out of being a subject of the study. Plus no one want to risk the life of a child. You will not find ANY studies where pregnant woman have bee used as subjects to study meds. They only know about the dangerw AFTER the med has been given to pregnang women.

      Did you know that Tylenol has never beed tested on kids?

  33. I am unable to see the study due to not having a subscription to the journal. Is there any other way to read it? I just got the flu shot yesterday and was very nervous about it. I will know next week if I’m pregnant…. I did research but didn’t come across this article: (

  34. I too was pregnant in 2010, and was offered the flu vaccination at several consecutive appointments with my OB/GYN. First, the nurse would offer it, then the doctor, but I always declined. I was never pushed. At one appointment, after telling the nurse no, while waiting for the doctor, I noticed a pamphlet about the vaccine and read it out of curiosity. The doctor came in, and took that as a sign that I might want it. He seemed surprised when I said no.

  35. besides the miscarriages the real side effect does not happen until decades after the shot. Nearly 100 percent of the people that received the swine vac in the 70’s will contract cancer because of the use of monkey serum in the shot. I don’t know if it is still made the same way.

    • Well, considering that most of the people who were adults and received this vaccine have already died (mainly from other causes) it’s going to be a bit hard to prove this concept, isn’t it?

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  37. Krista Cattier via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 11:36 pm

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve been having a very difficult time making a decision on the flu vaccine. My OBGYN is encouraging me to get the vaccine because of the danger to the baby if I contract the flu. Do you have any research comparing the numbers of how many women miscarry/have stillbirths due to contracting the flu?

    • Well thought out. I actually know the answer to this one because I have read the studies myself. You can find all of them online. how about YOU read tham and let us know what YOU find out. Juat make sure your sources are opne and unbiased.

  38. N Vicki Faries Trujillo via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    I thought when a female is pregnant, their immune system worked more efficiently then when not? Or do I have that backwards and their immune system is compromised?

    • No, the female immune system is compromised when pregnant – this helps to prevent her body from recognizing her baby’s different genes as a foreign invader and rejecting the pregnancy.

      I am glad that I am finding this information before I get pregnant – I will not be getting any vaccines while I’m carrying no matter what. While it is true the immune system is compromised, as a pregnant woman the best precaution you can take is a healthy diet to nourish your body and the baby, and to avoid people who are sick if possible.

  39. Julie Gerasimenko via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant and my doc acted like I was insane when I respectfully declined the flu shot. She said my baby might die if I get the flu and that she will continue to bug me about it at EVERY appt…I’m getting a new doc, or maybe a midwife.

  40. Karina Micomonaco Stuke via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    I had the flu shot in 2008 when I was 6 weeks pregnant. (I had had the shot with my previous two pregnancies, so I knew I was not allergic to it.) 6 hours later, I ended up with stroke-like symptoms, with sweat pouring off my brow. I could not move the left side of my body and I could not hear out of my left ear. This lasted about 5 minutes. A few hours later I woke up and miscarried. I jumped online and read countless stories just like mine. Same symptoms. Same result. My OB stood by her belief that the flu vaccine did not cause my miscarriage. To this day, based on my personal experience, there is no question in my mind that the two were related.

  41. i just heard a wonderfully informative podcast about holisitc health. this doctor (ND) really spells everything out. he is one of the few drs who give advice that can actually be followed– the best thing, much to my relief, is that the body, when supplied with 91 essential vitamins, minerals, and oils, daily, CAN withstand envoirnmental toxins and normal stresses of life. his name is Peter Glidden. his website is, and he has alot of stuff on youtube. REALLY recommend…i felt much better about my choices (past and future) after hearing him.

  42. Vanessa Hurlbert via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    I was pregnant in 2010 when my doc asked me and i had heard about other women having miscarrages and stillbirths so i said no thanks!! and she said those were just coincendences! glad i didn’t!

  43. Candace Spain-Smith via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    My midwife left it up to me to choose and I’m glad I skipped the shot. I am a teacher and they have always pressured us at school to get a flu shot each year, especially in 2009.

  44. Kristina VanWynsberghe Johnson via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I had the vaccine late pregnancy and my child has severe egg and milk allergies. I notice there are several others his age with milk and or egg allergies, just makes me wonder.

  45. Thanks for writing this. I have some friends who are pregnant, or hoping to be very soon. I’m going to pass this information along.
    I remember getting a lot of pressure to get the H1N1 vaccine for our family of 6. Two of our extended family members were sure it was going to wipe out a large part of the population. We never got the vaccine, but we did get the swine flu. I’ll be honest…it was no party. I’ve never been so sick in my life. We each had it for 2 weeks and it took 6 weeks to go through the entire family. My husband even had to postpone a business trip to Malaysia…twice. As sick as we were, we made it through no worse for wear. And now, we all have our own immunity to H1N1.
    Since then I’ve learned many more ways to naturally boost immunity and protect ourselves during cold and flu season. Yes, those things still go around, but we no longer get all of them. Thanks to this blog we have even more ways to protect ourselves.

  46. When I was pg in 2010 I declined the flu/H1N1 because of this very reason and was looked at like I told them I wanted to birth bird-wolf hybrid babies from my nose. Needless to say that didn’t sway me and we were fine all year. I won’t take them pregnant or not.

  47. Anita Barton Hungate via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Wow. That is scary. We don’t do the flu shot here. I was pressured about it both times I was pregnant, I’m glad I refused. My Dr actually told me not to get one during the H1N1 scare.

  48. Stacey Gorham via Facebook October 3, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    This was the first and only time I got the flu shot and I was pregnant! I was unaware then and they made me fear for my life. Horrible!

  49. Per the CDC “The 2012-2013 seasonal influenza vaccine protects against three influenza viruses — one influenza A (H3N2) virus, one influenza A (H1N1) virus, and one influenza B virus. The H1N1 virus the 2012-2013 seasonal flu vaccine protects against is the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus because scientists expect to continue to see this virus circulate in the United States.”

  50. My husband and I are healthcare workers (RN & Radiology) and were told we are “required” to take the flu vaccine. We decided to stand up to the government mandate and wrote a conscientious objection letter stating it goes against our spiritual beliefs to allow anything into our bodies that we deem harmful. I for one am sick of not having the right to decide what goes into mine and my children’s bodies. It’s big Pharma greed!

  51. I was also pregnant when the vaccines were being given. I told my doctor that I did not want the shot and was SOOO thankful that I did because it was literally days later when I started seeing research on the dangers of getting vaccinated while pregnant. I tried to persuade my pregnant friends – Who all opted to get it – but luckily their babies were born alright.
    I have found that (for me) the flu shots never work. They happen to get me sick within a day so I have opted out of getting them since college and have gotten the flu maybe twice since then. It is difficult telling the pediatrician that I don’t want it for my kids, though. Like other’s have said the doctors think they know better… I think it has to do with the fact that they themselves rely on what the academy of pediatrics says rather than researching to form their own opinion.

  52. Again you are giving people dangerous advice. Did you actually read this study? First off, it is anecdotal only. They just studied the amount of woman that had the flu shot. They never asked if they still got the flu, also. H1N1 had the highest rates of miscarriages and deaths of pregnant woman since 1918. It was a relatively vague study. There are any number of factors that cause miscarriage. I don’t think you understand what anecdotal actually means. I would be more concerned about the number of miscarriages and deaths caused by H1N1.

    • There have been plenty of times I have disagreed with Sarah and her interpretation of studies, frequently voicing my dissent on those matters. However, I continue to read and be a fan of this blog because more often than not she does bring up great points that help others make informed decisions. The ONLY advice that Sarah has given in this post is to trust your gut and not wait around for the science, which is amazing advice. Regardless of how one has interpreted the vaccine studies, it is true that we can’t wait around for science to justify our choices after the fact. I like to use GMOs as the example – while one could argue that there is no hard science that they’re dangerous, there’s also no science that they’re completely safe. So if you would like to play guinea pig, go for it. When it comes to health, I prefer the guilty until proven innocent approach. Vaccines are all still guilty in my eyes.

    • Deb, That is an interesting statistic, but I don’t see a link to your original source for that information. Can you share your source? Thanks.

      • You won’t find an accurate source because after June or July 2009, H1N1 cases that were counted did not need to be lab confirmed. Anyone with flu like symptoms was counted. The CDC only has projections and estimates of H1N1 for most of the 2009 “outbreak.”

  53. I had the H1N1 shot when I was in my 2nd trimester with my now 2.5 year old child.

    She is my fourth, and is my sickliest child out of everyone; she has had respiratory troubles every winter of her life, leading to hospitalisations and medicines. As soon as the first frost hits, she starts wheezing.

    I am really grateful that I still breastfeed her; it is something I feel I can do to boost her immune system every day. My heart goes out to all women who lost their babies.

  54. I’ve never had a flu shot and never will. Instead, I take adequate vitamins C and D starting in the Fall. Have not had any vaccines in at least 20 years, probably much longer. Will always avoid them like the plague. Building a strong immune system is much safer.

  55. Terrific post, Sarah! Anecdotal evidence is often the only trustworthy evidence we have, and all human learning and advancement was based on it, until the scientific study was invented in the twentieth century.

    And my thanks to the folks who made the great comments above.

    Biased, corrupt, or sloppy studies are worth far less than our experience of what actually happens.
    Stanley Fishman\’s last post: Grassfed Cattle, Not Junk-Fed Cattle

  56. As a first time mom, I was also in my third trimester with my son during the push for the H1N1 vaccine — it breaks my heart to say that after 3 appts I caved — the pressure they put on is absolutely ridiculous even when you respond back that you would rather not. We had a natural childbirth and he was okay thankfully. But after doing some serious questioning and researching since then, I am learning the “how’s” and “why’s” and “from who’s perspective” on things like vaccines, antibiotics, autoimmune diseases, etc. which can be really interesting when you also learn how the “system” works. Thanks to awesome bloggers like Sarah, information like this is even more readily in your grasp to give you the opportunity to make a better informed decision that YOU feel is right for yourself and your kids! It’s an incredible feeling of empowerment when you feel something isn’t right in your heart and guts, and you can trust yourself — Don’t just give away your natural mama instincts because the professionals “know better than you”. When it comes to your family’s health and freedoms, it’s imperative for you to lead with your own source of inspiration and intuition. Thanks again Sarah!

  57. This battle is not over! Most people do not realize that last year the h1n1 was blended INTO the annual flu shot. This means many, many people received it w/o their knowledge This was even posted on the CDC website. Keep alert for the same this year. I have not checked into it yet.

    • You are spot on Kari the H1N1 vaccine was blended in with the standard flu shot last year, and is also included in this years shot both in the US and the UK. Did you also know that 5 people died during the trials of Glaxo Smith Klien`s flu shot Pandemrix, and, one of the ingredients of their HPV vaccine Cervarix is virus like particles from the Cabbage Looper Moth, very strange ingredient to be putting in a vaccine.
      Jim UK\’s last post: Amplificador Guitarra Warm Music 108gt

      • Actually, the components of Cervarix are not strange to anyone who actually understands how vaccines are made. Virus-like particles (VLPs) are the active component of that particular vaccine. They are essentially the outside shell of the virus, without any of the viruses genetic material. The outside of the virus is what your immune system responds to. VLPs allow you to give immunogenic proteins in their native form ( which confers protection) without the virus being able to replicate. The reason the VLPs are produced in the moth cells is because most mammalian cell lines are not approved for vaccine virus growth, due to contaminants and risk of reaction to the serum used to culture those cells. Select Insect cells can be grown in suspension without serum, and don’t contain any of the proteins that cause adverse reactions with the human immune system.

        I understand you’re all anti vaccine and such, but really try to understand the science you’re criticizing if you want to be taken seriously. Otherwise your statements come off as uninformed and inflammatory.

      • I refused to get the H1N1 vaccine when I was pregnant with my fourth child. I got the virus and was sick for two solid weeks. But I will never regret the decision to stay away from the vaccine! I gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy, and am happy that I beat it by treating it naturally and not giving in to the ridiculous propaganda machine.

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  59. I was pregnant (third trimester) with my son when everyone was frantically rushing in to their doctor’s office to get the H1N1 vaccine. It was strongly suggested that pregnant women – especially those in the third trimester – get the vaccine. It was pushed on me at several different appointments, and thankfully I was able to remain strong and refuse – even under pressure. Thanks for this post, and all the other info you put out there! It breaks my heart to think of all parents who lost their precious little ones.

  60. “Our hospital required everyone to get it or you had to wear a mask at all times.”
    Doctors obviously don’t know how vaccines work. Here is the BIG LIE – that you are protecting your loved ones and the population at large if you get vaccinated. THIS IS FALSE!!!!! Getting a vaccine DOES NOT PROTECT THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. EVERYONE is and or can be a carrier, vaccinated or not.

    • *Sorry I responded to the wrong person at first.

      When I commented above about our hospital “requiring” us to get it, that may have been interpreted incorrectly. They didn’t require it, the alternative was just that you had to wear a mask. So yes, some nurses did refuse without any difficulty or need for formal exemptions.

  61. I knew it! It’s crazy just a few years ago they advised pregnant women not to take vaccines at all… now they recommend them, when in fact many vaccine inserts tell you the side effects & all. Insane!

  62. A hospital “required” my son to get vaccinated to participate in an EMT course. I did some research and contacted Alan Phillips an attorney specializing in vaccine rights and found out this information:
    1. Under federal law – the 1964 Civil Rights Act -(which supersedes state laws and private business policies) NO ONE CAN BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST FOR REFUSING A VACCINE. They can not loose their job or not be hired because of their refusal. No one can be refused admission to any school, public or private.
    2. Most employers and/or school authorities do not know what the law is and will use their “office” or “business policies” to bully you into thinking there is no option or that your job is on the line.
    3. A person needs to have a personal religious belief statement for exemption. Any religion and even non-believers can write one. The federal government recognizes that it is how you interpret your religion and not what the specific religion states is what matters.
    4. It is better to contact an attorney first before you tackle this challenge on your own because sometimes what you say or don’t say can make it a more difficult fight.

    Alan Phillips is the ONLY attorney in the US who works exclusively with vaccine rights. The 400$ that we spent to win this battle was well worth it for our family. We now have a solid religious exemption statement and a 8-9 page letter from him to present to any employer or school that states the supporting laws and previous rulings etc.

    • When I commented above about our hospital “requiring” us to get it, that may have been interpreted incorrectly. They didn’t require it, the alternative was just that you had to wear a mask. So yes, some nurses did refuse without any difficulty or need for formal exemptions.

  63. As a nurse I am required to receive the flu vaccine on an annual basis in order to continue working. While I find your post interesting, I have not heard anywhere else of a link between miscarriage and h1n1 vaccine. Do you have a link to the research that you are citing?

    • No hospital “requires” anyone to take the flu vaccine.
      1. That would be illegal, and 2. it would be dangerous for people who have allergies to certain flu components (and thus fall into the group that are recommended to NOT get the vaccine)

      • My husband is an ER nurse and I am an X-ray Technologist and we are REQUIRED to get the flu vaccine. The hospital REQUIRES it because they will not be reimbursed from the federal government for patients who have Medicare or the new “Obamacare” if the hospital does not have 100% compliance for employee flu vaccines. We had to write a “Religious/Spiritual Objection Letter” and it was reviewed by the hospital to see if our objections are “valid”. The board can decide not to grant a waiver, therefore requiring the objector to receive the vaccine as a condition of continue employment. This is part of the new healthcare law.

      • Yes, hospitals DO require their employees to get the vaccine. I work in a hospital, I have to get the flu vaccine every year. And when I started working here, I also had to submit all my previous vaccination records and have my blood titered, anything that wasn’t up-to-date was required to be done.

        The only exemptions must be approved by the hospital, and are few and far between; you have to have a REAL reason not to get the shot (medical reason or religious objection), and “because I don’t want it” doesn’t count. Religious objection only counts for real religious reasons, i.e. you must be a known member of practicing a certain religion, you can’t just say “um, it’s against my religion!” as an excuse.

        For most employees, no shot = no job.

  64. I am a registered nurse and got the flu vaccine last fall while pregnant. Our hospital required everyone to get it or you had to wear a mask at all times. Being pregnant, the thought of wearing a mask for 12+ hours a day made me feel ill. After talking with my midwife, a doctor, and doing some research, I decided it was safe to get the vaccine. My pregnant friend also got it too. While thankfully my baby was born naturally with no complications or health issues of any kind, I know that I will research more next time. I praise God for my baby’s protection. I now work in a nursing home. In the past, I always got the vaccine, but I will most likely skip it this year, since I am breastfeeding. Any info you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • I got both the H1N1 and regular flu shots while pregnant because my doctor strongly recommended them. I trusted him because I didn’t know better. He is no longer my doctor, and if I met him today I would punch him in the face. Thankfully, God protected my baby too.

        • Yes, You read her statement correctly. Accepted practice? That does not mean correct or safe. Many physicians are making decisions based on what the insurance companies will do, what the drug reps say, etc etc. They do not research the facts and make decisions based on those facts. It’s a horrendous practice. I have finally found a holistic MD who makes decisions based on what is right for the patients. What a concept!


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