Is Your Doctor Getting Drug Kickbacks?

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Is Your Doctor Being Paid Off For Prescriptions?

Doctors are making money – LOTS of money for prescribing drugs to you and your family.  How much?   Check out the detailed infographic below for the shocking statistics.  These kickbacks sway their prescribing decisions and any doctor who claims otherwise is in La La Land.

The practice of drug kickbacks to doctors is a big reason for the the ever increasing prices of drugs and the huge problem of drug affordability.

Not only is this practice of drug kickbacks extremely unethical, it is a danger to your health and the health of your loved ones, particularly if they are in the hospital and vulnerable to exploitation due to serious illness.

Laws that will take effect by 2013 will require all pharmaceutical companies to disclose their payments to doctors.  This is not enough, however, as doctors asked about their drug kickbacks usually report biased information that their patients readily believe.  Protect yourself!   Learn the facts and check the national database that lists doctors who are receiving drug kickbacks.


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