Treating a Bladder Infection (UTI) at Home with No Antibiotics

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 18, 2012

By Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom

How common is this?

The agony of a urinary tract infection (UTI), also called a bladder infection, with its urgency, pain and uncomfortable sensations hits you suddenly without warning. The doctor predictably responds with a prescription for an antibiotic even if you are pregnant!

Is there really no other option?!

The next time you feel a bladder infection (UTI) coming on, cure it yourself! Instead of waiting rooms, co-pays and condescending glances, keep the following list of remedies handy and choose the one that best matches the totality of your symptoms.

For lack of space, I’ve included only a few from which to choose, because they’re the most common. If you don’t get good results, then contact your homeopath who has other remedies that might closely suit you.

Meanwhile, you’re likely to cure yourself without the mallet of drugs that damage your gut and perhaps even your longterm health.

Once you’ve chosen the correct remedy, use it in the 30th potency every 3-4 hours. If symptoms are severe, the selected remedy may be given every 1-3 hours. Stop when there’s significant improvement. This may take up to 4 doses.

If there’s no change, then consider the next best choice. In either case, once you make your choice, stay with it until it proves incorrect.

Homeopathic Remedies for a Bladder Infection (UTI)

Cantharis 30: For those who have a strong sense of urgency, yet very little is voided upon reaching the bathroom, look to Cantharis. The sufferer may be compelled to rush to the toilet and may even lose urine on the way.

Sometimes there’s a sense of frenzied desperation that accompanies the infection and the pain may make this symptom worse. Burning pain is also a strong indication for Cantharis and increased sexual interest may be noted.

Berberis 30: When there are burning pains in the urethra which are made better with urination, try this remedy. During urination, there may be pain in the loins and thighs. The urine may have thick mucus or have bright red, mealy sediment; it may also be pale yellow. After urination, there is the feeling that urine remains.

The kidneys might feel sore, bubbling, and burning, while a cutting and burning pain is felt in the bladder. There may also be sticking and violent pains which travel from the kidneys into the bladder and urethra.

Sarsaparilla 30: A bladder infection requiring Sarsaparilla involves pain that is most concentrated at the end of urination. The urine flows in dribbles and sometimes the woman is unable to completely void her bladder unless standing. This remedy is useful for when the pain is burning, but pain may not be the most pressing symptom.

Staphysagria 30: This remedy has a reputation for aiding women who suffer UTIs after being abused, either physically or emotionally, or after a recent embarrassment. Sometimes ther’s a sense of shame that accompanies the symptoms.

So common is Staphysagria in this malady that it ought to be considered if no other remedy seems to fit the “picture” of the symptoms. It’s also the most common choice for infections that arise after sexual activity.

Pulsatilla 30: This is the remedy of choice if the girl leaks urine while coughing, laughing, or sneezing. She’s often a soft, round, and feminine-type who gets weepy when she gets these infections. Nausea and other gastrointestinal issues may also be present, particularly from eating ice cream or other rich, creamy foods. Urination may smart, but it’s nowhere near as painful as the picture presented by the other remedies.

When you first start learning about homeopathy, selecting the correct remedy for yourself or a family member can seem tricky. Homeopathy is person-specific, rather than illness-specific so it requires thoughtfulness and analysis.

But don’t give up.

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of bringing real resolution to an illness, it’s a feeling of accomplishment that you’ll want to experience again.

‘Cause you did it yourself!

About the Author

Joette Calabrese, HMC,CCH,RSHom is a homeopath and mom who has depended solely on homeopathy and nutrition in raising her family without a single drug….ever!

If you find this kind of information valuable, consider joining Joette’s 12 month system, How to Raise a Drug Free Family by visiting, or contact her office at 716.941.1045. Lots more free tips like these at


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    • Are all of these remedies safe to use while pregnant? I’m currently suffering from a uti and pregnant, so I’m looking for anything to help me get rid of this without antibiotics.

  1. Anna Griffin Kirkland via Facebook June 18, 2012 at 9:53 am

    Have any experience using D-Mannose for UTIs? I have heard great things about its effectiveness.

    • Yes, D-Mannose cured me of chronic UTI. I kept it on hand for 3-4 years after getting over a bad bout and used it whenever I felt the systems start. Stopped it immediately. I have not had a recurrance in over 15 years now. But also eating better and keeping a healthy gut with kombucha, kefir, kvass, and fermented veggies.
      My understanding is the D-Mannose addresses a specific type of bacteria – which is a common one, and won’t help everyone. Good for about 80% of UTI’s.

      • After countless rounds of antibx for UTIs, I found that D-Mannose was just as effective (take the whole thing!), but even better is vitamin C megadosing. It’s a lot cheaper.

        I keep sodium ascorbate powder on hand, and bioflavonoid tablets. With any kind of infection, from UTIs to mastitis or an abscessed tooth, I take 5gm – yes, GRAMS – the first hour (with one biof. tab), then 2-3gm every 2-3 hrs until I reach “bowel tolerance,” which means loose bowels or a rumbly tummy. Then I continue taking 1-2gm every 3-4hrs until I hit BT again, continuing to step it down until the infection has been gone for about 24hrs.

        Some people hit BT after just 4gm; I need anywhere from 20-60gm in a day when I haev an active infection.

        BTW, if you have chronic UTIs, you need to find out WHY. It’s almost always a case of something that “doesn’t belong there,” whether it’s a person sensitive to monistat applicators, lube, tampons, “toys”, or something else. It’s not usually toileting hygiene, although it often is for children, but not always in ways you expect. In children, look for pinworms or some other cause of itching that may be leading a little one to scratch so much that he gets & spreads stuff on his fingers, or diarrhea leading fecal matter to enter other orifices.

        After learning how to end my chronic infections with C, I learned how to prevent them, and have not had one in five years.

        I’m not a homeopathy fan. Vit C has never failed to eliminate any infection of any kind in my family.

          • That’s exactly why I’d never recommend taking synthetic vit C on a daily basis, as so many recommend. While Sarah states “it doesn’t make sense” to her that vit C megadosing can work with synthetic C, it most definitely does, but that doesn’t mean synthetic should be used.

            I’ve been working for a while now on determining how much acerola powder or camu-camu is equivalent to how much SAP. It would cost an arm and a leg to get many grams of natural C into the body, but I strongly suspect that it wouldn’t take many grams of natural C, but much less. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do this in a systematic manner for various reasons, nor have I read of anyone who has determined these equivalents. I’d love to know if anyone has.

    • D-Mannose works wonderfully for me. I take it 2-3 times a week as a preventative.

      Also – it won’t resolve the infection but to treat the pain/burning with UTI, 1/2 tsp baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) in 8 oz of water will resolve the pain. Again, this doesn’t treat/cure the infection, but it is wonderful relief for symptoms.
      Kathryn\’s last post: Life Continues On

    • I found d-mannose to work great. I only needed it for a one time occurence. I had no idea though at the time how to use it, so took the recommended amount on the bottle, and unsure of how many days, took it for 3 days. I’ve not had a reoccurence at all.
      I do as a pp mentioned take a totally natural food based vitamin C powder. Not for uti’s, just for overall general health now. So, possibly it helps to keep a uti away.

    • Sarah, Your website is God-sent for me. I just want to hug you for having this website. Many smiles to you. I am 30, TTC and I hv started FCLO, Butter oil, now finding raw milk in NYC.
      Which cranberry extract/ supplement would you recommend? I am taking 1 Azo cranberry + Renew Life probiotics per day just to make sure I dont get UTI during pregnancy (although I am just TTC now). I have taken antibiotics in past and dont want any of that stuff near my child. Your inputs?

      And how long did you continue your cranberry extract during pregnancy?

  2. Sure wish I had had this information about 5 months ago when they told me at my OB that I had asymptomatic UTI in this pregnancy. I resisted antibiotics as long as I could trying D-mannose and cranberry extracts but ended up having to use the antibiotics. I pretty much cried about it! If there is a next time, I’ll definitely go this route!!

  3. I have had UTI’s so badly that I bled. I never took antibiotics. I got organic pure cranberry juice along with fresh lemon and honey water and lived on that. Usually after a few days, I felt much better with no side effects of drugs. I also cut out all sugar and junk food.
    Lori\’s last post: Dying With Regrets

    • interesting. i was told uti’s are common in preg. I just had my baby 3 weeks ago. I had heartburn. I only do natural so instead of med science way of taking tums. what they call ‘natural’ haha hardly! look at what is in them. I used baking soda. never got UTI either. I had heartburn 90% of preg so had baking soda almost everyday. and I test very ackiline too.

        • I take 1/2 tsp in 8 oz of water. I usually drink this down immediately, and then make up another and sip it thru the day. However, it was my understanding that this treats the symptoms of UTI, not the infection itself. For the infection i’ve used D-Mannose, and sometimes cranberry (the real juice, not the “cocktail” that is mostly sugar).
          Kathryn\’s last post: Life Continues On

    • Catch it in time is right! I always exhaust the natural route first and have only had a UTI once (knock on wood) several years ago. Baking soda was most successful option(a Google search at the time didn’t bring up any of the options mentioned in this blog!), providing nearly instant relief, but found symptoms returning days later and getting worse each time before finally going to emergency for antibiotics. :(

  4. How about garlic, nature’s antibiotic? I use it for frequent sinus infections as if I took antibiotics everytime my sinuses back up I’d have no friendly bacteria left. At the first sign of an infection, I get garlic capsules and take 3 times the recommended daily dose, 3 times a day for 3 days, works like a charm.

  5. Oh…I just treated a UTI a month or so ago. Used Cranberry Extract, Bio-Kult Probiotics, and Garlic/Parsley oil capsules. Worked within 2-3 days :) I am breastfeeding so I REALLY wanted to steer clear of antibiotics. Yipee!!

  6. I have an even simpler solution that’s worked for me.

    Drink copious quantities of water with a bit of fresh lemon in it. Cut a lemon in half a squeeze a bit into your glass.
    Just drink and drink and drink and it does the trick. You have to remember to keep on drinking for a while, even after you start to feel better, otherwise it comes back.
    Couldn’t be simpler.

    • Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist

      Be very very careful here as too much water is not good for you! This is a myth! Traditional societies relied on broth and/or lactofermented beverages to stay hydrated not tons and tons of water. I have never consumed 8 glasses of water a day in my life and I live in hot, sweaty, humid FLorida – even when I was competing in high level athletic competitions in high school and college. It is true that folks who eat too much sugar are thirsty more and seem to need more water but this is a blood sugar issue, not a hydration problem.
      Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist\’s last post: Treating a UTI With No Antibiotics

      • I have had several severe UTIs and literally drank gallons of water to try to flush them out, with no luck. I ended up in the ER with one after passing out with a high fever. Cranberry didn’t touch them, baking soda didn’t touch them. I hope that there is never a next time, but I plan to have some of these homeopathic remedies and some D-Mannos on hand just in case!
        Leah\’s last post: one tiny thing

        • One of the fundamental differences between homeopathic remedies and supplements, is that in homeopathy, when the remedy is well chosen ( critical for success), it is usually the last time any treatment is needed. It doesn’t address the UTI again and again, it uproots the propensity. ‘ Very satisfying.

          • Wanting to know how long can I take the treatment,I choose Staphysagria 30 and it seemed to work but symptoms came back 24 hr after stopping. Taking it again and feel better, but I’m afraid to stop taking it just yet.

          • Also, I always get an infection after intimacy, so will this same remedy work if I keep getting the infection? Also, thank you for this information, my body/ gut does not need antibiotics, I know I need to heal my gut and I cant even begin if I have to keep taking antibiotics, so sharing anything else that can heal is greatly appreciated.

      • There is evidence that the 8 glasses of water a day is something cooked up by the bottled water companies. My “natural health” doc pushes 1/2 your body weight in oz per day (for a 140 lb person, this is 70 oz per day). That doesn’t fit me and who i am. I feel very comfortable with between 20 and 40 oz a day and figure i get the rest from the good food and beverages (veggies, fruit, organic tea) i consume.
        Kathryn\’s last post: Life Continues On

        • There are days when I don’t drink any water. But plenty of raw milk and tea and watery fruits . I never was a big water drinker. At times I have pushed it because I read some article where it said to drink this much or this much . But I am me. I do not require much water. And I cannot remember the last UTI i had. It’s been years and years and years . Thank you Lord!

      • I’m not talking about the 8 glasses a day for a regular day. I agree with you there. But for me at least, you could feel this cure working. I’d drink a lot and the symptoms would lift. I’d forget to drink and feel the symtoms returning. There was a pretty clear one to one correlation.

        And, yes. There is some upper limit to this. If any person drinks enough water at one time, he or she will die. I’m not talking gallons upon gallons. I’m talking a glass every 15 minutes or so. As with anything else, you need some common sense.

    • Please be careful when drinking copious amount of water (I know you said this doesn’t apply to you) but this can be very dangerous. There is such a thing as over hydration (water intoxication) which causes over dilution of electrolytes which is dangerous to the point of death. Although the 8&8 rule may come from the water companies that doesn’t negate the importance of it. water is very crucial to our survival it composes up to 60% of our bodies. Not to mention our brains are 70% water as well. Thanks to everyone for this UTI info. It’s awesome!!! hope I never need it but will definately give it a try.

      • With drinking alot of water – the reason it is helpful is because it helps flush out the urinary system. It carries bacteria out and into the toilet. I think 8 glasses a day is excessive – but you should definitely go for drinking enough to cause you to regularly empty your bladder. Plus – Water’s neutral pH makes it a good choice when trying to avoid that awful burning sensation!!

  7. Another thing you can do while you’re waiting for the natural cures to kick in is make parsley tea. It really helps with the cramping, pain and urgency. I take 2 bunches of organic parsley and steep in 4 cups of boiled water for 10-20 min. It tastes better when warm. Parsley is also a natural diuretic. :)

    • Homeopathy is safe during pregnancy and nursing for baby and mom as long as the remedy is used according to directions. Any substance can be unsafe if used injudiciously. That’s the best part! No side effects, gentle and effective. That’s why millions throughout the world depend on homeopathy.

  8. I think everyone is missing the point of just going with homeopathic remedies– they are completely safe, quick, and completely cure the UTI. And it’s so simple. Joette is absolutely amazing in what she has accomplished by using homeopathic remedies!

  9. This is great info, what about a new nursing mama and breast infections? I tried looking in a homeopathic book I have but it wasn’t listed? I would love any info to help this mama avoid antibiotics especially after a vbac all natual ;) Thanks

    • First up is prevention – mastitis is usually tied with a combination of not enough nursing plus not enough sleep/rest. So hit the nursing & rest HARD, like it’s her full-time job for the next few days, and then check my post above about vitamin C megadosing.

      • Since you’re not a “fan” of homeopathy, you probably don’t understand it. The basic premise of medicine should not be to prescribe one solution to everyone’s symptom! Everyone is different and this is where homeopathy is superior because it treats the person and the reason you are sick in the first place, not the symptoms that signal it. Yes good nutrition is the basis for this and a WAPF diet is the best for avoiding UTI symptoms. But if you already have one, then treat the person! If you read through the descriptions that Joette gives for each remedy (and as she says, there are many more but these tend to treat the acute cases), then you’ll see why one solution is never the answer to any illness. Even natural herbal medical people can get wrapped up in always suppressing symptoms instead of treating the individual’s whole system and sometimes this suppression causes worse illnesses for the patient. Be careful who you trust when reading internet information and actually check out who is giving advice before you follow it. You can severely mess up your health by taking anything that is not appropriate for your individual case!

        • It would be an incorrect assumption that I don’t understand homeopathy, or at least that my understanding is any less than yours.

          None of my suggestions include anything that treats symptoms instead of supporting the entire body’s effort to heal itself, in its own individual way.

          I should have mentioned before that garlic is also a powerful ally against any type of infections, but especially colds & flu. Four cloves, chewed/minced/etc., then swallowed. Don’t expect to smell good for 8 hours! :)

          • It is not an incorrect assumption that you don’t know as much about homeopathy as me unless you are a certified classical homeopath which I assume you are not, and I will be soon. I agree that some of what you’re saying is true and helps the body to heal itself, but even vitamin c can be overdosed One of homeopathy’s principles is ” That a minimum dose us essential. This is based on the Arndt-Shultz law that small doses stimulate, medium doses paralyze, and large doses kill, in other words that the action of small doses of the same substance on living matter is opposite. ” Dr. Elizabeth Wright

    • Hi Jerian! There are a few remedies to consider for breast infections. Just as I listed and differentiated between the ones above for UTIs, its important that the remedy fit the person, not the pathology. Having said this, the most common remedy for mastitis is Phytolacca 30 and its usually taken every 3 hours. the best part? Its often the last time it needs to be used.

    • joette calabrese June 18, 2012 at 6:51 pm
      Hi Jerian! There are a few remedies to consider for breast infections. Just as I listed and differentiated between the ones above for UTIs, its important that the remedy fit the person, not the pathology. Having said this, the most common remedy for mastitis is Phytolacca 30 and its usually taken every 3 hours. the best part? Its often the last time it needs to be used.

    • Hi Jerian,

      As someone who has had countless bouts of mastitis over 7 years of nursing, I can tell you that mine are brought on by stress – emotional stress. Amount of nursing and how much rest I get have little to do with it.

      Also, I have effectively used homeopathy and echinacea and warm compresses and massage and REST to deal with all of them.

      Best of luck to you!

  10. The wonderful world of herbs is the best place to go for UTI treatment. Make a strong tea with Uva Ursi Leaf, Bilberry Leaf, and Peppermint for flavor if you wish. Add to 100% cranberry juice and drink often as well as drink lots and lots of water. This helps flush the infection out, so in this case, you actually want to drink copious amounts of water when you have an infection such as this. I have cured UTIs with copious amounts of water ALONE. So Jenny, above, is correct. Flushes it out very quickly, but the herbs are great as well. Hope this helps!


  11. I’ve never used any of these herbs to treat one, but I’ll have to keep them in mind if I get one again. I love that a specific condition is given for each one, because I had never thought about that. Cantharis would be the one I would take for my specific needs, so I might need to get some of that. Honestly, though, because I don’t drink soda pop or eat tons of desserts anymore, I haven’t had one in years.

    I used to get UTIs chronically, like once a week. The kind where you can’t stand up and walk because it hurts so much. I had them like this for almost a decade. I took out all soda pop and almost all sugar, and that really was the biggest factor in getting rid of them for me.

    When I would get one, I started using Grapefruit Seed Extract to kill the infection, about 3 times a day for a couple days was enough to kill it. I’ve also used D-Mannose, but I found that GSE took the pain and infection away a bit sooner, which is a lot of time when you’re in pain. You also need to avoid sugar and caffeine as much as possible if you’re prone to getting UTIs, because it’s just going to keep coming back.

    If you have frequent UTIs, these herbs would be really great for you. I can tell you that after years and years (and lots of money spent) being on antibiotics constantly for infections, they don’t work. You have to keep going back to the doctor and getting more.

      • There’s no doubt that what we eat affects our health and poor food = poor health. however, sometimes with even the best of nutrition, these infections persist because they are sometimes caused by previous antibiotic use and even a propensity to them via our DNA.

        t makes sense to be aware of the triggers.

  12. I was getting these all of the time but I believe mine were due to menopause. The ONLY thing that got these under control was a probiotic. I will definitely look into the Sarsaparillo 30 and the Vitamin C. I have been doing lots of ferments for over a year but still was getting these UTI’s one right after another. MISERABLE.

    • I get UT infections often, but they’ve really amped up with menopause. The last time I was at ReadyMed, the doctor suggested I should look into a progesterone cream…..since UTIs at this age can be because of hormonal issues.

      Haven’t gotten any cream…..really don’t know what to do. I’ll look into all these methods.

  13. D-mannose…I always have it on hand. Always. If we are traveling I take it daily to prevent any issues. I wish I had known about it when I was younger it would have eliminated the need for countless rounds of antibiotics. Make sure you get it without any herbs added. Golden seal for instance depletes chi as does echineaca–neither should be taken casually.

  14. I had a bad experience with D-Mannose, it completely cleared my symptoms of having to urinate frequently and the burning associated but the infection itself remained….so for a long time I thought the UTI was cured…after a month I ended up in the hospital with so much pain and the doctor told me that they couldnt find any traces in my urine but that it was found in my blood. I feel like it is good to eleviate the symptoms but it is important to follow-up with your physician to make sure the infection has completely cleared…and a blood test is neccessary since D-Mannose will remove the infection from the bladder.

    • The purpose of D mannose is to prevent the bacteria from being able to attach the the walls of your urinary tract, so that you can repopulate with the good bacteria and your body has time to destroy the bad. I doubt D-mannose alone would “cure”, without probiotic repopulation, and copious amounts vitamin C so that your body has tools to fight infection. If all you took was D mannose, of course the infection would still be in your body! Naturopathy is dangerous when you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. This leads to half measures that make you think they don’t work, when they are in fact incorrectly applied.

      • Same thing happened to me, Karly. I started having a pain in my right kidney. Having had a kidney infection in the past and ending up in the hospital I didn’t take any chances. After trying d-mannose, cranberry, parsley tea and flaxseed tea and having the pain come back, I went with antibiotics. I don’t think I caught the infection in time though… I will still try the natural time if it happens again (I didn’t do homeopathy this time – I will definitely try next time). I haven’t had a UTI in over a decade….

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  16. I read all the above comments and didn’t see anything like my story. I keep getting UTI’s but have no symptoms, don’t know I have one until my labs reflect it. Is there something for that category? Or can I assume that cranberry or any of the other protocols would help? But I don’t know how long to use it since I don’t feel sick and therefore don’t know when I’m “feeling better”.

    • It can’t hurt you to take it…as long as you want. If you keep getting them, then take it for a month or two while you do other proactive things–such as figuring out your triggers. And then take it a few times a week. It won’t hurt you to take it long term.

      My Chinese doctors/acupuncturists were able to give me herbs that helped–and they will do a pulse diagnoses, hence able to really tailor the herb choices to what’s going on.

      If you can get organic watermelon make some juice up including some of that white rind–it’s a great kidney flusher.

    • I worked with a client years ago, who took cranberry capsules daily for over 25 years. it was the solution to her chronic low level infections. They ceased appearing in urine tests. Homeopathically, this kind of issue has been addressed with the use of Nat phos 6x taken daily over a course of months.

    • I’ve seen cases like what you’re describing and in every case the person had gut dysbiosis. Systemic pathogenic flora can cause chronic UTIs. You should seriously consider GAPS. You can try to use potent herbs to solve the UTI, which would likely give relief (I’m posting a comment below with my favorite list), but the UTIs will probably keep bouncing back.

  17. Jennifer Parks Cash via Facebook June 18, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    I have used U.T. Vibrance by Vibrant Health for about 10 years now. It has D-Mannose in it along with other urinary tract supporting herbs. It works every single time and within a few hours of the first dose, I feel a huge difference! So much so, that I always have this in my home! I haven’t needed an antibiotic for UT infections for over 10 years now thanks to this amazing stuff!

      • Boy, I wish I had known about this stuff last year! I came down with a UTI AND a yeast infection at the same time (first time I had ever had either) and needless to say, I was miserable. I didn’t know much about homeopathy, and while I generally see a naturopath, my insurance had just run out and so I went to a nurse practitioner who is a friend and didn’t charge me for the visit. Two rounds of progressively aggressive antibiotics later, the yeast infection was gone but the UTI wasn’t. Come to find out, it was actually a symptom of low estrogen (which I had been diagnosed with a few months previously). I stopped the antibiotics, and the UTI gradually went away on its own within about a month. (luckily it wasn’t a super painful UTI – just uncomfortable). Anyway, next time I get either one of those things, I will definitely go the homeopathic route. Being on antibiotics was a miserable experience.

        • Good plan Kelsey. Many women find that once the remedy is chosen that fits like a glove, they’re not be bothered by the problem again. …unless of course, they use antibiotics for another reason and set the pathology back in motion.

  18. Glad to know about the new option with homeopathy!

    D mannose, vitamin C in the form of Cranberry and/or pomegranate concentrate (not juice-too much sugar) and a *good* probiotic has *always* worked for me. I haven’t had any UTI’s or yeast infections since I’ve been eating for my blood type, which is very WAPF, though glad for the more options available through WAPF.

    The purpose of D mannose is to prevent the bacteria from being able to attach the the walls of your urinary tract, so that you can repopulate with the good bacteria and your body has time to destroy the bad. I doubt D-mannose alone would “cure”, without probiotics. Naturopathy is dangerous when you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish. This leads to half measures that make you think they don’t work, when they are in fact incorrectly applied.

  19. I had a two-year period, about seven years ago, where I sure could have used this post and the comments. I did not have access to integrative care, nor did I know any experts in homeopathy. Furthermore, the antibiotics didn’t even work to keep it at bay for long, nevermind the damage that repeated courses were doing to my gut . . . no doubt a large part of the reason I now need GAPS:-(

    Regarding baking soda though, I worry about consuming large amounts of baking soda (for any ailment) since the gut is supposed to be acidic and the beneficial flora that protect our health need the acidity. Is this not the whole reason WAPers and GAPS folks eat lacto-fermented foods? I have read statements by several integrative MDs and DOs that state that heart burn and reflux are a result of too little acid in the stomach, NOT too much. I do not think attempting to alkalinize the gut with baking soda would be healthy long-term. It would seem that it could cause or add to gut dysbiosis. Just as the FDA has recently issued statements that the acid blocking drugs known as proton-pump inhibitors and H2 Blockers (conventional medicine’s darlings) can lead to proliferation of Clostridium difficile, an undesirable strain to have in your gut in large quantities, as it can cause life-threatening diarrhea and even sepsis (i.e., blood infection). When the FDA finally comes to the party and makes a statement against drugs that make big pharma lots of money, but are doing harm, I think we should all pay attention! I would have to do more research to be sure, but, consuming baking soda daily, or in large quantities is nothing I would do without consulting a knowledgeable integrative physician, doing lots of my own research, and being absolutely sure that I knew what I was doing . . . especially when pregnant. I am not talking about soaking in baking soda or otherwise using it topically–that is very different.
    Nicole, The Non-Toxic Nurse\’s last post: Coconut Oil: Why My Family Eats It and Other Saturated Fats, Our Favorite Coconut Oil Brand, and a BOGO Sale!

    • For heartburn, I actually take raw apple cider vinegar. I wonder if this would help UTIs? I agree about taking too much baking soda internally.

  20. If you are looking for products that can get rid of bacterial infections/yeast, among lots of other things, check out this website. their products are AMAZING!

    You will have to find a distributor near you, though, but I am confident that they would find a way to get the product to you somehow. LOVE this company. I cannot say enough wonderful htings about this company. Even got rid of a sinus infection with Bacto-ex, as well as a few bladder infections.

    • To tell you the truth, by correcting my energetic/emotional imbalances using The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I was able to get rid of my uti’s and yeast infections altogether. I don’t have to take anything to keep them away. I just don’t get those kind of infections anymore. You should really check Dr. Bradley Nelson out. See if it is right for you. It was my answer.

  21. I’ve had UTI’s off and on for most of my life and, while I’ve never used these remedies, I do have some things that worked for me. Hope these suggestions are helpful for you.

    I cut out all refined sugar years ago but when battling a UTI, I also cut out fruits and any juices/foods with a high sugar content like honey. The only juice I keep is cranberry, as organic and sugar free as possible.

    The key for me has been aloe vera pills. Two pills with a full glass of water from two to three times a day. Also vitamin C, extra probiotics and cranberry supplements. Seems like a simple thing but the healing properties of aloe are great to flush out the bacteria and address pain management.

    My acupuncturist also suggested watermelon rind tea to help flush out my system.

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  23. The homeopathic remedies listed in this post are really great treatments; my favorite is Canth. I really think antibiotics are unnecessary for UTIs, and they cause terrible problems. I’ve never seen a case that didn’t respond to natural treatment when it was treated early, properly, aggressively. I really like raw garlic and if you think you have a UTI, you should take at least 6 cloves daily…it’s hot, but take it with butter, or simmer it in some honey. Up to a head daily will knock back infections. Other great herbs for UTIs are uva ursi and juniper, as well as golden seal. D Mannose works wonders for many ladies, too. A good cranberry supplement should be used prophylactically (like CranActin), but when you suspect a UTI, triple dose. Most importantly, remember that pathogenic flora can cause and worsen UTIs…make sure you are building and feeding beneficial gut flora and if you have dysbiosis, do GAPS.
    Gabi\’s last post: Yes, Breast Actually Is Best…So WAPF Isn’t Always Right….

    • I’ve used cranberry extract pills as a preventative for several years. If I happen to slack off and then get a UTI, I triple the dose and take it a few times a day for several days. Always works! A mainstream woman doctor once told me that cranberry shifts pH of the urine to acidic thereby making it too acidic for the bacteria to survive.

  24. I have also suffered from UTI. What I have found to be the best remedy for a UTI is raw apple cider vinegar with water and baking soda. I was in excruciating pain and was also bleeding, and this remedy took care of it right away. It works wonders!

  25. Can you give me some direction on where to find these remedies? I have not heard of them before and it would be nice to have them on hand :)

  26. I have used Cantharis with great success to treat my little sister’s recurrent UTIs. Like Joette says, once you treat homeopathically, problems are less likely to return and if they do return they will be milder. My sister only had one more mild UTI after her initial treatment with Cantharis and it has been nearly two years with no further problems!

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  28. Whenever I feel a UTI coming on, I make a batch of barley water, drink it that day, and by the end of the day, it’s gone! There are many other benefits to barley water, but I love the way it takes care of my UTI! :)

  29. I hate to be a downer, and I do try to and take the natural approach with most things, but I disagree that antibiotics are unnecessary for UTIs. They can be life-threatening, as most serious infections. In my case, I had three or four UTI’s within the course of a year that all went straight to my kidneys. I ended up with a fever of the range of 103-104 more than once and spent one night in the ER. Not fun. Having gone through what I’ve been through, I wouldn’t hesitate to take antibiotics again if/when I needed them (and ONLY when. I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled soon and I’ve decided I WON’T fill my script for antibiotics unless I develop an infection.) Also, taking a probiotic (not at the same time as the antibiotic) can go a long way towards preventing bad bacteria overgrowth. I’m sure most people on here know that. I just wanted to say that sometimes conventional medicine isn’t bad. Hope I don’t get flamed for this too much..

    • Gabriella, no flaming here! For years, I heard the advice that you can NEVER do anything but take antibx for UTIs or mastitis. Conventional wisdom was that they are too dangerous and too hard to get rid of naturally. I believed them, and after several kidney infections, hospitalizations, butt shots of antibx, and countless UTIs over several years, my gut bacteria was so mangled that I now had a raging sugar addiction that led to many serious medical complications.

      Point being that antibx can lead to serious, life-threatening problems (including diabetes & autoimmune disease, in my case), as well. That is *not at all* to say you should never use them, but rather, that other effective options (in my case, vit C megadosing) can be the first line of defense, and antibx resorted to only when those don’t work. (In one case, the closest we have come to needing antibx in the five years since discovering alternatives, by the time I got the infected child to the doctor, examined, to the pharmacy, drugs obtained, and home, the vit C had kicked in and the antibx weren’t needed.)

      (In a post above, I shared how I also got down to the root cause and got rid of my, and my children’s, UTIs forever – best of all worlds!)

  30. I would really appreciate a response. I am 16 weeks pregnant and according to my labs I have had a UTI for about 7 weeks, though I never had any symptoms until the past few days. Now I just have a very mild twitch in the urethra. I’m desperate because my midwives day I have to take antibiotics if my next culture doesn’t show improvement. None of the descriptions above really match my symptoms, so I’m wondering which homeopathic remedy would be most appropriate. I’ve never tried homeopathy, but I would be willing to try anything to avoid antibiotics, especially during pregnancy. I have already been take azocranberry and drinking cranberry juice, and I also eat a wapf diet rich in probiotic foods.

    • I added a tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar to 100% cranberry juice and drank it about 3x/day for a few days and things significantly improved. No sugar or foods that turn to sugar either (carbs-bread,etc)

    • I urge you to meet with a qualified homeopath. this is a problem that has been found to be happily addressed with the remedy that is specifically skewed towards your specific needs.

    • When I wrote the symptoms above it was with an eye for brevity , so that it was easy to determine a remedy. However, each o f these remedies represent many more in depth symptoms. If delved into further, one of them would most likely suit your needs. Since you haven’t researched homeopathy via books or courses, I’d recommend a seasoned homeopath to take your case. She would be familiar with the remedies and can get to know you well enough to make a match.

  31. Since last year I’m at the point that if I eat starch (bread, etc.) or eat something sweet, I start to feel the symptoms…..and a very little amount of it, too. I’ve done so much cranberry, drinking, baking soda. But, should I be at the point that any simple sugar triggers it so completely? I must have something, but don’t know what it would be.

    I had three emergency room visits last year (ouch!)…..and this year I continue to live in fear if I eat anything starchy or sugary. Also, I’m irritated on and off and so much sometimes that I don’t know whether it’s irritation that keeps going, or a real infection coming on.

    I can’t tell which homeopathic remedy I would take for this circumstance:
    “Easily irritated by simple sugars.” Thanks!

    • Is it possible you now have systemic candida? That might explain your extreme sensitivity to sugars and starches (that convert to sugar once eaten). Maybe try the Paleo diet, excluding all fruits until it’s under control?

      I swear by probiotics, vitamin C and aloe vera. They’ve made a huge difference in my UTIs, both intensity and recurrence.

  32. One thing I would caution people about is UTIs in children, especially in boys (any age) and girls under 2yo. In these populations, UTI can signal anatomic abnormality. Some abnormalities (vesicoureteral reflux, posterior urethral valves, etc) can cause serious damage if left undiagnosed – and therefore untreated. While some older girls can get one incidentally from things like improper wiping, younger girls and boys should be evaluated. . . not just symptomatically treated with things like homeopathy OR antibiotics.

    • My daughter had the reflux, and we *still* stopped all UTIs with hygiene & vit C / d-mannose. The thing is, the reflux doesn’t become a dangerous problem if there are no pathogenic bacteria in the UT to begin with. For her, as a 5 year old, it started with itching (and it took me a LONG time to figure this out, as she couldn’t express it), and the scratching led to fecal contamination of the surrounding area. (And let me tell you about how long the condescending pediatric urologist insisted it HAD to be improper wiping…)

      When we used vit C, the UTIs quickly stopped after starting. But when I figured out the hygiene problem and stopped it, the UTIs stopped starting in the first place. No prophylactic daily antibiotics for 7 years (until puberty and “she grows out of it”) were necessary once I figured out the problem. No daily antispasmotic drugs were necessary, once the UTIs disappeared. The anatomic problem didn’t matter once the infections no longer existed. I can’t tell you how grateful I was no longer having to subject my little girl to annual or semi-annual invasive catheterizations & X-rays!!

      I do totally agree that such potential problems are an EXCELLENT reason not to treat a child continually with any kind of remedy without finding out the cause, even more are they a reason to get rid of the contributing source of infection (hygiene, usually, for children, but NOT always necessarily wiping – get creative & think think think!) altogether, because every new little bit of infection causes more internal damage.

      • I have a just turned 4 yr old girl who has consistent UTI’s. How much vit c and d-mennose would you recommend giving her? She hide the symptoms from me because she doesn’t want the medicine so I don’t know about it until she’s in alot of pain. Any suggestions?

        • Although the discussion on d-mennose is interesting and apparently efficacious, I ‘d like to intervene that it is not homeopathic.

          Homeopathy is not , supplements, herbs, vitamins nor is it synonymous with holistic. It is indeed safe and effective and certainly upholds the lofty ideals of holism. But it is instead a medicine that has been used in hospitals in the U.S. and Europe, India, S. America, etc. mostly by medical doctors in homeopathic hospitals.

          Unfortunately, no longer is it found in U.S. hospitals and clinics, but that is for a crucial, and I might add, fascinating reason. Homeopathy was kicked out of the “club” for not acquiescing to the interests of an industry . And you all know which industry I mean. The pharmaceutical one.

          As a direct result of infighting between the pharmaceutical based medicine and the homeopathic physicians back in the 1940′s, homeopathy was eliminated from our medical choices in the US.

          The 1940′s was the advent of antibiotics and since the homeopaths warned their patients of the dangers of such tinkerings, they were not only criticized by the proponents of such drugs. Indeed, they were the target of a well financed, highly effective smear campaign designed and executed by the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry aimed at eliminating the practice of homeopathy.

          Because it was ineffective? Because it was harmful? Because it was expensive? No. No and no.

          Because it was taking market share away from alopathic medicine and it needed to be halted. And so it was.

          Now, however, with the apparent and even industry admitted chronic problems caused by antibiotic use over the last 60 years, homeopathy has again gained popularity in the U.S.
          Only this time its more popular with educated folks taking control of their health so as to avoid the use of questionable and ubiquitous meds.

          So, if someone indicates to you that homeopathy is folk medicine (nothing wrong with that, but it simply isn’t that ) or that it means home remedies, (again, good stuff, but it isn’t that either, ) then you can tell them that it is FDA regulated medicine that is no longer only available to the Brits, Spanish, Italians, Germans, Swiss, Indians, South Americans. Its once again available to Americans in their own homes.

          For me, as a homeopath and mom, there’s nothing more satisfying than to hear of the testimonies moms report to me regarding infections they treated themselves when the doctor told them that the only way was with yet another round of antibiotics.
          Now, that’s a healthy home economist and good medicine!

        • It is good to know that your four year old will have no problem taking homeopathic remedies. They are dropped on milk sugar tablets that are slightly sweet. My kids love them. If, by chance, yours doesn’t, the remedies can be dissolved in water and she can take one sip for a dose.

          It’s the best!

    • Homeopathy has a history of resolving cases of reflux, even those that are resultant of anatomical problems. Homeopathy is real medicine, not folk lore and has for over 200 years addressed serious illness in hospitals throughout the world by MD’s for millions. In fact, the more serious the pathology, the more likely homeopathy is a good choice. Certainly , there’s a place for diagnostics, and they are not exclusive of each other. This has been done in research centers, clinics and in private practices. When i hear that something is too serious for the likes of homeopathy , it indicates that there might be a misunderstanding of its depth, breadth, years of double blind data, clinical trials and clinical experience. I might add a gentle reminder that homeopathy never treats symptomatically. Instead, it can address most any illness and with aplomb when in the hands of an expert.

      • Perhaps I was misunderstood. While homeopathy or antibiotics have the potential to treat pathology, I was trying to say that it is important, in particular populations (ie any male child with a UTI, young females with their first UTI and older children with recurrent UTIs), to have a diagnostic evaluation prior to starting treatment. A diagnostic evaluation could reveal the presence of a true UTI and potential underlying anatomic abnormalities which could then be treated however one chooses, with allopathic medicine or otherwise. I was not implying that homeopathy could not be used to treat these problems.

        In addition, I would caution against people treating UTIs based on symptoms alone… especially if the person is in a high risk population. Especially if this is a first-time UTI, better to confirm that that is indeed the problem, evaluate for underlying anomalies (if indicated) and then pursue treatment with the agent of one’s choice.

    • I agree that in extreme and unusual cases it can be useful to get a diagnosis. But only in these situations. How will you know if your child falls into that category? By using safe and effect methods at home 1st. It’s imprudent to jump to extreme conclusions quickly. Instead, I teach that moms ought to study the remedies and administer the homeopathic 1st.

      If a well chosen remedy doesn’t abort the problem (which is highly unlikely) then a seasoned, credentialed homeopath can be called upon. This simple measure may eliminate the need for surgery or other heroic measures.

      Once the series of infections is halted, we can consider an anatomical abnormality benign. Why? because its not causing infection any longer so there’s no need to address it! (That’s of course assuming there’s no concomitant pathology. )
      No pathology. Nothing to treat.
      We can count on the body to always tell us that something is wrong via symptoms. Mother Nature’s good like that.

      If indeed an abnormality is detected, the question should be asked, if that’s the cause, then why is there not a continuous infection? If the infection is periodic, then that means the body is able to right itself at certain times. This gives a key into what can be done permanently via the correct remedy choice.

      Further, every time the anatomical issue sets off an infection, antibiotics would need to be administered. I’ve heard the anatomical saga repeatedly as a rationale for long term antibiotic use.
      I contend that its not the structure that causes infections, but the terrain upon which the infection resides. And the etiology can often be pointed to inflammatory foods, the use of previous antibiotics and other ill-conceived drugs. No amount of antibiotics will uproot the propensity for such.

      Interestingly, modern medicine doesn’t care too much about etiology. Perhaps that’s because much of it can be pointed to the previous prescription…an antibiotic for an ear infection 3 months earlier, for example. It also disregards the importance of quality food vs. detrimental foods. Is it no wonder the frequent solution is more drugs or surgery?

      When told by a doctor that your child has an anatomical malformation, the natural response of a mother would be to “Do something”. And that something is usually antibiotics. That’s often where life long trouble begins.

      Herein lies the problem with scheduling a pediatric appointment before applying tried and true methods, such as homeopathy and dietary changes, etc. Its too easy to succumb to radical philosophies and methods when others are so readily, inexpensively and curatively available.

      Satisfyingly, the correct homeopathic medicine doesn’t kill bugs. Instead, it utilizes the body’s innate ability to bring it back to the way it was before the infection ensued , despite the structural abnormality.

      Hence, regardless of the tissue formation, or demographic, homeopathy and sound nutrition ought to be the 1st line of defense and adhered to until that avenue is fully exhausted before stepping into an arena that focuses on extreme measures with life long consequences.

      One more distinction needs reiteration. Homeopathy NEVER treats symptoms, so it won’t shroud information. Instead, it USES symptoms to determine the remedy choice that unearths the imbalance.

      let’s remember that the methodology that treats symptoms is allopathy. It is the conventional medical paradigm that advises killing the bugs, not uprooting and curing.

      This distinction is not only fundamental, but the essence of the difference between the two methods and their philosophies.

      This is the kind of stuff I teach moms. That is, to take control of their family’s health. Then , when all has been intelligently exhausted, look to an MD for a diagnosis.

      • Homeopathy is always our family’s first line of defense. It’s often all that is needed to stop illness in its tracks. We can all benefit from taking charge of our own health and homeopathy can lead the way.

  33. Apple cider vinegar in water worked great for me recently. It worked for a pregnant friend of mine too! Just a few doses of 1 tsp in 4 oz of water for a day and my UTI was gone.

  34. Big Pharma busts their behinds to eliminate anything and anyone who competes with their market share. They want it all and they WON’T SHARE! They hide the facts or skew the results of their tests to convince people that they NEED drugs and the US doctors support it. Dont trust anything the FDA says because they are nothing but a strong arm governmental agency that protects and defends the pharmacuedical companies. In turn these pharmacuedical companies support the campaignes of our “elected” officials. If Obamacare makes it to law, BIG PHARMA will gain incredible power and we will lose all health freedom, lose our ability to choose for ourselves and be compelled to use only what the government and big pharma says we can. We are headed for difficult times if we lose our health freedom, and BIG PHARMA has the government in their top pockets, waiting with bated breath for them to return the favor and make all vaccines, flu shots, HPV, etc mandatory, along with ABX, etc. November is coming….Be careful how you vote. Be VERY careful!

  35. And, I forgot to add, when they take over your health choices, our government will try to eliminate natural and alternative healing because it does not fit in with their agenda. Homeopathy is a proven science and it works, so it is a huge threat to big pharma. And they will attack with a well funded vengence if allowed to do so. They especially hate alternative medicine that is effective and inexpensive. This defines homeopathy and herbal medicine. So we must stick together and be vigilent. It is scary times we are in, as our freedoms are widdling away…… Think what the government has done to eliminate raw milk! You are all WAP followers! You all know that the government agencies come in and shut down your source of raw milk under the guise of “health safety”! They successfully shut down the farm where I used to get my raw milk, and now I cant get it anymore. No raw milk at all. If they were so worried about health safety dont you all think they would eliminate all the chemicals and preservatives in today’s food supply? All the carcinagenic herbisides and pesticides that are ramant? All the GMO crops? What about that nasty chemical aspertame making people sick? Seems to me they are not concerned with health safety at all! Its just a guise to eliminate the HEALTHY food! Do you think maybe they WANT us all to be sick? hmmmmm. Time to get smart and take back our health. Start with homeopathy. Joette is spot on.

  36. One of the many things I love about homeopathy is how, gentle, effective and empowering it is. I never leave home without my homeopathy kit and I know that I have remedies at my fingers to address whatever comes up AS SOON AS it begins to show it’s head. That kind of pre-emptiveness goes a LONG way!

    Happy Healing!

  37. Once you have experienced the quick and permanent resolution that comes from administering a correctly chosen homeopathic remedy, you will never again have questions about whether or not homeopathy will be able to take care of your health problem.

  38. Drinking a plenty of water and coconut juice very first thing in the morning will surely heal Urinary Tract Infection without any single drug.It’s proven in my family and relatives.

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  40. Great to hear. Its been giving me hell through out this pregnancy. I am 27 weeks now and this is my 5th UTI. I am tired of the antibiotics. But i want to give the cranberry a try and see if it works. Currently having sever lower abdominal pains its Scary!

  41. If you haven’t heard of d-mannose, go look it up. This is my go-to for my chronic uti, and it really works. The loose powder works better than the pills. The brand NOW is usually a good buy on amazon. Sometimes your local health food store will carry it (usually pill form) and vitamin shoppe has a store brand powder (at double the price of amazon) as well as the pill form.

  42. I know I’m very late on this..but I have some personal experience with healing UTIs naturally.
    The first time I got a UTI, I went to the clinic and the doctor basically told me I had a UTI because I was having un-sanitary sex, he prescribed me some antibiotics and pain medication. It went away fairly quickly but it was a painful process. A few months later, it came back. This time, I decided to take things into my own hands. I researched a ton, and decided to try an herbal supplement called Uva Ursi. I found it at my local natural grocery store. I also heard that Parsley tea helps flush out the UTI, so I bought some ORGANIC Parsley as well. I took the recommended amount of Uva Ursi per day, and drank Parsley tea throughout the day. My UTI was gone within 3 days, much less painful process than the antibiotics and meds, and most importantly, it HAS NOT came back..This was 2.5 years ago. From now on I will be taking health matters into my own hands and not trusting some doctor that only sees a dollar sign on my forehead.

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  44. I’m not sure what “the 30th potency” is. I picked up some Sarsparilla root (the description fit my symptoms to a t) but they are in 425 mg capsules. How many should I be taking?

  45. i believe you are confusing herbalism or botanicals with homeopathy. you purchased sarsaparilla as an herb and its ability to deal with a UTI is not as great as when it is made homeopathically. you want Sarsaparilla 30c or 30x. the way you know that it is a homeopathic remedy is the number after the name. it does not relate to milligrams. instead, it indicates the number of times it has been diluted. i suggest that you ask the health food store attendant to help you find it in the homeopathy section.
    should you be interested in learning more about homeopathy, feel free to visit my website for lots of free information on its efficacy and how it is used.
    best of health to you!


  47. I just got told by tricare..who only gave me 6 anti biotic pills for possible urethra stenosis..(I have all the symptoms of bladder or UTI..yet according to tricare (over last 3 years..I get one about once a year) urine tests arent saying a lot..Unless the situation is full blown and out of control..they really dont want to be bothered. ANYWAY..was more anti bionics for my situation..Im being forced to do a cystoscope ..and possible streaching of the urethra. TOLD the jerk today..Had that done back in the 80s..stretched my urethra w/o telling me or asking me..and that scope of that area..was painful as well. Military fools dont sedate you..or put you out…Last but not least..because Im post menopausal, have hot flashes..this fool offered up a bunch of anti depressants and/or more blood pressure pills to help with my hot flashes..but refused anymore anti biotics ..I couldnt believe it! Dont mind having you zoned out on all kinds of high dose anti depressants..but lord have mercy..DONT expect any more than a few if any anti biotics for UTIs/Bladder infections, or anything else..STUPID!

  48. Maybe someone can offer some advice. I have had uti symptoms for over 2 years now but the culture never produces anything. I usually drink apple cider vinegar with baking soda 2x/day for 7 days which takes away the symptoms. But eventually they come back again.

    I get lower abdominal pain, terrible low back pain, and I pee like a race horse all day and night! The worst of it all though is the insomnia. When my bladder is flared I sleep for a few hours and wake up and cannot for the life of me go back to sleep. I am a walking zombie every-day with horrendous back pain.

    My x-rays and ultrasounds always come back normal. I’ve been to urologists, gyno’s, and my doctor too many times to count-with no answers and no help.
    I feel so depressed and sad and sick… is torture getting through another day like this.

    I read that 30% of bladder infections go undetected because the bacterial colony count is lower then what they look for in the tests. Then they say you are negative even though there is small colonies of bacteria. It needs a special test called the broth method done-which is not available in Canada and only one lab that I know of in the US does it.

    I have tried garlic, Uva Ursi, sea salt, Goldenseal. The only thing that brings relief is baking soda and ACV but now I’m wondering if it doesn’t cure it..maybe it only masks it but the infection is still there??

    Please please help me!

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  50. Sandy Lasoff Polentes via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 10:53 am

    D-mannose worked for my cat, too…it is fast and no side effects…I agree it is amazing!

  51. I did childcare for a doctor. Woke up with severe UTI. Doc took urine sample too work with her, called and told me I had it bad. In the meantime I was drinking LOTS of cranberry juice. At lunchtime she took another sample and I was almost back to normal. Fastest cure I’ve ever found.

  52. I have not used antibiotics for so long now to treat any type of UTI. I only use D-Mannose from Solaray. Take about 3-4 pills a day with plenty of water. It works super fast and it is super effective in treating UTI’s completely. My father even used it after treating a serious bladder infection with antibiotics and the infection still not subsiding. The D-Mannose was the only thing that finally got rid of it for him.

  53. Emily Soufette via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 11:41 am

    I’m a frequent UTI sufferer – prevention is the key. High end probiotic and 8 oz home brewed kombucha daily, and I almost never have to deal with them anymore.

  54. Cindy Gonzales via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    Haha! Sanja Biondic- You may be excused from the discussion and head to the doctors office. Have a nice day!

  55. Belle Miller via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Sanja a lot of these remedies aren’t homeopathic. Homeopathy is a very specific form of remedy. Just because these aren’t antibiotics doesn’t mean they’re homeopathic.

  56. Kay Goff Haag via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    I woke up with a horrible UTI on a Saturday morning about 2 months ago. Not knowing what to do I simply reached for what I consider a “cure all” around my house – Master Tonic (got the recipe from the HHE websight). I simply took about 1oz every couple hours and drank lots of water. It was gone by the end of the day! I keep this stuff made up at all times at my house.

  57. Leah Barkhuff via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    I used young living essential oils, took silver and doubled my normal probiotic intake. The 1st day I also tried to drink some baking soda water but that didn’t go down so well. Its also important to drink lots of water even though it hurts to go!

  58. Fran Atkinson via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Prevention in the future… My mom suffered with them for years but when we made a change to cotton undies and showered every day using a shower wand and drinking more water , she never got another one. They were caused by bacterial infections. No tub baths, no bubble baths.

  59. Barbara Bobbie Walker via Facebook March 21, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    These are all band aids. Except for Fran Atkinson. I don’t get a bladder infection. Prevention is the key. Need to get to the cause before you can really effect a cure. I wouldn’t take the advice of the people who get them all the time. It’s pretty clear that they’re not doing it right.

  60. Marcia Miller via Facebook March 22, 2014 at 2:34 am

    I trust pure water and aloe vera juice….half and half….1 eight to ten oz glass every 1 hour. I whipped a kidney infection that way.

  61. Amber McDermid via Facebook March 22, 2014 at 8:07 am

    I have read that it’s D-Mannose + cranberry extract that does the trick. Dr. Mercola has an article on this issue.


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