Gardasil Shocker: Japan Withdraws Support for HPV Vaccine

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ministry of healthJapan suffers from one of the lowest fertility rates in the world – 1.39 (2011)  – well below 2.1 population replacement level. This combined with a rapidly aging populace has become such a worry for the government that women are actually now being paid to have babies.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a Japanese program that pays new parents $3,300 per year for every new child until age 15, along with offering less direct incentives, like state-supported daycare and tuition waivers, was implemented in 2009.

The result?  The fertility rate barely budged.

With cash offers for babies not yet working, Japan is being extremely cautious in implementing any long term health initiatives which affect women’s reproductive organs.

On June 14, 2013, Japan’s health ministry raised eyebrows around the world by deciding to formally withdraw its recommendation for HPV vaccination (Gardasil, Cervarix) to protect girls against cervical cancer.

The reason? Hundreds of complaints from Japanese citizens about possible side effects such as long-term pain, numbness and even paralysis.

In an attempt to avoid completely alienating the World Health Organization, which recommends the HPV vaccine used by many developed nations, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare insisted that it is not suspending the use of the vaccine, but simply instructed local Japanese governments not to promote it until more study is conducted on its safety.

Mariko Momoi, vice president of the International University of Health and Welfare, who headed the task force on the matter said:

“The decision (not to recommend the vaccination) does not mean that the vaccine itself is problematic from the viewpoint of safety. By implementing investigations, we want to offer information that can make the people feel more at ease.”

Blah, blah, blah.  The best government-speak in the world doesn’t drown out this message which is LOUD and clear.  The Japanese health ministry doesn’t trust the HPV vaccines Gardasil or Cervarix.

It is important to note that it is rare for the Japanese health ministry to withdraw a recommendation for a vaccine that is used regularly by local governments and is spelled out as part of revisions to the Preventative Vaccination Law approved in April 2013.

hpv vaccine incidentsThe cervical cancer vaccine is still available to girls for free under subsidies provided by the law although medical institutions must now inform them beforehand that the ministry does not recommend it.

So far, an estimated 3.28 million people have received the vaccination in Japan alone. However, 1,968 cases of possible side effects, including body pain, have been reported.  Side effects in the United States are shown in the chart to the right, courtesy of

The ministry’s task force discussed 43 of the 1,968 adverse cases in Japan. Based on its analysis into the matter, the task force concluded that the ministry should withdraw its recommendation until it can offer appropriate information about what caused the sometimes debilitating side effects.

The ministry’s investigation is expected to take several months.  At that time, a decision will be rendered whether to reinstate recommendation for HPV vaccination or continue to withhold it.

Mika Matsufuji, head of a group of parents who say their children have suffered side effects from the cervical cancer vaccine, said:

“We welcome the decision not to recommend the vaccination even though it is a small step. Parents can decide whether their children should receive the vaccination or not.”

Japan Bucks the Vaccination Trend Once Again

This is not the first time Japan has bucked the trend toward more vaccinations.

In 1975, Japan eliminated all vaccines for children under the age of 2.   The country’s infant mortality rate subsequently plummeted to the lowest level in the world.  Japan changed its infant vaccination schedule again in 1995, but it remains one of the least aggressive in the world with Japan’s infant mortality rate (IMR) remaining low as well (third in 2009).  The United States ranks 34th.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist


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Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor


Comments (91)

  • Caron

    Thank you for a great article. Japan has undertaken their fact finding mission and have still not reinstated the HPV vaccine to the schedule – it is still not recommended by the Japanese government and health authorities. Also, are you aware that the French government have funded a public debate in Paris on 22 May 2014, where scientists from around the world will discuss their concerns and evidence relating to the safety (or lack of) of the HPV vaccines? This is on the back of over 50 lawsuits currently filed in the French courts – one for manslaughter!

    This public debate, open to the press and public, is groundbreaking in the world of vaccines, and yet I wonder how much press coverage it gets in the US and UK, where governments have a paranoid fear of any vaccine related negativity upseting the rest of the vaccination programme. I wonder how many girls have to suffer serious adverse effects before the US and UK governments act – is there a magic number that will tip the balance of opinion amongst politicians and health bods?

    My daughter has been ill for three and half years since having the HPV vaccine in the UK. It has robbed her of her teenage years, her education and possibly of a earning potential for life. I hope not, but the truth is that doctors just don’t know what to do with these teens that are having reactions to the HPV vaccines. Babies and young children can’t vocalise their pain and symptoms after suffering vaccination injuries, but a young teen is able to explain exactly how they are feeling and what symptoms they have and it’s baffling doctors. Subsequently many HPV vaccine injured teens are being fobbed off with a mental health diagnosis – is anyone looking at mental health stats in this age group since the introduction of the HPV vaccination?

    This was our experience, My daughter’s paediatrician tried for two years to get us to accept a referral to a psychiatrist and the only ‘treatment’ she was offered for the implosion of her health was to see a psychologist once a month. Over a dozen doctors failed to recognise autonomic dysfunction – we had to do the research and find a knowledgeable specialist, which wasn’t easy because there are so few of them around.

    I dread to think what would have happened to my daughter had we not refused to accept a mental health referral, she would quite possibly be on strong and dangerous psychiatric drugs, that she didn’t even need.

    I have subsequently pretty much lost faith in our health system, and after spending 3 long years researching the HPV vaccine, I now know that consenting to this vaccine for my daughter was absolutely the worst thing I could have done, and if I had had the facts at the time, I would have refused it for her. I consider my mistake in trusting the information given to us and giving my consent without doing my own research, to be my single greatest failing as a mother and I live with that guilt everyday.

    May 21st, 2014 5:25 am Reply
  • Bryn

    Big Pharma has so much undue influence over policy making that this is a rare victory. However, in oterh parts of the world these HPV vaccines are being promoted to boys and men as well. Isn’t it insanity to even consider such a thing.

    May 13th, 2014 2:14 am Reply
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  • Jacksonville ob gyn doctors

    In recent weeks, it has come to my attention that a great many women are still confused
    about the interactions between their thyroid hormone and their female hormone balance.
    You may also be offered condoms (male and female) or a trial prescription
    of birth control pills. The fact that Cambridge University
    had no separate facility for obstetrics and gynecology did not deter them from doing it but this
    involved competing for funds with other research activities.

    April 16th, 2014 8:03 am Reply
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  • Laevern

    hpv vaccines

    an acquired immunity is seen and documented
    then a vaccine is made

    no evidence of making an acquired immunity has been proven

    acquired immunity to develop the ability to not get that disease again

    hpv are wart related/ horses has 100 of years research that the hpv infection in a horse is killed or removed/ grounds around the horse are sterilize/ because the horse can pick it up again//where did the doctors go that know what they are doing,,hpv infects are removed or killed you can always pick up hpv again



    Those that solve these issues ,,,well somethinterroristic

    CHECK OUT ” laevern gardasil ” going back too 2008

    MERCK skipped the legal thing,, at this year that is not discused 2009 it was

    also gadasil was pushed???if a criminal said that ” it was pushed”
    comunication is blurred HPV vaccines were going under the rug
    and who was pushing “icould tell KNew this was goinmg under the rug”

    this is worse “as those who want to hurt you are coming to you with trust in their pocket”
    the biggest threat
    no joke

    October 29th, 2013 11:22 pm Reply
    • laevern

      Merck or pusher of HPV Vaccines

      cannot be protected by government law

      HPV Vaccines are not supported by vaccine science

      in the past Merck “”VIOXX was pushed and history of heart association in court the testing of the drug VIOXX backed the people and the drug was pulled of the market””

      Merck was doing some studing and has a history of puting putting drugs on the market that in court Merck lost its case that Vioxx should never been on the market

      Gardasil skipped that testing to make legal

      the courts use that..

      no acquired immunity history horses man

      supreme high court the court was really a sham

      the terrorist was in court for punishment ,,,’/]

      October 29th, 2013 11:30 pm Reply
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  • Sarah

    I worked at a pharma company which manufactures vaccines, for 12 years. I can tell you with 100% certainty that vaccines are NOT tested and NOT proven safe and effective before they go to the general public. “In October 1986, the U.S. Congress responded to the precarious situation in the vaccine market by passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). The act included a number of regulations related to informed consent and adverse event reporting.” What this source does NOT tell us is that the legislation effectively removes any and all liability for vaccine damages from pharmaceutical companies and puts the burden on American taxpayers. “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) established this system, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), in 1988. NVICP is funded by a tax of $0.75 per vaccine dose, collected from vaccine manufacturers by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The NVICP does not cover all vaccines; however, vaccines routinely given to children as part of the recommended immunization schedule are included, and some adult vaccines are covered as well.” “The VICP has, in the past, awarded compensation to children who suffered a brain inflammation/encephalopathy after receiving DPT or DTaP vaccine and suffered permanent brain damage, including autism. It is known that awards for vaccine injuries resulting in a total health outcome of autism have been made as recently as 2010 and 2012. These awards were generally based on a primary injury like brain encephalopathy that may have led to a secondary condition such as autism.”

    Everyone posting here, saying that there is no factual data to prove that vaccines cause brain damage, you haven’t done your research. Japan is not the only country questioning the HPV vaccine. In Australia, a *healthy* young woman (16 years old) went into early menopause, and it was published in the British Medical Journal in 2012. Now a NEW study (2013 – at this link – has been published. The conclusion of this study? “We documented here the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. The increasing number of similar reports of post HPV vaccine-linked autoimmunity and the uncertainty of long-term clinical benefits of HPV vaccination are a matter of public health that warrants further rigorous inquiry.” This is not NOTHING. These are factually documented and PUBLISHED medical cases. Who knows how many cases have gone unreported and undocumented? If you feel like you have a grasp of what these vaccines are doing to our children, and you still feel comfortable giving them to your children, then you are VERY uneducated about it. Educate BEFORE you vaccinate. The media is owned by these pharma companies, and so of COURSE the coverage of these issues is not see at ALL in the media. That doesn’t mean that these things don’t happen. Critical thinking! Please! Use your brains! – government website

    September 14th, 2013 9:54 am Reply
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  • molly

    according to the cia website:
    the US is 174 and Japan is 223 in infant mortality rates

    August 22nd, 2013 8:09 am Reply
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    sunday football games 2012

    August 18th, 2013 5:09 pm Reply
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  • j

    I love that sarah wrote this article…

    zara in ancient Hebrew is translated to seed of life….

    keep it up zarah….

    July 8th, 2013 3:37 pm Reply
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  • laevern

    drugs, every new influence

    view of the peoples, people are not as equal in opinions

    or statements are less likely heard


    comunication failure is one…….

    how much this terrorist old world ,black market ticket, as an american
    all the trimings,, they made their money

    understands knows how too pull this off….

    influencing much of

    ‘we the peoples responces’ in this current day

    it understood strengths to use as well

    Ect Ect Ect

    June 25th, 2013 9:15 pm Reply
  • kushibo

    “Blah, blah, blah. The best government-speak in the world doesn’t drown out this message which is LOUD and clear. The Japanese health ministry doesn’t trust the HPV vaccines Gardasil or Cervarix.”

    No. If you know anything about Japan, you would know that the country’s governing groups quite easily cave in to loud voices for fear that they may represent powerful (and monied) interests that can cause them or their party to lose elections. This is, in fact, a major reason for Japan’s economic and political paralysis.

    They ended the mandatory aspect to appease these loud groups. If they really didn’t trust the vaccines, they would have put an end to it.

    June 25th, 2013 7:49 am Reply
  • Beth

    Right on the heels of your post, the Gardasil proponents are fighting back hard in this network news report claiming how effective it is.

    June 20th, 2013 11:24 pm Reply
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  • Derek Henry

    Kudos to Japan for standing up and stating a well known fact in the ‘inner circles’….vaccines are extremely dangerous, are largely ineffective, and are really just part of an awesome business model for BP. Customers at birth, all the way through to death, that are pretty much forced to comply and buy into their ‘medicine’? Good deal…if you have no conscience. And vaccines don’t ’cause’ autism…they just facilitate a possible reaction that can be labelled as autism. Mercury and other toxins introduced into an already ‘toxic’ environment of many infants equals something being manifested, whether it’s autism or something else. You don’t need a vaccine to trigger it…but it helps.

    June 18th, 2013 4:14 pm Reply
  • Adam

    Read the HPV vaccine monograph.

    You can be sure that this product will impair fertility, this is a weasel clause so you cannot sue. Japan knows damn well this is a massive sterilization campaign, and that their population is decreasing so fast that this would make them extinct in a century.

    I do wish these eugenics population control types would target less awesome people, Japanese people are smart as hell, make great cars, and their women are beautiful.

    June 18th, 2013 2:21 pm Reply
  • Helen T

    Doctors are killers now. The doctor put my niece’s premie back on the GMO formula (when I convinced her to change it to organic). Now the baby is going to get the shots. I previously have said something, but insults rain down on me because I’m not in medicine and I get the info off the ‘unreliable’ net.

    What’s with the medical system – are they indoctrinated? Are they corrupt? Don’t they notice the bad drugs, bad health?

    June 18th, 2013 1:45 pm Reply
  • Dianne

    Here’s an excerpt from today’s report from Benjamin Fulford: In Japan, as well, another blow has been dealt against the cabal. Last week Japan’s Health and Welfare Ministry announced it was no longer going to administer HPV vaccines after they were found to be ineffective at preventing cervical cancer. What the Japanese news reports failed to mention is that investigators found evidence the vaccine was being used to sterilize women and that criminal charges were being prepared against Japan Medical Association and pharmaceutical company executives. This trail will lead to the World Health Organization and from there to the population reduction efforts of the eugenicist families like the Rockefellers and Bushes. Translation: they will be facing provable criminal charges of mass murder. I would call these people scum except that I would not want to insult, by association, the colonies of bacteria that inhabit the rims of toilet bowls.

    June 17th, 2013 10:59 pm Reply
    • Kathy

      You can add Bill and Medlinda Gates to that Population Control crowd.

      June 18th, 2013 12:03 pm Reply
  • Kim

    Has anyone found anything that’s supports this article? I can only find similar information on anti vaccine sites. I would like to base my health decisions on factual science but cannot find any to support the information here.

    June 17th, 2013 10:11 pm Reply
  • Lisa Griffiths via Facebook

    Another good question, thanks Tamra!

    June 17th, 2013 9:15 pm Reply
  • Louise Kuo Habakus

    In 2006, the FDA approved the Gardasil HPV vaccine in just six months through its “fast track” process designed for life-threatening conditions and to treat terminally-ill patients. Just weeks later, the CDC recommended it for universal use for all girls ages 9 to 11, and it was extended to include boys several years later. This was unprecedented. Most vaccines take three years for approval and five to ten years for universal acceptance. Although cervical cancer is not a disease that affects children, although you cannot “catch” cervical cancer by sitting next to someone at school, and although the vaccine was tested on older girls and women and was never intended for young children, Merck pushed to add HPV to the sixth grade platform of shots. This provided a huge, ready-made market and a quick way to recoup R&D expenses. Within just a few months, there was pending legislation to mandate Gardasil in over 20 states. Today it is mandated as a condition of school admission in VA. Forty-one states and DC have introduced legislation to require the vaccine, fund, or educate the public about the HPV vaccine.

    We now have seven years of clinical experience and independent research, which raise grave questions about long-term health outcomes following HPV vaccination, and the wisdom of universal HPV vaccination policy for sixth grade girls and boys. There is ample evidence to suggest that Gardasil is a product of profit-driven medicine and may be harming girls and women. Independent researchers have published peer-reviewed studies reflecting grave concerns about Gardasil safety. This includes the immunologist Charlotte Haug’s editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine. We know:

    1. A pap smear is the only proven method for cervical cancer prevention. The vaccine is neither safer nor more effective than pap smears for preventing cervical cancer.

    2. There is no data that the vaccine remains effective beyond five years. For 9 to 11 year old girls, this means protection may no longer exist precisely at the point many are becoming sexually active. The vaccine may give a false sense of security, which leads to less compliance with pap screenings.

    3. HPV only targets 4 out of over 100 different HPV strains, and with serotype replacement, we may see the emergence of new oncogenic strains. Nature abhors a vacuum. Haug said: “How will the vaccine affect other oncogenic strains of HPV? If HPV-16 and HPV-18 are effectively suppressed, will there be selective pressure on the remaining strains of HPV? Other strains may emerge as significant oncogenic serotypes.”

    4. The CDC reports: “Most people with HPV never develop symptoms or health problems. Most HPV infections (90%) go away by themselves within two years.”

    5. Each of the three doses of Gardasil contains 225 mcg of aluminum. In clinical trials, Merck tested Gardasil against a placebo that contained the immunologically active aluminum adjuvant. The vaccine and aluminum placebo had similar rates of adverse effects, and much more than the saline placebo.

    6. Newly published research by Keele University shows that aluminum adjuvants in vaccines transfers to the brain. This is a major link in the association of aluminum containing vaccines and neurological disorders.

    7. As of 3/12/13, there were 133 deaths and 10,318 ER visits out of 29,362 adverse events reported following HPV vaccination in the US. The reported adverse events include severe neurological damage, strokes, blood clots, joint pain, pancreatitis, and autoimmune disorders.

    8. Gardasil litigation is proceeding slowly through the courts. Thus far, about half of the 200 cases have been adjudicated, with $6 million already awarded to 49 families.

    9. HPV vaccination may increase a woman’s chances of getting HPV. Merck disclosed to the FDA prior to approval: “If you have been exposed to HPV 16 or 18 prior to injection and take the vaccine, you increase your risk of precancerous lesions, or worse, by 44.6%.” No testing is done prior to vaccinating sixth grade girls with Gardasil.

    10. There is evidence that the vaccine may be associated with infertility. Gardasil contains polysorbate 80, which causes infertility in mice. The British Medical Journal published the following, as an example:

    11. Japan joins other countries also taking a careful look. Distribution of Gardasil has been halted in France, pending a government-initiated review of the risks and in India, where a controversy rages following the deaths of four girls and a plea has been made before the Supreme Court

    I hope you will encourage all your readers to participate in an open and transparent debate. In the Press Freedom Index, published by Reporters without Borders, the U.S. continues to fall in the rankings, from #17 in 2002 to #32 today. Let’s do what we can to reverse this slide. It starts with each of us, where we work and live.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Louise Kuo Habakus
    Lead editor, Vaccine Epidemic
    Executive Director, Center for Personal Rights

    June 17th, 2013 8:51 pm Reply
    • Kathy

      Bravo Louise! Very succinctly backed up with facts!

      June 18th, 2013 12:02 pm Reply
    • Stanley Fishman

      Louise, that was an amazing post, and so useful. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do!

      June 18th, 2013 3:38 pm Reply
    • Sheril C


      June 25th, 2013 2:08 pm Reply
  • Kim Russell via Facebook

    Were in to see docs (who we really do like) with our 11 yr old daughter for cough, was “offered” a new release of MMR (now suggested every 5 instead of 10 years), flu shot and gardisil. I said, “Not today”… for several reasons. #1 was I had her shot record with me and it said she was “good” for several more years on the MMR; Have never done the flu shot, either. They sent in the gal with the release form, anyway. I asked, “Who is this for?” she looked at me like I was an idiot, and said, “For her!” and I said, “No, it’s not!” She was already sick enough that a shot wasn’t going to go over too well. And I want to research more about why the MMR booster is now suggested at 5 years. May be a good reason, but need to know more before we accept more injections!

    June 17th, 2013 8:19 pm Reply
  • Kim Russell via Facebook

    As if you can “catch” the human papilloma virus at school.

    June 17th, 2013 7:19 pm Reply
  • Kim Russell via Facebook

    There is legislation in Oregon right now to take away the “religious” opt out for vaccinations to attend public schools.

    June 17th, 2013 7:18 pm Reply
  • Kim

    I couldn’t find anything about this announcement on Japan’s Ministry of Health website. I did find an article they posted about HPV adverse events but they only stated 102 “possible” serious adverse events. Can anyone help me find this information on Japan’s Ministry of Health website?

    June 17th, 2013 7:02 pm Reply
  • Mary Ann Tushar via Facebook

    This vaccine only “prevents” 4 types of disease – what about the hundreds of other types??? Do the research!!!!! Kudos for Japan!!!

    June 17th, 2013 5:46 pm Reply
  • Tamra Hoeppner via Facebook

    DANGEROUS!!! WHERE are the parents’ brains???

    June 17th, 2013 5:35 pm Reply
  • Joy

    Thanks for that information. I know I shuddered when it was announced that they were going to give girls in third world countries this vaccine free of charge through the generosity of some wonderful beneficent organization. I sometimes wonder what good hearted honorable doctors and they are out there, I so wonder what they think when the evidence is staring them in the face that vaccines are poison to young children and can not only disable them but kill them as well. While I applaud the Japanese government for politely refusing to endorse this particular vaccine, I am furious with them for the cover up of the continuing spewing of radiation world wide from Fukushima. This vaccination is the least of their worries about women’s reproductive issues. My God, the rates of thyroid cancer in children has doubled in the last two years. You can find all this evidence on Fukushima Diary website, in grafts and charts if you like. Tepco the company who owns the Fukushima plants and is in charge of the clean up of the three or is it four now meltdowns, is spreading the radiation all around Japan to avoid the blame of the many deaths to come. Yes instead of hiring people trained to get rid of radiation contamination, they chose a construction company because they were cheaper. These poor men did things like burn radioactive debris, putting out in the atmosphere again and dumping it into streams leading all over Japan. And we are not even talking about the amount of contaminated water from the plants which is making its way to the West Coast of the USA, with the heavier radiation this summer on the Japanese current. On Fukushima Diary, written by a young man who escaped a month after Fukushima exploded, he contends It is a death sentence to continue living there. He is currently in Romania, I believe, trying to set up a place for Japanese people to live. Many mothers of families who originally lived in Fukushima have taken their children out the area and moved as far away as possible because the children were ailing and yet the doctors there will not say it is the radiation and these women are criticized for breaking up families. You can go to the Nuclear Free Planet website and see the symposium they held in March where independent Doctors and scientists from around the world met for two days and discussed the true effect this world wide radiation has on all of us. Of course the US pretends it is nothing, but it is already in the food chain and will have dire effects on all of us. It takes forty days to circle the world and as a friend of mine bitterly said, ” Fukushima is a gift that just keeps giving” There are things you can take that may help wash the radiation out. Selenium, clay drinks, chlorella ( not from China, thanks) liposure vitamin C. You have to research this yourself. A year ago I think, Japan refused oranges from California, because the radiation in them was too high. Of course it was too high and it was Fukushima radiation. I laughed a bit at that one. I just got information how to add clay to my raw milk to soak up the radiation which is now in milk and milk products. Also how to make a clay bath to wash radiation from fruits and vegetables. I know last year Hawaiian dairy people sent an open letter saying they were feeding their cows and goats boron to get rid of the radiation. Sorry I am not good at cutting and pasting, but this information is all stuff you can look up for yourself, and you should. If I was living in Japan now, I sure as hell would never have children.

    June 17th, 2013 4:10 pm Reply
  • Tatsurou

    Japan’s fertility rates have nothing to do (by enlarge) with health-related issues but have *everything* to do with the culture and society. You have to be careful in what context you use that statistic.

    June 17th, 2013 3:41 pm Reply
    • Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist

      Having traveled extensively in Japan, yes, I realize that .. however, there is no doubt the Japanese Ministry of Health was concerned about the long term affect of the HPV vaccine on young women’s health. Not to do so would have been naive and short sighted on their part. Japan’s leaders think much more long term than Western leaders. The government is trying to encourage young women to have more children. What good are their efforts if they end up being thwarted with an unsafe vaccine that affects the reproductive and overall health of the nation’s young women in a negative way?

      June 17th, 2013 8:30 pm Reply
  • Kate Carney MacDonald via Facebook

    I agree…told my daughter’s doctor (who was pretty rude at my insistant ‘No’) that she could give it to her son first, and tell me how it works out. She was pretty upset…but she’s not thinking! Her son is 3 and I imagine she is ‘sure’ he won’t be promiscuous, like what– she thinks my 11 year old will be??!! Upshot: We switched doctors and no vaccine :) of course!

    June 17th, 2013 3:09 pm Reply
  • Karyn Montuori via Facebook

    Before you vaccinate your daughters with this, please read.

    June 17th, 2013 2:05 pm Reply
  • Anita Schatz via Facebook

    Anything to do with our reproductive systems is fast tracked to see what will happen. Years from now we’ll see another class action suit on TV suing this company.

    June 17th, 2013 1:41 pm Reply
  • Maria

    Just one correction… Gardasil is not a vaccine against cervical cancer. It is a vaccine against an STD. Word choice is important to fight propaganda!

    June 17th, 2013 1:36 pm Reply
  • Marybeth White Edgecomb via Facebook

    No way, José

    June 17th, 2013 1:04 pm Reply
  • DiAna Jumping-Mouse via Facebook


    June 17th, 2013 1:01 pm Reply
  • Laura Hayes

    Good article regarding many of the reasons to not vaccinate:

    Excellent, and very readable, books which disclose the truths about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines include:
    1. “What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy” by Cynthia Cournoyer
    2. “Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children” edited by Louise Habakus and Mary Holland

    Excellent movie is “The Greater Good.” The Greater Good website is also amazing and informative:

    Vaccines have been credit where credit is not due. This article, these books, and this movie present truths that you will not hear from the media, your doctor, the CDC, or Big Pharma…whose motives, tragically, are their wealth, not your health.

    Hesitate…and educate before you vaccinate. Your children are counting on you to first, do no harm. Once you allow them to be injected, you can’t retract what you allowed to enter. A cataclysm of events has been initiated whose results you will have to await. Each and every vaccine inflicts some level of damage, of that you can be sure.

    I only wish I had had access to the information provided above back in the early to mid-90s when I had children. I was never given any information regarding the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines…there was absolutely no informed consent…I was lied to and told they were safe and needed. I wish I had listened to my motherly instincts. I didn’t, and our children have suffered the consequences, one to the degree of catastrophic brain injury which has rendered him severely disabled and who will be dependent on others for his entire life. The doctors have given him the label of “autism.” That is not accurate. He suffered severe and devastating injuries from his “routine” childhood vaccines, and as such, he is “vaccine-injured.” The powers that be don’t want that label used lest the truth be disclosed, their house of cards demolished, and their profits undermined.

    Question consensus. Do your own research. Listen to your motherly instincts. Apply common-sense. Utilize vaccine exemptions. If that is too difficult to do in your state (e.g. W VA), move.

    June 17th, 2013 12:11 pm Reply
    • sara r.

      That was a really non-evidence-based article considering it’s on Forbes website. “the vaccine probably only causes blah blah”. Tell that to the parents who are convinced that their child was injured by the vaccine. To discount their opinion when they are the ones LIVING with their children, over the opinion of the government or companies who profit off of said vaccine, is just ridiculous. It’s common knowledge that it’s difficult to get a vaccine injury even reported; to pretend that it isn’t is just like putting your finger in your ears and saying “I can’t hear you!”

      June 17th, 2013 2:46 pm Reply
    • Sheril C

      That opinion piece was essentially worthless pandering. A person who speaks to those who want to agree with what he has to say and almost no reason for anyone who is really questioning to consider any of his points.

      June 25th, 2013 1:59 pm Reply
  • Lisa Griffiths via Facebook

    But I did just find this… ‘So far, 15,037 girls have reported adverse side effects from Gardasil alone to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (V.A.E.R.S.), and this number only reflects parents who underwent the hurdles required for reporting adverse reactions. At the time of writing, 44 girls are officially known to have died from these vaccines. The reported side effects include Guillian Barré Syndrome (paralysis lasting for years, or permanently – sometimes eventually causing suffocation), lupus, seizures, blood clots, and brain inflammation. Parents are usually not made aware of these risks.’ Not mainstream yet… but it should be.

    June 17th, 2013 10:44 am Reply
  • Cindy Pedraza via Facebook

    I think a lot of parents cross their fingers and hope it won’t be their child suffering from side affects. Then when something happens they say “Why didn’t anyone warn us?” Parents need to say they will do their research and get back to them. Plain and simple.This is your child’s life and you’re taking a gamble!

    June 17th, 2013 10:14 am Reply
  • Britni Wige via Facebook

    This vaccine was “fast tracked” and wasn’t fully tested before released to the public. I’m not anti-vaccine either but I am anti-Gardasil. It is absolutely a profit-driven. Check out For the Common Good. Very good documentary that does a great job showing both sides without being extreme with either end of the spectrum. YouTube it. They market this vaccine to teenage girls who are easily scared. HPV is completely curable, as long as you see your OB/GYN on a yearly basis. There is absolutely no reason for this vaccine other than to make money.

    June 17th, 2013 10:03 am Reply
  • Jenna Bolton via Facebook

    They tried to make it mandatory in Texas. Didn’t work. Thankfully Governor Perry listened to the outrage of the people and dropped it.

    June 17th, 2013 10:01 am Reply
  • Lisa Griffiths via Facebook

    Or you have to be able to read about all the adverse reactions in the media… Can’t see that happening much, can you?

    June 17th, 2013 10:00 am Reply
  • Jennifer Myers via Facebook

    No way will anyone vaccinate my kids with this.

    June 17th, 2013 9:57 am Reply
  • Charles Clark Peebles via Facebook

    Good question, Lisa, but you’ve got to pay attention to be outraged.

    June 17th, 2013 9:51 am Reply
  • Kim Russell via Facebook

    They are now offering this in US to girls and boys starting at 10 years of age. Not mine! Its generalized for population based on statistics of kids having sex at younger ages.
    So far, its still an “option”… What we need to watch out for is required vaccinations, and laws removing parents rights to opt out. I’m not against vaccines… My step dad and father in law both suffered long term effects from childhood polio. But Gardisil sure looks like a profit center for big Pharma with too many risks. We are not lining up for that one.

    June 17th, 2013 9:37 am Reply
    • itshome

      In California your child can consent to vaccinations such as the HPV vax without parental consent. Say goodbye to options freedom and rights. Your child is apparently now an adult!

      Minor Consent for STD Prevention Services
      Frequently Asked Questions about California Law

      “What does this law say?
      On January 1, 2012, a California law (known as AB 499 or Chapter 652, Statutes of 2011) expanded the legal
      authority of minors 12 years and older to consent to confidential medical services for the prevention of
      sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without their parents’ consent.
      The law permits adolescents age 12 through 17 years to consent to:
       Hepatitis B vaccination
       Human papillomavirus(HPV) vaccination
       HIV pre- and post- exposure medications
       Additional STD prevention services that may become available in the future.”

      June 20th, 2013 4:11 pm Reply
      • Angelmmh

        THIS is the reason why I started talking extensively with my kids about vaccinations by the time they were ten years old. They fully understand the dangers and why I say, “NO ONE sticks a needle in you without my permission. Let me investigate what’s in it first. Then we’ll decide.” My kids understand the reasons why kids have now been given the authority to make these choices for themselves in some states– kids can be talked into just about anything unless they have strong parents who have taught them to ask questions and stand up for themselves, even against adults, doctors included.

        Check out the legislative mess going on call the UNCRC(United Nations Conventions for the Rights of the Child) This vaccine craziness with kids being able to consent stems DIRECTION from UNCRC. Believe it. It’s all there in the legalese.

        June 23rd, 2013 9:33 am Reply
  • Lisa Griffiths via Facebook

    Where’s every else’s outrage?

    June 17th, 2013 9:27 am Reply
  • Beth

    Thanks for reporting this important news, Sarah. The information in the last paragraph packs a punch. I wonder what Japan’s Autism rates are by comparison. Do you happen to know? I also wonder if their young people are suffering significantly less auto-immune disorders as compared to the skyrocketing levels here.

    June 16th, 2013 10:02 pm Reply
    • Whit

      Vaccines DO NOT cause Autism!!!

      June 17th, 2013 12:25 pm Reply
      • Kathy

        umm yes they do.

        June 17th, 2013 2:29 pm Reply
        • Jane

          No, they don’t. My nephew is autistic. He’s never been vaccinated. Explain that.

          June 17th, 2013 3:35 pm Reply
          • MeCJ

            You should have your nephew get tested for LYME DISEASE only via the lab http://WWW.IGENEX.COM or google and join certain message boards and try to get hold of an LLMD (lyme literate medical doctor).

            June 18th, 2013 3:01 pm
          • Sheril C

            One very important point is that we all need to mature in our way of looking at such complex issues away from X causes or does not cause Z into a wiser understanding of the complexity of the human body and the things that can go wrong with it and the many ways it can be simultaneously affected by many different stimuli. If, in fact, the mercury in the vaccinations is a contributing factor to some or many cases of autism then that would make sense in light of the increased amount of mercury in the vaccination schedule in 1990 as it coincides with the increase in autism cases. This partial explanation of one possible contributing factor in no way creates a situation where a child must have been vaccinated in order to be autistic. Among the first 10 cases of autism ever documented (back in the first half of the 20th century) at least two of those cases were children whose father’s worked with mercury. It is possible that the children were exposed through contact with their fathers. However there are other possible explanations as well. We really need to stop behaving as if we must prove or disprove those theories that we feel emotionally upset over or just simply do not want to believe. All of us with loved ones with autism need each others support and help. None of us are in need of being belittled or shamed or yelled at by the internet public at large.

            June 25th, 2013 1:50 pm
          • Kaya

            Probably by toxins from his mother which include mercury, pesticides (medicine?) etc. (which she might have gotten from vaccines, mercury amalgam tooth fillings, toxic fish etc.)
            Tried changing his diet?

            July 17th, 2013 5:46 am
        • Rachel

          @ Beth, Whit, and Kathy: Both autoimmune disorders and Autism can be linked to gluten sensitivity. I’d encourage people who are affected by either of these to do more research on the subject. I don’t claim to fully understand all of it, but I do know enough to say that 1) vaccinations obviously don’t cause Autism in all children and aren’t the only factor involved, 2) at least 20% of Autistic individuals have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (from my experience, I’d say this is an extremely low estimate), which is related to a leaky gut, which most definitely is related to the immune system, and 3) Gluten Sensitivity is the #1 cause (if not the only KNOWN cause) of autoimmune disorders. For many individuals with either Autism or autoimmune disorders (as well as MANY other health issues) their problems are improved or even resolved after eliminating gluten from the diet. In addition, lab tests that have become available just in the last couple years have shown that these people almost always have to remove specific other foods from their diet as well, which are called “cross-reactors.” For example, at least 50% of gluten-sensitive individuals have a dairy sensitivity as well. It makes no difference whether the milk is raw or pasteurized, or from a cow, goat, or any another animal. For gluten sensitivity, it makes no difference whether the grain has been soaked, cooked, etc. It’s the protein found in those foods that the body is seeing as an invader. Even after the gut has been healed, these individuals should never again consume the offending foods. (Look up Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. David Clark, Dr. Vikki Peterson, or the blog for the latest info on this.)

          If the Japanese do have less cases of Autism or autoimmune disorders, I would not jump to conclusions and assume that it’s directly or exclusively related to their stance on this particular vaccine, or any other vaccine. It could very well be related, at least in part, to their lower consumption of gluten-containing foods.

          I’m not trying to pick an argument. I’m not saying I support vaccinations. There certainly is a significant risk associated with their use, particularly in the case of individuals with an already compromised immune system, as would be the case for children with a gluten sensitivity. According to our gluten sensitivity practitioner, whether or not your child would be able to handle the vaccinations can be determined (at least in part) by the Cyrex blood tests.

          In the program that my son is doing called Brain Balance, all the kids with various neurological disorders (including Autism, ADD/ADHD, Tourettes, Dyslexia, etc) are tested for Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. As far as I know, all of them have tested positive for this, and they all have cross-reactive foods they need to avoid. I’ve heard it said that you could make a strong case that Autism is a result of a gluten sensitivity, and that vaccinations only aggravate the symptoms, rather than causing Autism itself. I am not a scientist or doctor, so I can’t prove this. However, I’ve spent countless hours researching it and this is what I’ve learned so far. Again, I don’t mean to be off-topic or offensive.

          June 17th, 2013 8:37 pm Reply
          • Kathy

            Thanks for the very detailed response. You have surely done your homework. To the poster who stated their nephew has autism but no vaccinations I would ask…well what about the parents were they vaccinated ever? Unfortunately, I believe the effects of a parents prior vaccinations can carry over to their offspring. Has anyone run across studies that would support this theory?

            June 18th, 2013 10:25 am
      • Sheril C

        There is no conclusive proof to back up your assertion and much evidence to suggest the opposite. One very important point is that we all need to mature in our way of looking at such complex issues away from X causes or does not cause Z into a wiser understanding of the complexity of the human body and the things that can go wrong with it and the many ways it can be simultaneously affected by many different stimuli. If, in fact, the mercury in the vaccinations is a contributing factor to some or many cases of autism then that would make sense in light of the increased amount of mercury in the vaccination schedule in 1990 as it coincides with the increase in autism cases. If the assault on the immune system of the vaccinations is a contributing factor perhaps partially through the part of the immune system that resides in the gut and our societies apparent problem with gut problems than that would also makes sense and in no way mean that it is “the answer” and that it then disproves the possibility of a mercury connection.

        June 25th, 2013 1:46 pm Reply
        • Rachel

          Sheril, you are correct that mercury does appear to play a part in the whole picture relating to Autism, thus vaccinations that contain mercury would be implicated. I should have mentioned that in my comment. I just was pointing out that you cannot simply say that vaccinations alone cause Autism because (as others have already stated), there are cases of Autism in children who have not been vaccinated and there are millions of children who were vaccinated and did not end up with Autistic symptoms. With the research I’ve done lately, I simply cannot ignore the link between 1) gluten sensitivity (thus a compromised immune system), and 2) vaccinations, and 3) Autism (or any other neurological disorder such as ADD/ADHD).

          My post was not intended to be a “here the answer” kind of thing. It was just a “you cannot ignore this connection” kind of observation. How else do you explain why nearly all the Autistic children in the Brain Balance program have a gluten sensitivity and experience significant or even dramatic results when they remove gluten and other specific foods (based on the results of their blood tests) from their diet? Again, I don’t claim to fully understand it, but I do think it’s a phenomenon that cannot be ignored.

          June 26th, 2013 6:18 pm Reply
          • Sheril C

            Thank-you for your reply. I definitely agree that the gluten or gut connections many are drawing are important. I wish I had realized that sooner! My own experiencing trying to heal my gut are quite the journey! And I’ve even come to wonder just how much of a connection there might be between mercury damage as a factor and leaky gut as a factor, although I recognize that there might also be separate mechanisms related to those two issues in addition to possible related actions.

            June 27th, 2013 10:27 am
          • Sheril C

            I also want to mention that my previous “reply” was not directed at you, except one that said thank-you. I had two related replies that were for other people (people who had each put out a short but adamant message against believing that vaccines could have anything to do with causing autism, but neither showed up exactly under the posts that they had been intended for. eep. In fact, I’m not sure where the thank-you for you went either. :/

            June 27th, 2013 10:31 am
        • Rachel

          Sheril C: I wasn’t able to reply directly to your latest two comments, but perhaps you will receive this anyway. Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding. It’s frustrating when we cannot be assured that our comments end up in the correct spots!

          By the way, I believe your “Thank you” comment ended up being posted underneath a long post by Louise Kuo Habakus, who listed 11 things we know about the HPV vaccination.

          I did email our gluten sensitivity practitioner and asked him to share his views on the potential connection between vaccinations, gluten sensitivity, and Autism. I thought I’d post some of his reply here in case it helps clear up any inaccuracies in my previous comments. In addition to having a private practice, this practitioner/chiropractor is also the co-director of the Brain Balance center where my son just recently completed a three-month program. He works directly with parents of children with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other neurological disorders and helps them from a dietary standpoint. He also is continually receiving training from cutting-edge experts and researchers in the fields of nutrition, gluten sensitivity, neurological disorders, and more. He’s privy to information and research which has not yet even been published. Anyway, here is his reply to my questions:

          “From a rough estimate of [Brain Balance] children that have done the [Cyrex Laboratories] testing, approximately 95% of the children were sensitive to wheat or one of the proteones. Autism is not caused by gluten sensitivity. Children with autism have a right hemispheric weakness. Meaning they have a decreased ability to “turn down” the immune system, causing more allergies as a whole. What makes wheat so highly sensitive for everybody is 1) the Hybridization of the wheat product that was done in the 70’s and 80’s. 2)The process of deamination of the gliadin and 3)increase of intestinal permeability “leaky gut”. Couple this with a child with right brain hemispheric weakness and you get a high probability of gluten sensitivity with children of autism.

          As with vaccinations and ADHD, one could not say that vaccination causes ADHD. We know that the cause of children with neurobehavioral disorders is more Epigenetic. This means that there is an environmental influence. Probably not one but, several; Foods, pesticides and herbicides, technology, medicines, vaccines, health of the gut of the mother during gestation period and environmental toxins.
          I hope this helps.”

          With all due respect, it is disturbing to me that some of Sarah’s comments on her blog have indicated her viewpoint that “wheat is not the problem.” While her blog is very useful and helpful to many who are seeking a more healthy lifestyle, it is unfortunate that she is spreading this false information regarding gluten. Wheat IS the problem for many people and it is a lifetime problem that does not go away unless the offending foods are permanently removed from the diet. They used to think that if you followed a strict diet, such as GAPS, for a year or two, you’d heal your gut to the point of being able to once again tolerate those foods. However, researchers now know that this is not the case. Even when/if you completely heal your gut, as soon as you begin to eat those foods again, the internal inflammation will begin anew because your body has developed antibodies against certain proteins. It makes no difference whether the grains have been soaked, sprouted, etc. Those proteins will still cause an immune response, which can in turn lead to autoimmune disease and other chronic health issues.

          June 28th, 2013 3:54 am Reply
          • Sheril C

            Rachel, I hope you see this one too. 😉
            I really appreciate you sharing this response you got. It very much fits with what I’ve been telling my kids for years; I believe that we are very complex and that there are likely to be several contributing factors, maybe many!

            July 3rd, 2013 6:26 pm
      • NANCY


        September 6th, 2013 4:11 pm Reply

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