garlic bread recipe

I view bread thusly:  it is the ideal vehicle for getting loads of healthy fats into your children quickly, easily and with no fuss!

We don’t eat a lot of bread in our home, about two loaves per week for a family of five. But, when bread is served, it is loaded with healthy fats to the point where the calories in the bread are far exceeded by the healthy fats it is topped with!

sprouts and squash casseroleHaving transitioned my family to a Traditional Diet after being on the GAPS diet, I am always trying creative, colorful and mouthwatering vegetable combinations. The sprouts and squash casserole recipe below was born from the desire to present Brussels Sprouts in a way in which our younger children would enjoy them.

Brussels sprouts are not a favorite vegetable with my younger children,

bone marrow on a plate

Bone marrow was an important sacred food for the preindustrialized Indian cultures living in the Rocky Mountain range far into the Canadian North during the early 1900’s.

Dr. Weston A . Price studied these cultures firsthand and documented in his masterpiece Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that bone marrow was provided as a special dietary ration for growing children and also served as a substitute for milk when necessary.

sweet potato hummusSweet potato hummus is Real Food that fits the budget!

I first met Arabella Forge, author of the sensational book Frugavore, at the 2004 Wise Traditions Conference. We immediately hit it off as my husband is also from her hometown of Melbourne Australia, and I have visited that beautiful city on several occasions.

liver pate on a cutting boardLiver and liver pate is one food that folks sometimes hesitate to incorporate into their kitchen routine even after making most of the changes required to transition back to the wise ways of Traditional Cooking.

Not all liver tastes the same, though, and just because one type of liver doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean that you will dislike them all.  

Love french fries?   Who doesn’t?   Here’s a way to make healthy french fries at home the old fashioned way where you can enjoy them and not feel like your arteries are clogging with each bite like you would feel if you ate them in a restaurant!

healthy french fries on the tableIf you take the time to make healthy french fries,

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