childbirth and pregnancy mythsEditor’s note: Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural, has been rocking the natural world with her awesome online birth classesWith humor and hard work, Genevieve is helping change the culture of childbirth in our country.

Now Genevieve is taking her mission to the next level with a beautiful new book that is out this month,

swaddling a babyI remember very vividly the first (and second) times I used swaddling to help my firstborn take naps during the day. He was a few months old at the time, and while he slept very well at night (usually straight through), during the day was another story. Wide awake at 6 am, he hardly nodded off until early evening,

vitamin k shot declined in hospitalIf you decide to have your baby in a hospital setting, you had better be ready for some confrontation if you try to do things naturally. A simple decision such as choosing to use natural vitamin K1 drops administered orally to your baby instead of the synthetic vitamin K shot can get you read the riot act.

oral vitamin K administrationIt is heartening to see so many new parents starting to question the hospital standard of care for newborns. This trend is why many are now demanding (safe) oral vitamin K as an alternative to the routine and immediate jab of (toxic and synthetic) vitamin K within minutes of birth.

Why is Supplemental Vitamin K Needed for Newborns?

zika false alarm When the media first whipped the public into a froth about the Zika virus and its supposed triggering of microcephalic (small headed) babies in 2015, I was immediately skeptical of the entire story along with many of my friends and colleagues in the field of alternative health.

Major media, after all, doesn’t exactly have a solid reputation for covering epidemics accurately and objectively.

parental bullying

Parents who embrace a nontoxic, natural living lifestyle be warned …

At some point during the raising of your children, there is a high likelihood that you will be the target of bullying by someone within or associated with the conventional medical establishment.

The inexcusable level of frustration of some healthcare workers,

peptides or gelatinMothers who are unable to breastfeed or procure a sufficient quantity of quality donor milk to feed their babies are increasingly turning to a homemade baby formula recipe made with whole, unprocessed ingredients to fill in the gap.

This is because a growing body of research suggests that commercial formula is not only bad for babies,

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