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  • chicken feet in a stockpotEating “nose to tail” is becoming all the rage these days. This is in contrast to what modern people are told to fear or throw away – skin, fat, bones and organ meats. But when you decide to go down a traditional foods path, how do chicken feet fit into the mix?

  • how to roast gooseGoose is a wonderful option to run-of-the-mill chicken for a celebratory dinner. The taste and texture is somewhere between turkey and duck. Since our family always eats pastured turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, we like to enjoy a different type of fowl for Christmas just to mix things up. This year, it was time for roast goose once again!

  • chicken fat, schmaltzA recurring theme on this blog is the critical importance of utilizing Traditional Fats for cooking. Avoiding industrialized factory fats that are rancid from processing and devoid of nutrients is critical to long term health. These frankenfats include margarine, spreads and vegetable oils.

    The type of fats used for cooking can literally make or break your health.

  • healthy fatsWhen folks ask me for advice on how to change their diet for the better, I tell them that the quickest way to improve their health and just feel amazingly better in general (like, feel better tomorrow – that’s how fast this works) is to get the right healthy fats into their diet and the wrong (factory) fats out. 

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