743,000 Gardasil Shots Recalled Due to Glass Contamination

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CBS News
quietly reported this week that Merck, the 50 billion dollar pharmaceutical company and vaccine manufacturer, has voluntarily recalled 743,000 Gardasil shots for contamination with glass particles.

The vials were shipped between August 20 and October 9, 2013 and can be identified by lot number J007354.

The Drug Recall Attorneys Blog is reporting that given that some of the shipments went out months ago, it is likely that some patients have already received the contaminated shots that contained glass particles so small they fit through the eye of a needle.

Merck contends the contamination likely occurred when “something broke” during the manufacturing process and is not the result of foul play.

Lest anyone think that a tiny piece of glass is no big deal and can do no harm, consider how glass that is almost visually imperceptible can lodge in the bottom of your foot, break the skin, and cause bleeding and severe pain.

Imagine what a glass shard let loose internally can do?

In fact, cases of serious injury from the contaminated shots have already been reported. Gardasil attorneys at Pintas & Mullins are currently reviewing cases of serious injury caused by broken glass in vaccine vials.

You can be sure that the reported injuries are why Merck was forced to “voluntarily” recall the tainted shipments.

If no one had said anything or complained, would Merck have recalled a single shot?

Nah.  They have no motivation to keep things safe as Federal law gives vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution and anyone who actually gets injured gets paid by Uncle Sam not Big Pharma shareholders.

Unbelievable that “something” could break during the manufacturing process and Merck wouldn’t realize it until nearly 6 months later when patients injected with the contaminated shots reported serious injury?

Of course, no one can actually suggest this or even raise the question, can they … especially if such person happens to work for conventional media?

Even huge profile celebrity newspeople have to keep their mouths shut.  Consider how the enormously popular Katie Couric, whose ABC syndicated news show Katie was ranked #1 in 2012-2013, was recently canned after only 2 seasons not so coincidentally after she dared to invite people on to her show to tell their story about how they were damaged by the Gardasil vaccine.  Couric even clearly stated that she was pro-vaccine and had her own daughters vaccinated.

No matter. She was viciously skewered by the media, forced to apologize (for what anyway? Is vaccination a religion now for heaven’s sake?) and her daytime show summarily cancelled.

It seems that it’s not just those who consciously choose to not vaccinate who are getting attacked anymore.  Even those who choose to vaccinate but dare to question the safety of vaccines or to even listen to the stories of the vaccine damaged are under fire as well.

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