gram chickpea flourThe popularity of gluten free foods and gluten free flour for baking continues to rise. Chickpea flour, the result of grinding garbanzo beans, is one such flour that appeals not only to those who eat gluten free, but also those avoiding grains.

A July 2015 poll found that at least 1 in 5 Americans include gluten free foods in their diet. 

soy milk no benefitsLike many people, I got suckered onto the “soy is good for you” train back in the 1990’s. I drank soy milk nearly every day for several years thinking it was a healthy and nutritious alternative to processed dairy.

This favorable opinion of soy milk abruptly changed when I became pregnant with my first child in 1998.

childbirth and pregnancy mythsEditor’s note: Genevieve Howland, aka Mama Natural, has been rocking the natural world with her awesome online birth classesWith humor and hard work, Genevieve is helping change the culture of childbirth in our country.

Now Genevieve is taking her mission to the next level with a beautiful new book that is out this month,

sliced mangoOver Spring Break, my tween and a neighbor friend completed the online course Kids Cook Real Food. This amazingly thorough class was created by my friend Katie of Kitchen Stewardship. It recently opened back up for registrations on April 1 and will stay open through Labor Day.

These young gals very much enjoyed the experience and completed almost all 24 classes for the three modules: Beginner,

bottle of neem with pump sprayerSo you’ve figured out how to keep Monsanto out of your garden – permanently. Now you’re trying to get this organic gardening thing down, but having trouble ditching the pesticides and chemical fertilizers. If these two statements by and large describe your home cultivation efforts, you need to know about neem!

We tend to think that pesticides and herbicides are new to agriculture.

gluten free pizza crustIn my view, it pays to to know how to make pizza seven ways to Sunday. This is because pizza is such a popular food that chances are, your family will enjoy eating it frequently. Knowing how to make this foodie favorite with a variety of toppings and crusts varies the menu and nutrition with no loss in enjoyment.

canola oilCanola oil remains one the most popular fats today both at the healthfood store and the supermarket. It is also hands down the preferred cooking oil in the restaurant industry. It has maintained this popularity for nearly two decades.

High in beneficial omega-3 and “Mediterranean” monounsaturated fats, it appeals to those who have superficial knowledge of the importance of healthy fats in the diet.

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