vaccine aluminum adjuvants cause food allergiesThe low incidence of food allergies and other autoimmune disease in unvaccinated children versus skyrocketing rates for their vaccinated peers has been noted anecdotally by concerned parents for decades. Extensive research surveys of thousands of children have also documented the difference. Now, science is finally starting to explain why by examining one of the most controversial ingredients in vaccines today: aluminum adjuvants.

turkey brine and seasonings in a stockpotWith each passing year, more people seem to be making the effort to source pastured poultry over conventionally processed birds. Several folks in my neighborhood now raise Thanksgiving turkeys in their backyard! Such a cool trend, don’t you think? If eating pastured turkey is something you would like to try this holiday season, it is a good idea to plan to take the time to make traditional turkey brine and soak your bird before roasting.

organic furnitureI’ve written several articles in the past about the importance of sourcing a nontoxic mattress and healthy pillow to facilitate deep, sound sleep habits. But what about furniture? Most of us sit quite a bit and even sleep on the couch occasionally (you know, zonking out during a boring Netflix selection).

garlic natural antibioticAs problems with antibiotic resistance and fear of superbugs like MRSA increase, interest in the use of natural antibiotics for routine infections continues to skyrocket. Of all the dozen or so natural antibiotics, raw garlic tends to be the most popular for several reasons.

First, garlic is easy to obtain and widely available.

green tea powder benefits plus a warningAn ancient beverage made with green tea powder is rapidly making inroads within the coffee community. Called matcha in trendy circles, this new “it” beverage is made by sifting a small amount of specially made green tea powder into a cup and then whisking with hot water. Smaller amounts of water can be used to make stronger matcha shots.

girl vaxed with gardasilIt’s no secret that the majority of parents continue to opt out of the HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) for their children.

Trust in the HPV vaccines is extremely low due to pressing concerns about safety and effectiveness. Many medical doctors concur. A prominent MD in women’s health writes about how Gardasil is gutting rather than “guarding”

ginger tea health benefitsA catchy phrase in the health community is “you are what you eat“. This is not entirely true, however. The truth is that “you are what you digest“. If you are one of those people who seem to absorb nutrients very poorly with health improvements minimal despite an excellent diet,

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