which is the healthiest milk

Buying the healthiest milk for your family can seem like a daunting process with so many choices on the shelves of supermarkets and healthfood stores.

Not all milk is created equal, and there are definitely easy ways to identify which jug to grab so that you get the best quality to support your family’s health while still considering value for your food dollar.

breaded fish fingersFish fingers are generally considered junk food by parents seeking to feed their children a healthy diet. A little investigation of the commercial brands available at the supermarket quickly reveals why.

Typically fried in cheap, rancid, (genetically modified) GMO vegetable oils like soy or canola with a long, eyebrow raising list of ingredients filled with unpronounceable additives and fillers,

poop prescription

As a long-time health blogger, you can imagine that I get some pretty “out there” emails. Sometimes the emails are happy or funny, occasionally scary, and at other times very, very sad.

It just goes with the territory.

One of the most heart-rending emails that caught me off guard landed in my inbox last Spring.

fresh green edamame in the podEdamame can be found in some form or fashion on nearly every aisle of healthfood stores these days. Dry roasted, raw, steamed/chilled, or fresh edamame pods are featured in a variety of packages enticing shoppers into thinking this pleasant looking, sweet tasting bean can help them reach their health goals.

Even supermarkets and warehouses like Costco are cashing in on the edamame craze,

bottle of bitters with spoon

A modern resurgence of interest is underway with regard to the medicinal use of  bitters, a traditional and very effective way to obtain natural, nontoxic relief from nausea, bloating, heartburn and other digestive discomforts. No doubt the reason for the exploding interest in this traditional remedy is the epidemic of gastrointestinal disorders that has many people concerned about dependence on over the counter or prescription drugs to get through the day.

ramen soup in a bowl with chopsticksI’ve written before about how I ate packaged ramen noodle soup in college several times a week. Easy to prepare, filling, and cheap at only about 10 cents per serving, the attractive little packages represent the ultimate low budget food. Little did I know that the 20 pounds I gained my first year away from home likely stemmed from eating so many cheap carbs.

plastic and glass freezer containers

A recent article which outlined tips for successfully freezing milk and other dairy, especially when the milk is fresh from the farm or non-homogenized (cream top), triggered questions about what type of material is best for freezer containers.

Several very insightful comments from that article related to this concern got me rethinking my choice of plastic for freezer containers,

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