gas remedy for babiesFor those of you familiar with the various “nursing personalities”, my son was definitely the speed nurser (aka, “barracuda”), latching on like a little vacuum and suckling with all his might for about 10 minutes on each side until there was nary a drop left.

Because he was such a hungry little fella and nursed so quickly,

healthy soupsWhen the essential life decision to eat healthy is made, commercial soups are arguably some of the most important processed foods to leave permanently behind. Surprisingly, a simple switch to a line of healthy soups made with organic bone broth has been virtually impossible.

Whether the soup brand is purchased from the supermarket or the health food store,

paleo grain free granolaOne of the more popular articles on this site outlines the dangers of granola even if organic and low sugar. Granola or muesli made with rolled oats or other grains is not only very indigestible but potentially harming your long term gut health. Over time, frequent consumption may contribute to the development of autoimmune disease like allergies or worse.

Olea Estates
It’s time to announce the 3 winners of the Olea Estates Extra Virgin Olive Oil Giveaway!

Sorry for the lateness in announcing the winners. This blog was undergoing some technical upgrades in recent days and no new content could be published during that time. Thank you for your patience!

kids learning cooking skillsOne thing I contemplate regularly is how my children will fare in a world obsessed and overridden with calorie heavy, nutrient poor, industrialized franken foods once they leave home. In order to avoid these foods, basic cooking skills must be learned while still at home!

It’s certainly extremely important to source and prepare healthy meals for your family while your children are growing,

body type
The human body is like an automobile; given the right fuel (food and nutrients) along with proper care, handling and recovery it has the ability to perform like a finely tuned race car.  With abuse, disuse and improper nutrition it can very well find itself prematurely on route to the junkyard.

whey from yogurtWhey in its liquid and whole food form is the ideal starter for probiotic rich, health enhancing fermented foods and drinks.

Liquid whey is most easily and economically obtained from soured raw milk also called clabbered milk.

Clabbered milk is a very useful item for the traditionally minded cook and has the consistency and taste of drinkable style yogurt.

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