131 Children Vaccinated at Gunpoint in Malawi

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Vaccinate or Else!

Children from Malawi who fled with their families into nearby Mozambique to flee the mandatory measles vaccination campaign were injected at gunpoint last week.

The approximately 131 children are members of 2 Malawi churches whose religious beliefs question the use of vaccines.

Dr. Medison Matchaya, district health officer for Nsanje, the capital of Malawi, got word that some of these children were back in the country and requested police escort to forcibly vaccinate the children.

One can’t help but wonder whether the trauma of being injected at gunpoint is more harmful than the disease the vaccine is trying to prevent?

In addition to injecting children at gunpoint, Malawi also imprisons parents who refuse vaccines for their children.

Appolo Chitsonga, a member of the Seventh Day Apostolic faith which believes in prayer for healing rather than medications, was sentenced to 2 years in prison with hard labor for refusing the free measles vaccine for his 3 children.  Mr. Chitsonga is a senior member of his church and pleaded for leniency as he houses and cares for orphans.

If this Malawi madness seems too far away to warrant serious concern, consider that a similar type of forcible vaccination effort happened in Maryland a few years ago all in the name of maintaining “herd immunity” which does not even technically apply to the vaccinated population – only those who have acquired natural immunity!

Why Vaccinate at Gunpoint When You Can Do So Covertly Instead?

Apparently, trampling on fundamental human rights is how Western medicine “helps” the natives of third world countries (as well as those in supposedly “free” countries).    With vaccine nanotechnology not far on the horizon, however, vaccination by gunpoint will become unnecessary as it will be possible to vaccinate masses of people without their knowledge through ventilation systems and even personal care products.

Vaccination without knowledge or consent is the much cleaner and simpler way to go about things, don’t you think?  No wonder the Bill and Melinda Gates’ Foundation, proponents of worldwide mass vaccination efforts, is so actively pursuing vaccine nanotechnology in the philanthropic quest to control save mankind.

Ah, the benefits of technology.  It makes trampling on fundamental human rights so much the easier ….

What man has joined, nature is powerless to put asunder.”
– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 2


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Source:  The Malawi Voice, July 2011

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