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Debunking the Absurd Notion of Vitamin D in Mushrooms

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist July 29, 2014

vitamin d in mushrooms

By Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, CNS, LDN

The majority of the US population today, anywhere from 30% to 80%, are vitamin D deficient (1).

This is concerning because scientists have found that not only is it necessary for calcium absorption in order to build strong bones, but vitamin D plays a major role in many body processes such as brain development and plasticity, immunity and autoimmunity.

Vitamin D deficiency is strongly related to the development of diabetes, autism, psoriasis, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and cancer, even hypertension and psoriasis.

In addition, vitamin D helps to make cathelicidin which kills pathogens like tuberculosis in the body, herpes in the brain, and many others. In the research, colon cancer development is strongly linked to D3 deficiency (2).

Vitamin D has become a superhero.

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5 Reasons to Swim In Natural Waters (as Much as Possible)

by Melanie Christner, NTP, CHFS, CGP July 27, 2014

jumping into lake

by Melanie Christner, NTP, CHFS, CGP

After over two years of searching, we’ve done a happy cannonball into our new home in the Vermont mountains. Quite literally.

We just purchased the remodeled No. 6 school house in our little town. We even have the original carved schoolhouse sign from when it was first built in 1882!

Even better than the historical features (at least in the kids’ minds) are the ponds on the property, which channel the runoff of the mountain springs within the national forest around us… providing for a most excellent swimming hole.

“Swimming holes” are just what I want to talk about today. There’s something a bit magical about water, you know?

Besides the entertainment of salamanders, bullfrogs, and jumping trout – or shells, crabs, and sand castles, depending on your location – there are several key health benefits from contact with natural waters and in particular, swimming in them. Read more…


Beware of Ascorbic Acid: Synthetic Vitamin C

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 24, 2014

isolated ascorbic acid is not in fruitDid you know that ascorbic acid is actually a synthetic form of vitamin C?

If you are learning this for the first time, it can be a rather shocking realization as almost all vitamin C supplements on the market use ascorbic acid.

Even more disturbing – ascorbic acid is frequently marketed as natural vitamin C. Truly natural forms of vitamin C and synthetic ascorbic acid seem to be used interchangeably.

How confusing for the consumer!

Nearly all juices and fruit products are loaded up with ascorbic acid, even many organic, healthfood store versions. It seems that if a product is labeled “high in Vitamin C”, consumers buy more of it.

A lot of folks are being fooled by these misleading semantics and there is a growing body of evidence that those consuming high doses of ascorbic acid should have reason to worry.

Three Studies Suggest Caution with High Dose Ascorbic Acid

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How Argan Oil Benefits Health (Not Just for Hair and Skin!)

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 15, 2014
Argan oil benefits

Argan tree plantation

While argan oil benefits are becoming more well known in recent years due to its use as a cosmetic aid for shiny hair and lustrous skin, the historical use of argan oil in Northern African cultures is actually as a food.

In particular, argan oil is a pleasing accompaniment to most any raw or lightly grilled dishes.

Argan oil is produced from the fruit kernels of the “Argania Spinosa” or Argan tree, endemic to the Northern African country of Morocco.

Rich with antioxidant phytochemicals and essential fatty acids, argan oil benefits to health are well known and valued by local cultures and becoming widely acknowledged worldwide.

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Macrobiotic Diet and Extreme Vitamin D Deficiency

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist June 6, 2014

macrobiotic diet

I read a number of years ago that Academy Award Winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow followed a macrobiotic diet.

At the time, this news snippet aroused my curiosity as my own family followed a macrobiotic diet for a brief period of time when I was in middle school and it was the worst way of eating I have ever experienced.

I absolutely despised the macrobiotic diet because I never felt satisfied or well after eating a meal prepared this way. I am very glad my parents quickly decided that it wasn’t so fantastic after all and stopped making meals this way!

Now, Ms. Paltrow has disclosed that she is suffering from osteopenia, a thinning of the bones.

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