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Family Doesn’t Get Your Real Food Habit? Here’s Why

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

real food acceptance

One of the most common questions I receive by email relates to the lack of acceptance of friends and family, even a spouse, regarding the decision to eat Real Food or otherwise make healthy changes in the home.

The abandonment of margarine, Egg Beaters, pasteurized dairy, and GMO and additive-ridden processed foods can trigger a lot of debate, discussion, and stress within the home environment at first.

This pushback is to be expected and is totally normal. You should in no way be confused, distracted, discouraged, distressed, or derailed by this type of reaction.

Most importantly, never take this type of thing personally because it has nothing to do with you.


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The Top 10 Health Decisions My Mom Totally Nailed

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I am so grateful my Mom (who is 84) is still here for me to say those words this Mother’s Day weekend.

I believe it is important not only to wish our Moms a Happy Mother’s Day, but also to thank them specifically for the things they did that were really beneficial and impactful on our lives growing up.  This doesn’t mean our Moms were perfect, far from it!  It just means that we are choosing to focus on the positive to make sure this is registered in our minds so that we can duplicate it and hopefully add to it with our own families.

With that, I would like to list the top 10 health decisions my Mom made while I was growing up that were amazingly smart and way ahead of her time.  Did she do everything right?  Of course not! She would laugh at even the suggestion of such a thing!

This list of health decisions Mom made simply shows that when the intention is there to raise a healthy child, many decisions will be made correctly by virtue of the fact that you are *thinking* about it (as opposed to going through the motions) and trusting your gut when things the “experts” say just don’t add up.

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Monsanto Won’t Take GMO Free Chipotle News Sitting Down

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

Chipotle food is GMO free

Never before in history has humanity been so in need of those who challenge conventional thinking, tear down barriers and take a sledgehammer to preconceived ideas. This is especially true in the economic sector concerned with food production and distribution.

While a growing number of individuals and small companies are willing to step outside the box to help create a new food culture, large corporations have by and large dug in their heels in favor of the toxic status quo. Shareholder profits and excessive executive salaries continue to be the overwhelming focus rather than creation of quality products that won’t harm the consumer in the short or long term.

A well known exception to this is the Chipotle chain of restaurants, where founder, Chairman, and co-CEO Steve Ells continues to push the envelope in the direction of changing the face of fast food in America for the better. Only one year ago, I wrote this post about the genetically modified ingredients on the Chipotle menu, despite the fact that much progress had been made with many local, pastured options available.

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Are Nightshade Vegetables Worsening Your Pain?

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

health problems worsened by nightshade vegetables

It is almost foodie sacrilege to suggest that a group of colorful, antioxidant rich vegetables ubiquitous within the Western diet might not be as healthy as the natural food community paints them to be. This is exactly what this article is going to attempt to do – wade you through the process of considering whether nightshade vegetables might in fact be worsening your health symptoms even if they are grown organically in nutrient dense soil.

Hopefully not, as nightshade veggies are delicious! But, it makes sense to investigate the possibility especially if you have issues with chronic pain, arthritis, or GERD among other challenges..

First, let’s examine exactly what the nightshades are and what health problems they sometimes exacerbate for those who are sensitive.

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Avoid Sugar Alcohols To Protect Gut Health

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

sugar alcohols best avoided

The growing diabetes epidemic has spawned a whole new industry of alternative sweeteners called sugar alcohols that consumers view as healthy because they are not artificial like aspartame. These products with low glycemic indexes are aggressively marketed to the overweight and those with insulin problems as ideal sugar substitutes because they are derived from natural plant based sources.

These sugar alcohols, also known as polyols, are interestingly comprised of neither sugar nor alcohol. The most familiar of these are xylitol, erythritol, mannitol, and sorbitol.

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