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Yet Another Reason to Cook That Broccoli

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist November 20, 2014

reasons to cook broccoli

If I stop by the raw juice bar at my local healthfood store late in the day, I always request a thorough clean-out of the commercial sized juicer before my favorite organic raw juice blend of carrots, celery, beets, cucumber and half an apple is prepared.

This is because the juicing that has been occurring all day long prior to my arrival is typically very heavy on the cruciferous vegetables – primarily raw broccoli and kale. In fact, so many people come in ordering green drinks containing raw broccoli that there is a huge bin of bare broccoli stalks sitting on the back counter.

The juicer clean-out assures that no leftover raw broccoli juice or pulp gets in my juice. If it does, I get a terrible stomach ache and usually a temporary bout of nausea.

The truth is, raw cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale are not at all easy to digest for a lot of people even those with strong digestion. The reason is the high fiber content of this particular class of vegetables.  This fiber, called cellulose, makes these vegetables hard to handle in raw form.

When a food is difficult to digest, this also makes it problematic for the body to fully extract the nutrition. This is why nutritional pioneer Dr. Weston A. Price always suggested lightly cooking vegetables in butter before consuming them and recommended the practice in a letter to his beloved nieces and nephews early in the last century.

The cooking serves to soften and break down the plant fiber, and the healthy fats in the butter improve nutrient absorption. Research out of Iowa State and Purdue University has confirmed the wisdom of Dr. Price’s recommendation, as the nutrition from vegetables has indeed been found to be more readily absorbed in the presence of fat.  So much for the supposed wisdom of lowfat salad dressing!

Now, research is confirming the traditional wisdom of cooking your crucifers too.

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Your Breasts Don’t Lie: Soy, Flax and Other Estrogenic Foods and Herbs Trigger Precancerous Breasts

by Kaayla T. Daniel PhD, The Naughty Nutritionist October 29, 2014

estrogenic foods trigger abnormal breasts

by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, The Naughty Nutritionist®

Is thermography your “new breast friend”?

Wendy Sellens, a licensed acupuncturist and the founder of Pink Image Thermography in Solana Beach, CA, thinks so!

For every woman who wants to know the truth about the state of her breast health or whether those supposedly cancer-preventing supplements and estrogenic foods recommended by her doctor or holistic practitioner are actually working, her answer is simple: “Your breasts can’t lie.”

In Breast Cancer Boot Camp, coauthored with William B. Hobbins MD, Sellens provides striking, irrefutable visual evidence of adverse, precancerous effects on the breasts from birth control pills, hormone replacement therapies, and at least a dozen supposedly healthy estrogenic foods and herbs.

Most of these products come highly recommended by alternative doctors and other health care practitioners, yet promote angiogenesis in the breast, a known risk factor for breast cancer.

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Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency Most People Miss

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist October 10, 2014

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

With flu season upon us and serious new viruses like Enterovirus D68 making the rounds, keeping blood levels of vitamin D at optimal levels can be truly lifesaving especially for children and the elderly.

Flu is actually vitamin D deficiency disease, not a happenstance occurrence in your life because you didn’t get a flu shot or sat next to a coughing person on the train to work.

Dr. John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council and one of the most preeminent Vitamin D researchers in the world today, has identified that vitamin D helps produce the antimicrobial peptides that protect against the flu. This is why people are more prone to the flu in winter when Vitamin D producing sunshine is minimal or nonexistent at some latitudes, or people are too bundled up to get enough skin exposed in  the first place.

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Bone Broth and MSG: What You Need to Know Now

by Kaayla T. Daniel PhD, The Naughty Nutritionist October 6, 2014

bone broth and MSG risk

Confused about bone broth, MSG, and glutamine?

The article below by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, coauthor with Sally Fallon Morell of the new and highly acclaimed book Nourishing Broth: An Old Fashioned Remedy for the Modern World, clears up the confusion and answers your most frequently asked questions.

by Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD  (

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid that is critical for gut, brain and immune health.  It’s also taken by many bodybuilders and other athletes to enhance muscle building and to speed recovery from injuries and overtraining.

Despite its many virtues, glutamine has risks.

High supplemental doses, as taken by some bodybuilders, have caused dizziness, headaches and neurological problems. But it’s not just people going overboard with supplements who are reacting poorly to glutamine.

Many people today, especially autistic children, have problems metabolizing glutamine properly, a problem caused by multiple factors, including vitamin B6 deficiency, lead toxicity and the widespread use of monosodium glutamate or MSG in the modern food supply.

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Dangers Lurk in Your Antibacterial Soap

by Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist October 2, 2014


dispenser of antibacterial soap

Over a decade ago, antibacterial soap became all the rage and suddenly every public bathroom and every home seemed to be stocked with it.

This rapid switch away from plain soap and water occurred despite the fact that there was and still is absolutely no evidence that antibacterial soap works any better than the traditional suds it up approach.

Fast forward to today and fully 75% of liquid soaps on the market still use antibacterial ingredients despite increasingly loud warnings about their safety and efficacy. Read more…


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