Swine Flu Probably Mildest “Pandemic” Ever

by Sarah Pope MGA | Affiliate linksComments: 3
Back in the Spring, I blogged about how ridiculous this whole swine flu pandemic thing was. This media created pandemic did nothing but make money for the pharmaceutical companies with the completely useless, totally unnecessary, and downright dangerous H1N1 vaccine. The sad truth is that large corporations are very adept at manipulating the media to increase their profits and the pharmaceutical companies are total pros at this profit making strategy. It’s too bad the vast majority of the public has such poor discernment skills that they can’t see the wool being pulled over their eyes. I know one friend who waited 8 HOURS in line to get a swine flu shot! People were fainting and being carried away on stretchers throughout his ordeal, all for what?
NOW they are telling us that the whole thing has been so very mild after all. No surprise to me, but I bet a lot of folks out there are starting to feel scammed right about now.


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