pet vaccinesDomestic dogs and cats today are suffering from an unprecedented and very disturbing epidemic of chronic degenerative disease. Much of it is caused by the very pet vaccines that are supposed to preserve their health.

These animals are routinely presenting with a variety of symptoms and diagnoses. They are eerily similar to those being experienced by their owners.

detox symptomsIf you’ve ever done any kind of fasting or cleansing protocol for any length of time, you may be all too familiar with the various kinds of unpleasant detox symptoms that can manifest during the process.

Even just going cold turkey for a few days from things like drinking coffee, diet soda,

raw pet food is bestIn this article, the reality of feeding raw pet food to your beloved furry companions is examined in detail.   Going raw with your pet involves much more than just switching from bagged store kibble to raw meat.  The right combination of meat, bones, and organs must be used to ensure your pet’s optimal health and overall adjustment to the change.

raw pet foodIs the concept of raw pet food a little too out of the box for you?  Have you been incorporating raw unprocessed foods into your own diet and that of your children to improve health, vitality, and immunity but are still buying store pet food for your furry friends?

If so, consider that Dr.

best diet for petsAs we consider what sort of diet to feed our furry domesticated animal companions, it’s vital that we understand their innate anatomical and physiological characteristics.

It’s these qualities that determine, to a very great extent, the kind of food their bodies were naturally designed to eat, many, many eons ago, by Mother Nature.

pet food industry dirty secretsWe’ve all seen it on TV and printed in magazines. Advertisements for commercially manufactured, highly processed cans and bags of unhealthy pet food.

Such ads have become a fixture in our media, an integral aspect of our culture for decades. They always seem to depict the happiest, most contented people,

pet food diet for our furry friendsBack in 2005, after many years of living without any pets, a strong hankering began to arise in me for some feline companionship. After multiple visits to my local pet shelter, I ended up adopting two very sweet, lovely little kittens. Little did I know at the time that their presence in my life would be such a profound catalyst for so much learning and discovery!

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