Vax or Get Fired? How to Prepare for Forced Vaccination

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VacciShield for forced vaccination

By Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Forced vaccination? So much for living in the ‘Land of the Free’!

Due to tremendous pressure from schools, doctors, or employers, pressure that ultimately comes from the pharmaceutical mafia according to author Peter C. Gotzsche, it is increasingly common for some of us to be force vaccinated with shots loaded with questionable and often toxic ingredients.

Not only can you be fired or denied promotions for not complying, a new trend is that you can even be kicked out of firefighter school, as you’ll read about below.

A friend of mine named Jill was forced recently to delve into the issue of protecting her son from forced vaccination with a mandatory hepatitis B vaccine so that he could continue with his classes toward his dream of becoming a firefighter. Jill writes:

My 18-year old son is in the middle of firefighter training at a local fire academy, with EMT school just around the corner.  Unfortunately, the EMT school requires a hepatitis B vaccine.  With a family history of Guillain–Barré, we take every vaccine seriously and aim to minimize exposure to anything that has been implicated in triggering G.B., which is a mysterious autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system, causing varying degrees of paralysis. There may be a genetic link, but much is still unknown about the disease.  Vaccines–some more than others–have been known to be among possible triggers.

Even with their family history, the doctor was unwilling to write a medical exemption for her son because, in his words, “Hepatitis B vaccine doesn’t cause Guillain–Barré.”

What an arrogant statement, as there is nowhere near enough information available to make such a claim! While a recent study showed no connection, many individual accounts show that there is one. Thankfully Jill assured me that they aren’t returning to this doctor for the vaccine or anything else. We should not trust or give our business to physicians who don’t take their patients’ concerns seriously.

Ways to Get Out of Forced Vaccination

There are other ways to try and get an exemption even when your doctor isn’t on your side:

Still Forced to Vax?  How to Prepare and Protect Your Body

Knowing they needed to make the best of the situation, since their son really wants to be a firefighter, Jill discovered more research provided options for extra protection before and after the mandatory vaccine was administered:

  • Look up the information on the NVIC website, use the vaccine ingredient calculator, and see what dose you can get away with.  They found that since he’s 18, he technically could still get the pediatric version which contains 1/2 the aluminum (and 1/2 of everything else) and no mercury.  After nearly two hours on the phone, Jill found a pharmacy 30 minutes away that carried the 10 mcg. version, whereas all the other pharmacies either only carried the adult, 20 mcg., version, or none at all.
  • Take this vaccine-specific supplement called Vaccishield for one week prior and one week after vaccination. Formulated by a naturopathic physician, Vaccishield contains vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and an amino acid to support healthy immune response and aid in detoxification.  (It is designed for infants and children, but Jill contacted the company to inquire about an adult product and was told that until the adult version is available, just double the child dose for adults.)
  • Take fermented cod liver oil with butter oil.
  • Apply Magnesium oil.
  • Apply a Bentonite clay poultice to the vaccine site right after vaccination to hopefully help draw out heavy metals, specifically aluminum with this one.
  • Water kefir/kombucha daily for extra probiotics, plus detox help (kombucha).
  • No whey protein or other immune-stimulating substances leading up to the vaccine.
  • Avoid inflammatory-causing polyunsaturated vegetable oils or junk food, which hopefully you aren’t eating anyway!
  • Jill is also planning on juicing some celery and parsley for after he gets the shot to help prevent an autoimmune reaction, and then having him take it easy for the rest of the day and the day after to give his body a chance to deal with the toxins without added stress.
  • Consider finding an herbalist or naturopath with an infrared sauna to help further the detox process.  Infrared saunas stimulate the immune system though, so wait a bit after vaccination before considering that one just in case, since it appears to be important to keep the immune system purring like a kitten, rather than roaring like a lion, if you are concerned about autoimmunity or an exaggerated immune response/allergic reaction.

More helpful supplements – contact your holistically minded doctor for proper dosing:

As frustrating as it is to be pressured into forced vaccination when you’ve researched and found that it is not the right choice for you or your child, if you’re backed into a corner, hopefully these measures will help you to protect yourself as best you can and reduce the likelihood of any adverse reactions.


What To Do: Forced Vaccination

About the Author

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Kelly lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, Kent, and their 4 kids.  

She has blogged at for 6 years and loves getting to the TRUTH on health and nutrition issues that often trip people up.  

Read more about Kelly or check out her post on their own family’s vaccine decisions.


Comments (55)

  • Viviana

    Hi Sarah,
    You changed my life back in 2013….thank you for all you do. From helping me to connect with my power in what I eat and how I cook to being a homeschooler. I def need this help on protecting my family’s right to NOT vaccinate. My question is: What do you do when they tell you a vaccination is required in the interview before you are offered the position? There’s a job I’ve applied for in the direct-care field (not hospital just residential program with developmentally challenged folks) and this may very well be an issue. What do I do?

    November 3rd, 2015 9:30 am Reply
  • Josie

    What you you do if the school tells you your child has to have the trap short.?

    September 21st, 2015 9:25 am Reply
  • Jamey

    I have to get TB testing and I can’t afford nor do I want unnecessary xrays. I always have a reaction to the PPD skin test with a hard raised red area where the injection was. This time I tried the bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar to make a paste and applied it to the area for 20 min and BAM! 1st time to not have a reaction ever! :-)

    September 9th, 2015 11:38 pm Reply
  • kathleen

    Ice ice ice. On the site. for 1-2 days.

    July 17th, 2015 9:54 pm Reply
  • Alice

    Book – Saying NO To Vaccines, By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

    Found it in this article – Doctors Against Vaccines: The Other Side of the Story is Not Being Told, Health Impact News, Sept 25th, 2014

    September 25th, 2014 11:21 pm Reply
  • Harmony

    I don’t really believe there is anything such as forced vaccination. You may have limited options
    if you don’t vaccinate- but you’re not forced. Personally, I would do everything I could to find a doctor (and there is usually one or two in a city) that support non-vaccination. You might have to go to a children’s doctor…but you can find one. Although, in most places there are laws regarding schooling and college requirements for vaccinations… there are also ways around it. We all have religious rights- and if we say that our belief in non-vaccination is a religious right, they have to acknowledge it. Or, you can also go to a Naturopathic Doctor- who is trained in natural medicine as well as modern medicine. You can have them do a natural or herbal ‘vaccination’ and with their signature- it will fulfill the state requirement.

    September 25th, 2014 3:20 pm Reply
    • Sherry T

      My son, who works for a hospital, was told to be vaccinated or get fired. There are forced vaccines. He has an infant and a wife to support. He just asked me to research this for him because he was feeling very sick after the MMR. He has not been vaccinated as a child. His young daughter is not vaccinated. It sickens me to know that this is forced on people. I am now researching how to help his body detox…

      September 27th, 2014 9:25 am Reply
    • Dr

      Sounds good to me. A good resource is also The Doctor Within Dr. O’Shea is amazing Dr Kay

      July 18th, 2015 11:42 am Reply
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Rigney

    love it, great information, my sister is a midwife so I’ll get her some vaccishield – she has to get regular jabs. I had to get some vaccines before traveling to Africa, I was so unwell for a few days after getting the shots! (this was before I was so aware of what is actually in vaccines!!)

    Chlorella powder is excellent for heavy metal detox.


    September 25th, 2014 2:03 pm Reply
  • Carolyn

    The reviews on Vaccishield make me question this product. Are you recommending this as an affiliate?

    September 25th, 2014 12:33 pm Reply
  • Ann

    Thanks for this, my vaccishield and bentonite clay are ordered. I just received a letter from my daughter’s school that congratulated me on having an upcoming middle schooler. The rest of the letter proceeded to outline the mandatory requirement that she must have the Dtap vaccine to even enter 6th grade, it was put into law by state general assembly in 2006, etc… Beyond ridiculous. Even more ridiculous was the statistic sheet that came with the form. If you look at the number of people who (prior to vaccine) contracted these diseases compared to the general population, it’s miniscule. Then compare people who died from these diseases compared to the general population. I am sure if you are someone impacted by the bacterial infections Dtap is supposed to protect you from, you’d have a different point of view but the death statistics are a rounding error. Then of course there is the hypocrisy of talking about the safety of the vaccine on the same page as the NVIC program. So frustrating.

    March 19th, 2014 11:36 am Reply
  • Heather @ A Nurse’s Wildflowers

    Thank you for bringing attention to this. I am a RN in an Emergency Room. I know many doctors and nurses who do not get vaccinated. We have to sign a letter saying why we won’t get the vaccine and then take an hour class full of propaganda from the FLU people. It is so intensely frustrating. I have told my employer they would have to fire me…and then they would need to be ready for a law suit. What these employers are overlooking is the “Patient Bill of Rights.” When one is giving me an injection, they are in fact giving me medical treatment…thus I am a patient. I have the same rights as any other patient and that includes the right to refuse medical care or treatment. Unfortunately a lot of states like mine have a “fire at will” law that says an employer can fire anyone with no just cause. But, when it comes to nurses and doctors, that means the hospitals lose big $$ when they have to hire new staff to train….they don’t really want to do this or accused of taking a patient’s rights away.

    December 14th, 2013 1:27 am Reply
    • Alex

      That’s awesome info. thanks

      February 1st, 2015 2:03 pm Reply
    • Genevieve Hawkins

      Hey what’s the situation on flu vac with locums tenems staff (i.e. travelling nurses)? I was on an earnings call recently where they said those costs have gone through the roof…meaning they’re hiring a lot more of them….

      November 8th, 2015 8:31 pm Reply
  • H V

    As a small business employer, I find myself rather irritated by the attitude of sites such as this, which I usually browse for dependable health tips.

    There is nothing showing from any source that is widely accepted that any of this resistance to the concept of vaccination makes anyone ‘healthier’. But I will let that slide and give your group the benefit of the doubt when it comes to proof, although most ‘alternative medicines’ I have tried in the past lacked any benefits.

    What I can’t countenance is people telling me I have no right to determine what is required for you to work in my business. I’ve seen several comments about patients upset with doctors refusing them service or to sign vaccination exception forms, because you are the one paying the money. Well, in terms of hiring, I am.

    If I decide vaccination is needed — to maintain my business licence, or public perception, or because I own stock in Merck — that is simply not for you to attempt to bypass. If you do like it, leave your jobs. If your theories on vaccines are wrong and you infect my entire staff, are you going to make good on the lost productivity or the insurance costs I must absorb?

    You people do not even see your own hypocritical nature. Astounding.

    December 8th, 2013 2:07 am Reply
    • Megan

      H V,

      Although we don’t vaccinate I understand your logic. Choosing to work in a specific field or a certain employer implies that you have chosen to accept the dangers/risks/benefits that go along with it. Even if they start off as one thing and get changed somewhere down the road. As long as your requirements aren’t illegal you’re perfectly within your rights to impose them – and those who don’t care for it are perfectly within their rights to seek employment (or medical professionals) elsewhere.

      December 8th, 2013 6:46 pm Reply
    • Shani

      I also understand your logic. People are free to leave their jobs. I’m just wondering if you are aware of the kind of liability you are opening yourself up to by saying “if I decide a vaccination is needed” for your employees? Unless you are a doctor (and even if you are an MD in private practice) only a matter of time before you start having losses like the pharmaceutical companies did before they exempted themselves with the help of the US government.

      You may be bigtime, but I’m guessing not big time compared to Merck?

      Unlike vaccine manufacturers, I’m sure you are not exempt from having your business being sued away from you in civil court, if your employee has an adverse reaction and can prove in court that you mandated it.

      Also, you do know about VAERS, right?

      And NVIC

      Unfortunately I can’t make this stuff up. Scroll on the second page. Vaccine manufacturers and the USA was smart enough to make all vaccine recipients pay into a fund (via a tax) so that when people sue because of their vaccine injuries that they could not go into a real court to get damages. They go into Mickey Mouse Vaccine court, and have damages meted from a fund they paid into when they paid for their vaccine. Merck pays nothing for making you or your employees a vegetable if you are so unlucky. Talk about unlimited liability. Without it they would have been sued out of business years ago and would not be nearly as profitable as they are.

      Even if you don’t care about it for your employees, I was just wondering if you know that you’ve waived your right to sue vaccine manufacturers in the case of your own self and that of your own children if you have any.
      No other drug gets such royal treatment…yet.

      BTW, I was just wondering if you have actually noticed a difference in the number of your employees turning up at work sick anyway or calling in sick anyway, despite the flu shot they have taken? It’s only 40% effective (estimate) and that people could have just been like me… I rarely get the flu even when I’m caring for sick people.

      Merck is a great investment to have if all you care about is money. Investing in Merck is like taking blood money. Blood of the people who died and children who never grew up because of their vaccine injuries.

      It’s ok if you don’t believe us.

      Our great grandchildren will be around and healthy to tell the tale (and probably taking care of yours). With the ADD & autism rate being what it is and climbing, hopefully they will be aware enough to know that they are being taken care of, and will thank us.

      December 10th, 2013 3:04 am Reply
    • D. Saul Weiner


      What if YOUR theories of vaccination are wrong and they cause irreparable harm to your employees? Are you going to compensate them for the damage?

      September 25th, 2014 5:06 pm Reply
    • J B

      If everyone else is vaccinated, wouldn’t they be the ones potentially carrying the virus? Wouldn’t only the unvaccinated person be at risk of infection from them or others? Think about it.
      This is where it doesn’t make sense for people to act as they do about our choices for ourselves.

      Think about this:
      Every time you encounter a virus it literally changes your genetic code. Have we somewhere along the lines decided that all these viruses are good for the future of humanity and that we should speed up the process of re-writing every single strand of DNA within our species until we can no longer call ourselves humans? Meanwhile, we are rampant with illness and disease (most of which still have no cures), and coincidentally hospitals and pharmaceutical companies profit immensely by it. You would think we’d need medical care less and less in this day and age, but more and more ways arise for us to maintain regularly occurring payments exceeding the cost of our mortgages. To me this spells wicked greed. That alone suggests that one should question everything about it.

      September 25th, 2014 8:35 pm Reply
  • Deb

    I was wondering if you have any info and what your feelings are regarding the TB test I have to have every year or I can’t work. Is there any way of getting out of it that you know of?

    December 7th, 2013 5:26 pm Reply
  • carolanne

    We have a right under the US Constitution to chose how we want to live, I would suggest that everyone get a copy of The Constitution For the United States, the For being the key word as there are two Constitutions one is real and one is a not. It is important to know what the Constitution says and how it applies to things like mandatory vaccinations. Go to the Rutherford Institute site to learn more. The nurses, firefighters, EMTs etc. need to sue for their rights of refusal, instead of continuing
    to accept poisons injected into their bodies. The Rutherford Institute will do just that. No matter what
    one does to try and be healthier while accepting injection, they will be ill in later life as a result of any and all injections, as soon as the immune system weakens, they will begin to have problems. Just look around you at what is happening to people only in their forties. Read Dr Marys Monkey for more info on the galloping cancers developed by our government. Also watch Dr Trent on youtube, he discusses this book, immunity and vaccinations, we must stand together against this or we are doomed to disability and early death, it is that simple

    December 4th, 2013 4:30 pm Reply
  • Laura Hayes

    I have a real problem with any of us accepting a medical treatment or procedure that we don’t want for ourselves or for our children. ALL medical treatments and procedures, definitely including vaccines, carry risks, including the risks of permanent disability, chronic illness, and DEATH. If people continue acquiescing to these vaccine mandates and requirements, versus refusing them and vehemently fighting against them, forced medicine and medical tyranny will only get worse!

    Perhaps if enough qualified people stop applying for certain jobs/careers, more people will become concerned. My daughter, who is intelligent, caring, a biology major, and full of integrity, had to switch her career goal of becoming a nurse due to the increasing and forced vaccine requirements for nurses. Let me tell you all, my daughter is the nurse you would have wanted in the hospital, or in any type of medical situation, and now she won’t be there. She is not alone. Many like her, who have witnessed vaccine injury firsthand, either in themselves or in a loved one, will not be choosing careers with vaccine mandates/requirements. Result? We all lose out as qualified and talented people opt out of such careers.

    In the words of Benjamin Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    We must ALL join together and FIGHT these infringements on our personal liberties. The surest way to lose our rights and freedoms is to do nothing.

    December 4th, 2013 1:06 pm Reply
  • Helen T

    Here’s my problem: I’m cut down by my own family if I dare suggest even to LOOK into the vaccination issue. With comments like, “You’re not a DOCTOR” or “You found this on the net – HA!”, I get no credibilty, even after I improved my asthma with alternative methods which impressed them. Recently I mentioned this to which they said, “That was then…..”

    They only have faith in mainstream medical + doctors and hospitals – but they’re aware enough to avoid GMOs.

    If anyone out there has crumbled the wall I’m facing, please tell me how you did it!

    December 4th, 2013 11:04 am Reply
    • Kelli

      Thats often my problem. Everyone in real life seems to believe in the drug-based corporate-medical monopoly.

      December 4th, 2013 11:50 am Reply
    • Jen

      Get your own Medical Degree. According to you people, it should be so very easy since doctors are dumb and could be easily replaces by a couple hours on google.

      December 5th, 2013 3:02 pm Reply
      • Deb

        Wow… that was rude. I’m wondering why you are even looking at this site since it is clear that you don’t think it is a good idea to even explore, not except hook line and sinker, what alternative health care approaches might be out there.

        December 7th, 2013 5:32 pm Reply
      • Helen T

        Ha! Not a chance, Jen…….just read above about the ‘corporate-medical monopoly’. I’m so glad none of your relatives are harmed by that system, unlike some of ours.

        Who’s paying you to come here? FULL DISCLOSURE, please.

        December 8th, 2013 3:45 am Reply
  • emily duff

    i am rather dubious about a product like this. while i love the idea of strengthening the immune systems of all infants and children in these toxic times, i also cringe at the idea of parents depending on a product to protect their child against vaccine injury when each child is bio-individual and will react differently to any organism that is introduced to their individually complex internal environment. This product will probably sell like crazy and will make someone very wealthy but i don’t think it is a solution to protecting children from vaccine related illnesses. not vaccinating is the only way to protect children from vaccine induced & related illnesses – which might not be acute and obvious right after immunization but rather chronic and late to rear their many ugly heads (asthma, ADD, gut damage, etc). Nice idea but a shield to vaccines, in my eyes, is an informed parent standing in front of a doctor ready to defend their child from someone who supports a police state. Very complex issue. Thanks for the very interesting information. It speaks volumes regarding our unfortunate situation as parents trying to keep our children safe.

    December 4th, 2013 10:15 am Reply
  • Jessica

    I am very surprised that you have overlooked homeopathy and its role in minimising vaccine damage. Homeopaths often use Thuja before and after vaccines.

    December 4th, 2013 9:59 am Reply
  • HAP

    Yes I’ve read about a thick clay poultice drawing out nearly everything… That’s what I’ll be trying immediately after the obligatory vax (DTP) here in France. Michel Dogna, the French naturopath, highly recommends it (volume 1 of Prenez votre santé en main)

    December 4th, 2013 9:22 am Reply
  • megan

    hopeful the clay right after will draw out everything that went in even the heb b. just like drawing out a snake bit. as that really is what vacs are.

    December 4th, 2013 8:56 am Reply
  • Diane

    : ( My son leaves for boot camp Sun aft. He’s not allowed to take anything with him. So much for boosting his immune system afterwards.

    December 4th, 2013 8:24 am Reply
  • Deborah

    I am from the Netherlands and my naturopath recommends lymphosan from Bonusan. I dont know if its sold in your country but for people with less money it more affordable. Its cheap and very effective. 2 weeks before 3x 5 drops and 2 weeks after.

    December 4th, 2013 12:41 am Reply
  • Sarah

    Hi Sarah,
    I am wondering if this can be taken on a regular basis, or only recommended for vaccine exposure?

    December 3rd, 2013 11:03 pm Reply
  • Rachel Bruce

    Also, homeopathic Thuja Occidentalis and other homeopathic remedies can mitigate the effects of a vaccine. CEASE therapy…there is an entire branch of alternative medicine not mentioned in this article.

    December 3rd, 2013 10:59 pm Reply
  • Ava

    Whoops, Sarah.

    December 3rd, 2013 10:37 pm Reply
  • Ava

    Thank you Kelly. I am getting increasingly concerned about the increasing forced vaccines, so it definitely feels better to have this kind of information.

    December 3rd, 2013 10:36 pm Reply
  • lise battaglia

    Thank you Sarah for posting this info! I am a practicing homeopath and one of less than 200 practitioners who offer vaccine alternatives called homeoprophylaxis.

    I want to weigh in here, regarding very inexpensive and effective defensive actions one can take when forced vaccines are involved.

    a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about this and if I may share it here, you may agree that homeopathy also offers convenient protection and would work very well with this product.

    One thing I want to stress, disease and the disruption of neurological development in a person is a deep pathology. These substances go right into the blood stream. They bypass the digestive system. They need also to be addressed on a molecular level, and this is where homeopathy has such a valuable role to play.

    December 3rd, 2013 10:31 pm Reply
  • Cristina

    What about doing the infrared sauna a few days beforehand to prepare the body?

    December 3rd, 2013 9:56 pm Reply
  • Kelli

    So frustrating that pharmaceutical medicine holds a monopoly over the healthcare system. People should not be forced to rely on conventional drug doctors.

    December 3rd, 2013 2:35 pm Reply
    • lucy

      Do you realise that vaccinations enabled most of these comments ? If it wasn’t for vaccinations, most people commenting here would never have been conceived.

      December 4th, 2013 11:10 am Reply
      • Kelli

        Eh, not necessarily true. It seems many infectious diseases actually went down due to better sanitation/housing in the early 20th century.

        Unrelated to the comment above, but I wanted to add that I’m rather suspicious of a product that claims to protect against vaccine side affects. Not necessarily saying its fraud, but I would wonder if it really works.

        December 4th, 2013 11:43 am Reply
        • wildman

          Yes, I am leery of this product as well. It sounds good, but how well does it work? It supposedly helps to remove the additives and adjuvants, but what about the actual antigen? There can be negative acute and chronic effects from the actual antigen as well.

          December 4th, 2013 3:22 pm Reply
      • james

        clearly you are incompetent and unfit to answer anything.

        December 4th, 2013 1:50 pm Reply
        • Kelli

          Troll. Quit stirring the roost.

          December 4th, 2013 2:13 pm Reply
      • Wildman

        Right and how did we make it the hundreds of thousands of years before that?

        December 4th, 2013 3:20 pm Reply
        • Kelli

          Well, according to the gatekeepers our ancestors supposedly lived miserable, diseased lives without the gift of constant stream of pharmaceuticals and conventional medical authorities. (sarcasm)

          December 5th, 2013 11:19 am Reply
        • Cora

          Thank you. Exactly what I was going to say. People have this view of ancient human civilization as benighted victims of the world. Frustrating. We wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t learned how to live, and in many cases, they did way better than we’re doing now.

          December 6th, 2013 5:53 pm Reply
  • Leah G

    Why not get a letter from either your Chiropractor or a local Dr of holistic healing. Both have degrees and need a license to practice.

    December 3rd, 2013 10:19 am Reply
    • Jill

      They would only take a letter from an M.D. So frustrating that people–even those who spend hours researching these issues–aren’t allowed to make their own decisions about drugs they allow in their bodies, and that only recommendations from a pharma-controlled community (conventional medicine) are accepted.

      December 3rd, 2013 11:53 am Reply
      • Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

        A letter from a DO would work also … it has to be a practitioner that can write prescriptions from what I understand.

        December 3rd, 2013 11:55 am Reply
        • Jill

          That’s true! Should have mentioned that! Unfortunately, the DOs we know in our area have the same drug-based approach to healthcare as MDs. Apparently it wasn’t always that way, and maybe it’s different in other places. We currently live in a holistic healthcare desert. Some places allow naturopaths to be primary physicians on insurance policies and to write prescriptions (AZ, at least). How wonderful that would be!

          December 3rd, 2013 12:02 pm Reply
  • Dorsey

    I seem to have missed something in the past. Would you explain the one about “avoiding whey protein and other immune stimulating substances” to me?

    December 3rd, 2013 9:18 am Reply
    • Beth

      That recommendation is from the link at the end of the article about how to protect yourself from forced vaccines. Since vaccines and their adjuvants stimulate an exaggerated immune response, in order to help prevent a reaction or triggering an autoimmune disorder from over-stimulating the immune system, it recommended avoiding anything (like whey protein) that is known to also stimulate the immune system.

      December 3rd, 2013 11:45 am Reply
      • Dorsey


        December 4th, 2013 10:10 am Reply

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