Prevent and Treat Whooping Cough Naturally Without Drugs

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Whooping Cough

Editor’s Note: Joette Calabrese, author of today’s article, is currently in Kolkata, India serving her second fellowship at the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, the busiest clinic in the world.  Her first fellowship resulted in the development of her course – Good Gut Bad Gut. Her time in India will give her even more experience and knowledge to continue her work teaching moms and dads how to safely cure their families without drugs.

The 100-day cough.


Whooping cough.

Whatever you call it, it’s not nice.

It afflicts children and adults, whether vaccinated or not, and although it used to be assigned to early spring and summer, recently it’s rearing its spasmodic head at nearly anytime of the year. It’s a disease on a mission despite conventional medical efforts to corral it.

An Educated Consumer Is the Pediatrician’s Worst Customer

Allow me to step back for a moment. An underlying subject must be established before we continue the topic at hand. That is, the question of responsibility when making choices that affect ourselves and our families. Allow me to advance that I believe in the free trade system. What does this have to do with whooping cough? Let me explain.

Living in a free trade society is not always perfect. Undeniably, there is a price to pay, and that price is the effort required to be an educated consumer. If we don’t exert a little sweat in studying, then the market forces will carry us in the direction that is most likely to benefit others, not us. So, proper use of a free trade system demands doing thorough homework, not just in choosing the best mortgage or studying comps when buying a new car but, more importantly, when choosing a medical method. After all, medicine is a commodity, too.

When we approach life from a skeptical and well-informed posture, we learn to ferret out industry-promulgated information lest we be sold a sales pitch that doesn’t fit our needs.

Having said this, it is not uncommon for the pharmaceutical industry and their minions to capitalize on parental fears. And until parents carve out the requisite time to get the facts (and I mean all the facts), we’re often better off tucking in and doing nothing rather than doing something we later find out was misleading or, worse yet, dangerous to the well being of our brood.

Once you delve into the arena of childhood diseases and stop taking the doctor’s word for everything, you’ll likely be shocked at the juxtapositioned and contradictory information surrounding whooping cough. For example, while your pediatrician likely chants the praises of vaccines, there are other doctors who don’t. Dr. Joseph Mercola recently posted an article entitled 81% of Whooping Cough Cases Occurred in People Who Were Fully Vaccinated.

Meanwhile,the American Academy of Pediatrics condescendingly blames “uninformed parents” with unvaccinated children for whooping cough outbreaks. These contradictory messages should create a mindful pause in any intelligent parent.

Then there is Dr. Sheri Tenpenny, an MD who unquestioningly vaccinated other people’s children until one of her own was seriously harmed by a vaccine. Her research into the CDC created a 180-degree change in her position. Today, she warns parents of the inconsistencies and flaccid information that have led many to agree to vaccinations unwittingly.

“Uninformed parents,” indeed. After a comprehensive personal study, it shouldn’t take much to convince most parents to consider a shift in their opinion as well.

Ok, So Now What?

If I don’t vaccinate my children for pertussis, or in the likely chance that they get it in spite of vaccination, do I just let them suffer with this trying illness? Instinctively, many parents know there must be another way.

Enter homeopathy, a medicine used by more than 500 million people today, most of who do not live in North America. (There’s a reason for this, but that’s fodder for another story.)

Why homeopathy? Because it has no side effects, it’s inexpensive, and most importantly, it works!

Let’s begin with prevention. Homeopathy has a history of not only thwarting and/or minimizing the effects and shortening the rigors of whooping cough, but also treating it if the disease presents. When it comes to prevention, homeopathy has used homeo-prophylaxis on a small scale as well as on sweeping governmental scales.

Homeo-prophylaxis is a term that describes using homeopathic remedies to prevent disease before it occurs. Not unlike the optimism of vaccination programs but without the potential long-term side effects and additives of conventional vaccines. One of the largest efforts to use homeo-prophylaxis in contemporary times was performed in Cuba with 1.5 million citizens of that country. For more on that study and homeo-vaccine programs, click here.

For prophylactic treatment of pertussis, many homeopaths suggest the following protocol: Pertussinum 200 one day every month until the threat of whooping cough is gone. One dose of the remedy is given one day on the first, third, fifth, and seventh months, while on the even months, three doses are given on that one day.

While no method of disease protection is guaranteed, if a child is exposed to pertussis, it has clinically been shown that the illness may be avoided or its virulence reduced by using this method.

But there’s another point of view to consider. When a childhood disease presents, it provides an opportunity. Does that sound strange? Until we understand that it is important to educate our children’s immune system, this method will certainly appear different than the outdated paradigm of the killing-every-bug-at-any-cost model. Measles, chickenpox, pertussis, rubella and mumps are all childhood diseases that can prove valuable in building our children’s immunity.

What if They Still Get It?

Preparedness is particularly critical because no conventional medical treatment exists for whooping cough other than antibiotics and only during the infectious period.

Consider the following remedies that have been used for more than 200 years. Nine main homeopathic remedies have been used to treat whooping cough: Drosera rotundifolia 30 and 200, Belladonna 30, Coccus cacti 30 or 200, Ipecacuanha 30, Bryonia alba 30, Antimonium tart 30 or 200, Cuprum metallicum 30 or 200, Kali carbonicum 30 or 200and Pertussinum 200.

However,when I recently worked at the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation in Calcutta, I learned a method that the Banerjis and their familial medical predecessors have employed for more than 150 years to treat whooping cough.

The Banerji Protocol is as follows: Cuprum metallicum 6 mixed with Ipecac 30, administered every 3 hours when the disease is in an intense state and twice daily for a milder version. This mixture can be made by adding 4 pills of the first remedy with 4 of the second in 3 ounces of clean water, allowing the pills to dissolve and giving it one gentle stir to incorporate. From this mixture comes the medicine. One teaspoon is considered one dose. This means that an entire family can benefit from this blend. As usual, the sooner the remedies are used, the better.

Be prepared. Own your remedies in advance. Frequently, it’s not until the first member of a family gets a severe cough that the disease is acknowledged to be whooping cough. For the one with the cough, as well as the rest of the family, neighbors and friends, having well-chosen homeopathic remedies in the medicine cabinet has a history of being able to shelter a family in the safe harbor of self reliance.

Discover the world of homeopathy to avoid drugs and angst for other childhood illnesses as well.

How easy. How inexpensive. How efficacious.

Indeed, how like homeopathy.

Joette does NOT diagnose or treat conditions. Her focus is on the function of the entire person. Identifying and repairing malfunctions in overall systems is fundamental to regaining health. The aim is to restore the person to well being that it was intended to experience and to teach families how to do this themselves.

Joette CalabreseI raised my now adult sons without a single drug, and I’ll teach you how to do the same. On of the best ways to do this is treating colds and flu yourself.Ahh Choo the Flu Free Download

Getting the facts about whooping cough is important. But don’t take my word for it. Read the sources below.

www.National Vaccine Information Center

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor

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Simple Elderberry Syrup to Boost Immunity

Comments (70)

  • Nan

    My children, husband and I have all been vaccinated 1-1/2 years or less after I wasvaccinated I got eczema psoriatic arthritis rubella asthma and chickenpox in a whirlwind of succession I sure as heck wished that my career mother had a clue about natural remedies because antibiotics only made me and unfortunately my family not only have leaky gut but made the undiagnosed celiac sprue or “celiac disease” whatever you want to call this curse worse!!! In conclusion we as a community must pay attention to alternative methods and listen to our own instinctual feeling doctors and big pharma only treat SYMPTOMS not the disease. Natural everyday food roots herbs and remedies can be beneficial when properly prescribed or used.Research ,listen up,share and learn we are all in this as a human community NO ONE knows all,what works for one does not work for all and as we are not clones (if we were all would be healthy and disease free!!!)we must all pay attention to gain knowledge and insight if the 10 commandments were followed disease would not flourish, as the doctor that discovered that HAND WASHING prevented mothers from dying after giving birth because doctors weren’t following cleanliness and were handling cadavers (dead people) and not washing their hands before touching women that were giving birth,the same applies to excrement it is to be buried away from where people are housed hence sanitation is NECESSARY or and termed as such in 1800s. Common sense,listening and observing have proven to be wise in this world of woeful circumstance.Thanks to all for sharing and caring! Good health to you!

    July 3rd, 2016 12:20 pm Reply
  • Jessica

    I just found your article while looking for information about whooping cough. My family was exposed to whooping cough a couple of weeks ago. Now, we all have a cough. So far, it is a mild cough, but I don’t want to wait and see if it gets worse before treating it. It could be a coincidence, but why take chances? My youngest has Down syndrome, with small nasal passages, eustacian tubes, and his lungs are somewhat compromised due to having been in heart failure, so, although I am concerned about all five of my children, clearly I worry especially about him. Would you recommend using this protocol, even if it may not be pertussis? As a preventative?

    April 23rd, 2015 1:11 pm Reply
  • Jen

    My 23 month old toddler contracted whooping cough. It is a terrible thing! Antibiotics made her cough 3x more the first night she took them. She finished the 5 days, however, it did not improve her cough. I have been using vitamin C which seems to be working on lowering her cough a bit during day, but just tried the teaspoon of solution of Cuprum 6 and ipecacuanha 30 mixed in water, and she has only had one cough fit during the night and is sleeping peacefully! (She was having them once every 2-3 hours before, and first night of antibiotics, she had them every 45mins-hour.) My only concern, if she only coughed once tonight, can lack of cough let mucus pool in lungs and and allow pneumonia to set in? Thanks!

    February 28th, 2015 5:57 am Reply
    • Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

      Antibiotics don’t do anything for whooping cough. They ONLY eliminate the possibility of transmitting the bacteria to another person. And yes, they make the cough worse.

      February 28th, 2015 9:29 am Reply
      • Kristi

        I’m not using antibiotics on my 16 month old son but following the protocol listed in the article plus vitamin C. If antibiotics help lower transmission of whooping cough to others and I am not giving them to him, when can I take him out in public? When is he no longer contagious?

        April 16th, 2015 12:46 pm Reply
        • Sarah TheHealthyHomeEconomist

          We stayed home for a month.

          April 16th, 2015 12:53 pm Reply
          • Violet

            Hi Sarah!

            I would like to enrich the knowledge,what I learned from my brother-in-law,who is a reflexologist too,and he knows allot of treatment.
            My son is 18 months old,and right now he going through in the whooping cough.He is unvaccinated.
            He recommended that oils,which kills the viruses,germs: GSE grapefruit seed oil,tea tree oil,echinacea,colloidal silver.And massage on the foot,the soft part from up to down,on the soft part of the finger too, up to down.
            And making a nasal dropps from 1/2 colloidal silver,1/2 filtered water.That kills every germs.
            Right now,my son has no too much apetite:( He eating half of portion food.

            April 24th, 2015 12:59 pm
  • HS

    I am a 36 year old male and was recently diagnosed with Whooping cough. The doctor gave me a 5 day course of a antibiotics and a whole bunch of allergy and acid reflux meds because he said there isn’t much else he could do and I just had to “wait it out.” well when you are waking up in the middle of the night coughing your lungs out and choking and unable to breath, waiting it out is not a viable option. so I did some research online and picked up Drosera 30 from the vitamin Shoppe next door and immediately saw the difference after 3 weeks I switched to Coccus cacti 30 (I had to buy this online) as my symptoms changed. I was able to control the fits and the gagging and chocking was less intense. its now been 6 weeks and I still cough and vomit few time a day so i haven’t been cured but the homeopathy meds did make it a lot more bearable for me and may be if I had any experienced homeopathy practitioners here where I live, may be the results would have been even better. just my experience, take it for what its worth,

    December 28th, 2014 8:52 pm Reply
    • Laurie

      Thank you for sharing this. My son and his four children are dealing with this right now and they are taking lots of Vitamin C. They ordered Sodium Ascorbate from The brand is Nutribiotic and it is gmo free. They do seem to be recovering quicker than I expected. I was trying to help them with homeopathy but they found it too overwhelming with the other things they are using.

      December 31st, 2014 6:05 pm Reply
  • Britney

    I’m frustrated. I came here bc a vaccinated child from church was recently diagnose with whooping cough, and my oldest son hadn’t been feeling well.
    But the majority of this article is parent bashing and being very single minded. I choose not to vaccinate, and I can’t always afford.homeopathic random stuff, especially when you list 5-10 different ones.
    Hopefully somewhere else I can find more clear advice.

    April 14th, 2014 7:09 pm Reply
  • Www.Notebookszone.Com

    I’m just will no longer guaranteed where you’re getting the information and facts, however terrific subject matter. Need to commit a long time discovering extra or even comprehending a lot more. Many thanks for wonderful facts I was hunting for this information in my objective.

    March 17th, 2014 3:00 pm Reply
  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    Please explain to me how diluted mucus from a sace of pertussis – nmucus diluted so much that there is no mucus left – can possibly prevent anything.

    January 25th, 2014 9:14 am Reply
  • Chris Hickie, MD, PhD

    I really do hope you post my prior comment. It would be a shame to think that, if you are such an expert at healthcare, that you would be at all afraid of being challenged by a REAL physician.

    January 25th, 2014 8:20 am Reply
  • Maureen Fitz

    What dangerous, irresponsible rubbish! Get a grip. Babies die a horrible death from this disease. I’ve personally witnessed this horror! Have you watched a baby cough to death?

    January 25th, 2014 6:02 am Reply
  • Mike Howard via Facebook


    January 20th, 2014 3:10 pm Reply
  • Lori Vileniskis via Facebook


    January 19th, 2014 11:57 am Reply
  • Toni Imrie via Facebook

    Shelle Imrie

    January 19th, 2014 8:35 am Reply
  • Carlyne Louise Olafson via Facebook

    I do not know what warrants “an outbreak? “

    January 18th, 2014 11:53 am Reply
  • Carlyne Louise Olafson via Facebook

    there is children in town that have whooping cough,even if the health authorities are in denial of this,I have seen a child wearing a mask and was told it is not infectious,the child was out in a very public place. Beware. My 22 year old daughter when 4 years old,got it from “a non-infectious source,and the Health Unit said there were no outbreak back then also. This would be a good article if you can find the stuff in health food store or shoppers drug mart. This article sounds like it is written in India,which makes it vague for westerners.

    January 18th, 2014 11:52 am Reply
  • Paula A.

    Thanks for your long and heartfelt answer. Lots to think about!

    January 16th, 2014 6:47 pm Reply
  • Paula A.

    Hi Joette,

    I’ve been following your articles on Wise Traditions and your blog for a long time. My kids and I see a local classical homeopath and we all take constitutional remedies. When I read your articles sometimes I get confused about what’s the best protection, to keep on the constitutional remedy or to follow the specific protocols. Let’s say there is a case of whooping cough in my child’s school. Is it better to do the prophylactic protocol or to continue with the constitutional remedy? Our practitioner is a very “classical” classical homeopath. She is very experienced, but she keeps to one remedy at a time and seems to be more in favor of constitutional care. I get confused with all the different currents in homeopathy. I noticed many differences even among classical homeopaths.

    Thanks for all the information you share,


    January 15th, 2014 10:10 am Reply
    • joette calabrese

      i’m not suprised that you’re confused; it took me decades to sort out the classical method verses others. i began my training in classical over 27 years ago and studied with the best. feel free to check out who my teachers were on “About Joette” on my website.

      i diligently (and i mean diligently) worked in the classical mode both in full time practice and in teaching until about 8 years ago when my frustration level began to pique. my hands were consistently tied. nonetheless, i persevered, attended more classes in disant cities, studied more from the Organon, more Kent, etc. and yet, there were too many cases that could not be touched.

      meanwhile i studied with Dr. Ramakrishnan from India who was an MD and classical homeopath who taught us tricks of using pathology specific rems all the while apologizing for stepping outside of classical.

      FINALLY! Someone honest enough to admit that we needed pathology specific methods that were reproducable! How can we consider homeopathy a viable and scientific method if 5 homeopaths come up with 5 different remedies?

      i began using his pathology speicifc protocols, guiltily purchased Indian books of the same ilk and saw better and consistent results.

      then i was offered a fellowship with the the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation last year and am presently in Calcutta doing the same. i stay here for nearly 6 glorious weeks observing and recording over 100 cases per day. it is the busiest medical clinic in the world and the protocols are set in stone. there are 10 homeopaths here and each sees 100 cases per day. that’s 6000 cases per week on a data base that’s irrefutable! Can any classical homeopath show consistent results and data that comes close to these numbers? In classical, we’re lucky to
      be able to take 8 cases per day!

      Last April, I presented my case of moving from classical to pathology specific to the National Center of Homeopathy to a standing room only group of over 500 attentees (mostly practicioners and students of the classical mode).

      And although i expected them to throw tomatoes at me, instead they were deligted to learn there was a way other than classical.

      As a direct result of this, Drs. Baneji were asked to present this coming April in CA. on this very subject. No problem for them as they speak at the main cancer institutes in the US and Europe and NIH on a regular basis.

      what i am most grateful for is that now i can teach mothers and others how to treat their families for chronic conditions better than i could as a classical practitioner of 18 years!

      teaching familes has been my mission from day one, but oh how frustrating it was when i always had to put my hand up and explain that this or that was outside the ability of a family to treat becuase it was a chroinc condition.

      Freedom at last! Freedom from the restraints of old shakles that were held by those who know no other way!

      theres much to be learned in the classical mode, but it is foundational only, limiting, and far to slow for my taste to cling to it for reasons other than 100 years ago, Kent said so.

      Should you be interested, i offer webinars on this subject of how to treat chroinc using simple protocols.

      January 15th, 2014 9:48 pm Reply
  • joette calabrese

    Homeopathics are safe for all ages, all conditions including newborns, the elderly and during pregnancy. just be sure to follow the protocols above.

    January 12th, 2014 9:12 pm Reply
  • Janine

    Hi Sarah & Joette,
    I just read the article about Flu prevention and was wondering if you might know if this protocol is ok to use for babies/ toddlers the way its described in the featured article of flu prevention.
    Any help is much appreciated!!!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write these great posts & articles. SO helpful!!!

    January 12th, 2014 2:24 pm Reply
  • Angel

    Is there a book that you would recommend to get started learning more about homeopathic remedies and prevention? A reference of some sort maybe that lists safety and dosing for different ages? And are the things mentioned in this article safe for any age?

    January 11th, 2014 6:01 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      At the end of this article, you will find a free download of a small book i’ve written on the subject of the flu. but if you visit my site,, you’ll find loads of free info. feel free to sign up for my bolg where i write these kidns of articles every week with one thing in mind…to teach families health autonomy through homeopathy. I raised my now adult children without ever going to a pediatircian or any doctor for that matter, depending on homeopathy only. This is what I teach other families to do.
      Should you be interested, download my CD’s books or take one of my on line courses. Class members have special access and one on one attention via an insider forum and Facebook group.

      ‘Hope this helps and keep on healing your family yourself!

      January 12th, 2014 9:23 pm Reply
  • Larry

    Hi Chris

    I am a student of Joette’s now. I started with a digital download that Joette offered from one of her guest blogs here on Sarah’s site.

    The download was a transcript of one of Joette’s CD’s it was about Cell Salts. From there I found the free membership site and started reading the articles and research papers on homeopathy.

    Now as a student in Joette’s Good Gut Bad Gut course I am happy to report that I eliminated a troublesome problem I had with bloating after every meal. This last Holiday season was one of the most enjoyable in many years, as I was able to eat everything. And I did!

    By the way the remedy Lyco Ars and I no longer need to take it.

    January 10th, 2014 10:32 pm Reply
  • Chris

    Thanks for posting. I have a question. Where does a person get started, if they want to learn about Homeopathy? We are dabbling in it, but do not know a lot about it, like we do other things. Any resources or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    January 10th, 2014 6:01 pm Reply
    • Jef

      Try the book homeopathic self care by Robert Ullman.

      January 11th, 2014 1:27 pm Reply
    • Liz

      Hi Chris,

      I would second getting on Joette’s site and looking at some of her articles and downloads. Then, if you can swing it, her classes are fabulous! I have learned so much and rely on homeopathy to treat my family of 5 for things large and small.

      The National Center for Homeopathy is also a wonderful organization with an extensive website and some great resources!

      Best of luck! There is nothing like homeopathy for achieving true and lasting health!

      January 12th, 2014 9:52 am Reply
    • John

      My wife took Joette’s course but started out with her downloads and cd’s. in fact we all listened to them. We even learn frm her blog since it has kept us out of the doctor’s office now for over 4 years. It used to be that we’d practically set up camp in his office. Thank God we learned this stuff too, becuase its only going to get worse with Obama Care. No more antibiotics for my family, thanks to this info.

      January 12th, 2014 9:10 pm Reply
  • Sarah

    We have chosen to not vaccinate. I am a bit concerned about one issue…rubella. How can we hopefully protect they and their possible future little ones from being effected by rubella during pregnancy. My understanding is that rubella can cause deafness in the baby if caught by mama during the first trimester. I understand and would LOVE it if my girls could get rubella. My understanding is that it is extremely mild. It is however, very difficult to find rubella for kiddos to get it to experience life immunity.

    January 10th, 2014 10:28 am Reply
    • joette calabrese

      while there is no doubt that rubella can cause some serious porbelms in unborn babes, it is more rare than you might think. read as much as you can about it on line.

      you can and should be tested for titers to it before becoming pregnant. most people don’t know they had rubella, so a test would likely be necessary.

      additionally, many who have been vaccinated still don’t show resistance, so if you decide to vaccinate, there’s no guarantee.
      having said this, using homeopathic prophylaxis is the most viable way to prevent illness in the future.

      January 10th, 2014 9:38 pm Reply
      • Maureen Fitz

        You have no evidence for your statement. Get vaccinated. Most are protected. If in doubt, have pathogy tests for antibody levels, and have a booster immunisation if titers are low. Risking miscarriage, heart abnormalities, deafness and blindness in unborn children, is a shocking form of child abuse.

        January 25th, 2014 6:10 am Reply
        • Dee

          Oh puhleeze that horse has done been ridden. I am so sick of people running at the mouth of child abuse because a parent wants to have the option to make a choice about vaccines with their children. Since when did you become judge, jury, and executioner? Your comment is sickening and your the one that is a shocking head in the sand sheeple.

          July 27th, 2014 12:12 am Reply
        • Meredith

          I live in Australia and was born in the 70s. All girls received Rubella vaccination at 13 years of age. My friend (same age, also vaxxed at 13) contracted Rubella when she was pregnant with her second child. Fortunately, her daughter was not affected. I was titre tested after the birth of my second child and found to have no antibodies to Rubella either and was subsequently vaxxed. Fortunately I never contracted it (or even knew anyone else who had until I met my friend).This is, of course, anecdotal, but I have a few take away points: 1. My friend was shocked that she was able to contract this since she had been vaxxed. We all assume we are ‘safe’ and that it’s all taken care of; 2. While I am sure that there ARE complications from contracting Rubella in utero (such as deafness), it shows that it is not guaranteed; 3. I was never tested again for titres for Rubella (not that I think that titres are the be-all end-all of immunity any longer, either), even though I went on to have 6 other children. Everyone (ie.I and my doctors) just assumed that I was immune because I was vaxxed, even though no-one knows how long vaccine “immunity” lasts in an individual; 4. if I had contracted Rubella as a child, I would have had extremely long-lasting, natural immunity.

          Get vaxxed if you want to, for sure, but do be aware that it’s not cut and dried.

          March 21st, 2015 9:25 am Reply
  • Kathy

    This is an excellent article. We got whooping cough in 2010 from friends who were fully vaccinated. After it progressed for so long, I took my children to the doctor. When I explained that we contracted whooping cough from fully vaccinated friends, our doctor had the excuse that these friends probably hadn’t received the vaccine within the past five years. ??? He prescribed a pretty high dose of a strong antibiotic and warned me that this could harm my children’s stomachs. When I asked if the antibiotic would lessen the severity of the cough, the answer was no. Would it lessen the time that my children would have whooping cough? The answer was no. So I asked him what the antibiotic would do for them? He said that it would keep others from contracting whooping cough from my children. I told him that my mom had recently had surgery. While taking this antibiotic, could the children could be around their grandmother? He said “No. Don’t let them go near her until they stop coughing.” We never filled the prescription, and we never went back to that doctor. What an eye opener!! We did treat the cough homeopathically.

    January 10th, 2014 12:38 am Reply
    • joette calabrese

      i’m delighted that your family is well and past this trying illness, but i have to tell you that i chuckled the entire time while reading your recollection. what you witnessed is an example of the rationale of allopathic medicine.

      indeed, if you persist long enough in a conversation with pediatricans, as you did, you can easily dismantle their every arguement. the reason you were able to deduce so well is that you apparently have tenacity with just the right amount of info and intelligence to boot!

      you are a mom par excellance!

      January 10th, 2014 9:31 pm Reply
    • Maureen Fitz

      Pertussis immunity from either natural infection or immunisation does not need booster immunisations. So it is really silly to expect friends whose immunisations have not been boostered to have immunity, and also silly to expect those who have had the natural disease to be immune. It is very important to protect little babies, those with immune deficiencies, etc., It is not all about you coughing, when you didn’t bother to immunise. Antibiotics can lessen transmission of the disease and a small number of people have side effects such as nausea or diarrhoea. No permanent harm. Doctors have to warn you of every possible adverse effect by law! For the first five days of antibiotic treatment your children should not be around others. No doctor would tell anyone they should not be around others until they stop coughing. As your children were not immunised, this could be 6 months! It is not standard advice. You misheard. You treated the cough with homeopathic water, but do not reveal the lack of success of this!

      January 25th, 2014 6:23 am Reply
  • Laura

    Thank you Joette Calabrese for this wonderful information. Most important to me is your reminder to be educated and make choices. Don’t just let medicine (or other things) happen to you. Be informed, it’s worth it.

    Much appreciation for the free download of the ahh-choo pdf. I am looking forward to reading and learning and applying my new knowledge. There is so much to learn and your posts and site help me along the way.

    January 9th, 2014 11:21 pm Reply
  • bill

    Great article and I would also suggest looking at Drosera 30c for the 100-day cough as this worked like a charm for our child. Again, best to consult your homeopath as it is hard for us parents to really understand the subtle differences- but it was incredible how it worked instantly (and this is after 20+ days of trying other methods).

    January 9th, 2014 3:07 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      as a classical homeopath, mom and educator, i must telll you that although it is good idea to have a homeopath in the wings, it never ceases to amaze me how effective responsible parents can be. thanks for your post.

      drosera is a great remedy for whooping cough and i never stop taking joy in hearing the stories relayed by parents who have taken on homeopathy as their go-to medicine.

      nice job bill.

      January 10th, 2014 9:45 pm Reply
  • Nancy

    I have 4 children ages 5 and under. We do not vaccinate. Because of our work environment our kids are exposed to many germs. (They all come to work with us). They are very healthy and rarely sick beyond an occasional common cold. We eat very clean. We do however have one child with a dairy sensitivity and another sensitive to dairy and wheat. (So we generally keep both out of the house. Onto my question…I would like to move toward homeopathic health solutions but feel overwhelmed by wealth of information and options. Can you guide me to a good source that will not further overwhelm me? Love your blog and the useful topics and information!

    January 9th, 2014 2:49 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      feel free to visit my website, and click on one of the 3 photo panels on the home page. one is called “5 Mistakes Parents Make” and the other is entitled “Good Gut; Bad Gut”. As a mother and homeopath for over 27 years, i raised my children using homeopathy only; never a visit to the pediatirican or any doctor for that matter and although i meet with clients from all over the world, the essence of my work is to teach mothers how to have full or even partial self empowerment in their healthcare.

      Staying out of the doctors office is a goal worthy of smart mothers. Should you be interested, I offer loads of free as well as tuition based information to help mothers learn my simple homeopathy methods.

      I’m a classically trianed homeopath and i know how time consuming classical training can be so i’ve distilled it in the way i wish someone had done for me when i first started out as a mom.

      January 10th, 2014 9:20 pm Reply
  • Carrie

    My family, all 9 of us, contracted Whooping Cough last spring… including the 7 month old. We all did fine, with no antibiotics. We did the HIGH doses of Vitamin C per Suzanne Humphries’ protocol. It made a HUGE difference. When we slacked on the dose, the cough got worse. It was a miracle.

    January 9th, 2014 1:46 pm Reply
    • cell

      We r going on 1 month with dr. Humphries vit c protocol. Kids still have the congested cough, but no coighing fits. How long did the cough last when your family had it?

      June 28th, 2015 11:05 pm Reply
  • courtney

    I found this article to be very enlightening!

    January 9th, 2014 1:26 pm Reply
  • Magda

    I’ll be going home tonight and checking my homeopathy kit for these!
    I recently treated what I suspect was a virus in my almost 4 year old, with homeopathy. He’s been sick for weeks and nothing was working (herbs, syrup, cold medicine, etc. – all holistic). His lymph nodes under the ears were quite swollen and he complained of his ‘neck hurting’. I finally talked to a friend of mine (classically trained homeopath) and she suggested some remedies. My LO was better within hours!! It was amazing. After 2 days, he was basically back to normal!! I still went to the doctor (more for DH’s benefit) just to get a diagnosis – turned out to be a right ear infection. Happy to say it went away (I was ready to do garlic oil but didn’t, we did do an extra chiro adjustment) and LO himself said his neck no longer hurts. I love these results!!

    January 9th, 2014 12:31 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      my staff and i hear such stories daily. just know that when a remedy doesn’t work, it means its ill chosen. as you’ve noted, the right remedy always works.

      keep learning. you can become the healer of your home for most any ill.

      January 10th, 2014 9:50 pm Reply
  • Jennifer

    Hello! I have been looking into Homeoprophylaxis for my 5-month-old daughter. I do not vaccinate and want to do all that I can help boost her immune system. What are your thoughts on the HP program? Do you agree with it? Do you have any concerns about it?

    January 9th, 2014 10:56 am Reply
    • joette calabrese

      i used homeoprophylaxis for my children when they were young, and although 2 of them were exposed to whooping cough a few times, they never got it. meanwhile their classmates, who were vaccinated contracted it. this happened twice. one time, the fuly vaccinated boy who had whooping cough sat adjacent to my son in nearly every one of his HS classes! it was a funny little story given that the school nurse was always worried about our sons and they were the only ones about whom she needn’t worry!

      January 10th, 2014 9:05 pm Reply
  • Jacqui

    I live in India, I would love to be able to get reliable good homeopathic medicines to keep on hand. Can you please put a link here for where the clinic in Kolkata buys their ingredients? It’s hard to trust people here and I’m told that some homeopathic dr’s put steroids into the medicines they use so I’d really love to know a trustworthy source.

    January 9th, 2014 10:21 am Reply
    • Sherri

      I would suggest getting in touch with Joette’s staff through the link she provided above in her article. That will take you directly to her blog.

      January 9th, 2014 10:43 pm Reply
    • Prof. M. Senan, Prof. of Allopathy and Prof. Homoeoathy, Cal.75.

      The most trustworthy in Calcutta by way of long association of teacher to student, is Hahnemann Publishing Co.(HAPCO); that is the name, on BB. Ganguly St. Cal. They sell best of the lot of homoeopathic medications. Almost all shops sell Reckweg, Schwabe and Boiron medicines; but insist on getting them in original sealed phails.
      Other local products are Seth and Dey, strand Road, Calcutta. and numerous others. As far as my experience goes most, rather almost all shops are reliable. If you are particular go for the above shops. I treat diseases which are declared and incurable, anatomical changes have taken place and have crossed the point of no return and accept medicines from any reasonably good store, and if it do not work, I and the only person to be blamed for a bad prescription.
      Have faith in majority of stores.

      January 13th, 2014 4:29 am Reply
  • Amy

    Homeopathy is certainly an option, however, it’s not true that antibiotics are the only option (and by the way prolong duration and do not improve symptoms) for treating this illness.

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries has a Vitamin C protocol that worked wonderfully with my little one when she got sick with whooping cough. Please consider this viable option as well for those who may not wish to “vaccinate” homeopathically.

    January 9th, 2014 10:18 am Reply
    • joette calabrese

      vitamin c can no doubt be useful in infectious and some other diseases, yet it is not efficacious in many chronic conditions, injuries, etc. and is useless if there is no vitamin c deficiency.

      for example, warts, eczema, depression, insomnia, poly cystic ovarain syndrome, nausea, food intollerances, asthma, arthritis… i can go on. homeopathy is a medical method that encompasses all of human suffering.

      this is the main reason why i abandoned vitamin therapy over 27 years ago in lieu of learning homeopathy. i was looking for an all encompassing medical paradigm with which i could replace allopathy for anyl medical situation and homeopathy fit the bill for my family and me and now thousands of my students.

      January 10th, 2014 10:04 pm Reply
    • Wendy

      While I can appreciate the enthusiasm for using homeopathy for whooping cough, and have read resports online about how effective it is, in our experience it did nothing for us 8.5 yrs ago. Having a practitioner with experience in it would be critical IMO. My then EXCLUSIVELY breastfed 3 month old, my 3.5 yr old and myself contracted it from a local teenager. We didn’t eat any junk, sugar, use plastic and we made all meals from scratch and we juiced etc. I had an ND, a homeopath and an alternative MD to consult with. My homeopath consulted with me by PHONE and literally just kept throwing remedies at it starting with drosera. I have all of the ones listed above and many more. It was a very long- 100 days, exhausting ordeal complete with baby turning blue on many occasions. and it was 6 months of mega nutrition and C for a year to try and build us back up. Turns out despite our healthy choices, living in the country, homebirth blah blah my kids and I were off the charts high in lead, and also high in aluminum and arsenic so said our hair analysis. I didn’t learn about sodium ascorbate (vit c) until we were 3 or 4 weeks in and it helped immensely, thanks to Hilary over at thhe boards – although I didn’t really have the confidence in how to use it like I do now :-) People need to realize this isn’t something you ‘cure’ with colloidal silver or oil of oregano or antibiotics (they make it so you are not contagious to others and you don’t have to be quarantined) … its the toxins that cause the problem and cause the damage to the cilia hairs etc. Only about 50% get the whoop and its commonly misdiagnosed :-( If someone has a cough for over 3 weeks, they say it’s very likely it could be pertussis!

      January 13th, 2014 3:27 pm Reply
      • joette calabrese

        I’m so sorry that you and your family suffered with this trying illness and you’re right, sometimes even those who have made inteligent lifestyle choices still get hit hard, but i must mention that if the remedies thrown at you were ineffective, it means that they were either ill chosen or were not repeated properly.

        Unfortunately, classical homeopaths are not trained to deal with these kinds of acute illnesses. they ofen use only one remedy at a time which is too slow acting. the protocols are specific and if they are not followed, just like any medicine, they fall flat.

        It wasn’t homeopathy that failed you, it was the applicaiton of it.

        January 14th, 2014 4:11 am Reply
      • Sam

        Hi there, medical scientist here,

        You could well be getting lead from any number of sources – it doesn’t easily leave the body, and thus has a tendency to accumulate. The same is true of arsenic. In fact, your “healthy” meals could well have caused your problems if the soil the vegetables grew on say was from an old battery factory.

        However, that’s not the point here. Pertussis is a serious infection that causes lasting damage to infants who get it. There’s a totally mercury- and live/inactivated-virus-free vaccine available called the acellular pertussis vaccine. It’s acellular, which means there’s absolutely no viruses in it, and it doesn’t contain any mercury at all. Every single fair study shows that these vaccines are almost totally safe (the only reported injuries tend to be what are called “site injuries”, and are the result of simple inflammation as your body’s immune system heals up the hole the syringe made), and they dramatically reduce both the chance of getting pertussis and the severity if you do.

        Please, even if you don’t get vaccinated yourself, think of your children (turning BLUE is a serious, SERIOUS medical emergency and can cause brain damage from hypo- or anoxia) and get a safe, acellular and 100% mercury free vaccine for a deadly illness.

        January 25th, 2014 8:44 am Reply
        • Lisa

          I totally agree with you about the vaccinations. As a young child, I developed whooping cough. It is not only a cough as some of these people are claiming. It is unlike Asthma or any other cough you will ever experience in your lifetime. It is a “whoop” sound. You cough out so deep that you cannot inhale. You continue to cough out while not being able to breath in. You vomit uncontrollably while doing so. You try to gasp for air, but continue to cough and vomit. I remember my parents crying and dragging me outside to try to get me some “air” so that I would start breathing again. I was very young, but I still have memories of this. I was admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks with this horrible condition. I was not given the vaccine as a child and my parents swore afterwards that I would be given all my shots on schedule. I was given my shot for Pertussis after the ordeal even though I had already had that horrible sickness. My kids have also had all their shots on schedule.

          January 29th, 2014 8:56 am Reply
  • Karen Adams

    I contracted pertussis in October 2012. along with the symptoms came extremely severe asthmatic symptoms. I had some exercise induced asthma in high school, but have literally had zero asthma symptoms since then. I’m 33.I was so desperate for some relief that I did two rounds of anti inflammatory steroids. I can’t remember the name of the medication now. I cringed every time I popped that pill. But at least it seemed to give me a little relief.

    my specialist also put me on flovent twice a day, though I didn’t see any noticeable results from that. more than a year later, I am still having troubling asthmatic symptoms. No one can seem to tell me why; they just want to “help me manage my asthma.”

    Right now I am trying serrapeptase for what I hope are over-inflamed airways. I refuse to accept the notion that this terrible asthma is simply something I have to deal with forever. Please tell me I’m right?! Of course, I was given the runaround for refusing an additional pertussis vaccine…

    January 9th, 2014 10:16 am Reply
    • Amy

      Karen, maybe try the high oral doses of Vitamin C recommended by Dr. Humphries in my comment below? My understanding is that respiratory illnesses are often due to a deficiency in this vitamin. Might be worth a try!

      January 9th, 2014 10:20 am Reply
    • Gina

      I recommend reading this article about Asthma. Really good info.

      January 9th, 2014 11:28 am Reply
    • Chuck

      Please read “A Cure For Asthma” by David L. Hahn MD, MS.
      Also read the website
      Good chance it’s Mycoplasma or Chlamydia pneumonia.

      January 9th, 2014 4:37 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      the problem with allopathic medicine is that it manages symptoms. its not unlike unscrewing the smoke alarm (removing thsoe darned annoying symptoms) while allowing the fire to remain ablaze on the stove. homeopathy does not do that. instead, it gets to the essence of the problem and uproots it. it has a world wide reputation for releasing the person from stuck pathology that is a result of poor medical management.

      January 10th, 2014 8:54 pm Reply
    • joette calabrese

      I cured myself of asthma over 15 years ago via homeopathy. my diet was WAPF and had been prisitne for at least a decade, yet only homeopathy uprooted my disease. i’ve taught thousands how to do this as well. homeopathy is medicine and to be honest all else pales in comparison.

      January 14th, 2014 4:14 am Reply
      • mic

        could u elaborate on what u did to overcome asthma? my husband suffers from it. he also has an arthritic condition totally controlled with diet we can’t seem to get the asthma under control.

        January 16th, 2014 9:35 am Reply
        • joette calabrese

          if you’d like to speak to me regarding this, feel free to conatct my office via my website and my assistant will schdule a 15 minute time for us to peak at no fee.

          January 16th, 2014 10:45 pm Reply
    • Sam

      Asthma is not the result of a pathogenic disease. It’s an illness acquired in children, and cannot be cured by currently known medicine. Treatments are typically asthma inhalers.

      I’ll tell you this; there’s no financial or economic benefit to anyone by not inventing a cure for asthma. Asthma is something that people have always had, from now to back in the dark ages. The reason more people appear to have it now though is that a) there are less triggers around that could cause a fatal attack and b) in the event of an attack, it’s easily treatable.

      Since asthma is a natural result of being human, there’s no way we can prevent it. As such, there’s a guaranteed supply of people needing the cure. Since any company that cured asthma would immediately own the entire market for asthma medication, there’s an enormous financial incentive to develop a cure. The fact that there isn’t one demonstrates that it must be incredibly hard to treat.

      Asthma is permanent I’m afraid.

      January 25th, 2014 8:35 am Reply
      • amanda

        I love it when doctors tell me there is no cure, but can’t explain how i was able to throw away my puffers ! I was asthmatic well into my 30’s and I am no longer asthmatic or allergic to cats or grass, or anything. I managed it from cleaning up my immune system, my gut and avoiding dairy, flour, sugar and fruit etc..Asthma isn’t permanent, but unfortunately many people’s bad habits and unwillingness to change is the stuckness that causes the permanence ! There is no medication for that !

        July 15th, 2015 6:21 am Reply

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