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paleo banana fritters recipe

Grain Free Banana Fritters Recipe

This recipe for grain free banana fritters is very filling and loaded with healthy fats so you won't overeat. Your family will never know that they are gluten free and made with almond flour.

Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Mix batter well in a glass bowl. Thinly slice ripe bananas 1/2 inch thick. See the picture above to get an idea about the thickness of each slice.

  2. Liquefy expeller coconut oil to about 1/2 inch deep in a small stainless steel pan (about 6" across) and heat the oil for a few minutes on med-high heat. Expeller coconut oil is recommended over virgin coconut oil for this recipe because expeller pressed has no taste. If you enjoy a slight coconut-y flavor to your banana fritters, then by all means use virgin coconut oil instead.

  3. Be sure to check the temperature of the coconut oil to be sure it does not exceed 350 °F/ 177°C. Exceeding the smokepoint of a given cooking oil creates free radicals! I check oil temperature while I am cooking with an inexpensive candy thermometer.

  4. Fully immerse 2 or 3 slices of sliced banana or plantain in the batter and then carefully place in the hot oil.

  5. Fry bananas until medium brown on both sides.

  6. Remove banana fritters from oil with a slotted, stainless steel spoon and place on a plate.

  7. Cool slightly and serve banana fritters warm with a small dipping dish of raw honey. Fabulous!

Recipe Notes

If you don't have time to soak, dehydrate and grind almonds into almond flour yourself, you can purchase sprouted almond flour instead.

Another optional idea is to mix in a very small amount of green banana powder with the batter.  This adds a healthy prebiotic to an already nutritious treat!

Substitute plantains for bananas if preferred.