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Healthy, Traditional Sprouted Stuffing Recipe

Traditional Sprouted Stuffing Recipe

This digestible, nourishing stuffing recipe made with sprouted ingredients is a healthy addition to your holiday meal that won't leave you feeling sluggish.

Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Keyword old fashioned, sprouted, traditional
Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Melt butter in small saucepan at low heat. Crumble bread into breadcrumbs or use food processor (this is the one I have). 

  2. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl. Thoroughly mix in onion, garlic, celery. Add melted butter and mix to completely distribute butter throughout.

  3. You may use this mixture either as stuffing (inside the turkey) or as dressing (in a pan cooked separately).

  4. Stuffing: Firmly pack handfuls of the mixture into turkey cavity and enclose and cook inside turkey until turkey is done. While turkey is resting after roasting, remove stuffing from cavity and place on serving dish.

  5. Dressing: Fill bread pan with mixture and press down firmly with hands to create an inch or two of a gap between top of dressing and top of bread pan. Bake with or without turkey for 60 minutes (preferably at 325F/160C) and remove. It should be golden brown on top and moist but not wet inside.

Recipe Notes

Do not use any types of Ezekiel sprouted bread as they contain vital wheat gluten, a potent anti-nutrient and cheap additive. 

A loaf of sourdough bread or the equivalent in crusts may be substituted for sprouted bread as desired. 

Alternatively, contact the Weston Price Foundation for a copy of its annual Shopping Guide for a list of artisanal bakers that will ship to your door.