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homemade steak sauce

Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe

Homemade steak sauce recipe made with whole ingredients and healthy fats so that you don't end up with a nasty headache and bloating later like what happens with commercial brands!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 cup
Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Mix all ingredients in a small glass mason jar set in a small pan of simmering water. 

  2. Stir a few times until the butter or ghee is melted and the sauce is warm. 

  3. Serve and enjoy!

  4. Store leftover homemade steak sauce in the refrigerator. Storing in glass will retain the flavor and freshness better.

  5. This steak sauce typically keeps for about a month.

Recipe Notes

Store bought or homemade ghee may be used in place of butter for those that are sensitive to milk proteins.