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food for ill chicken

Sick Chicken Chow

Recipe for food to feed a sick or convalescing chicken.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1
Author Sarah Pope



  1. Mix all the ingredients together well.

  2. Pour mixture into a small pan on the stovetop. Medium heat.

  3. Scramble the egg as usual.

  4. After the scrambled egg cools, grate in the fresh, raw liver.

  5. Give to your chicken immediately.

Recipe Notes

Try to feed the sick chicken when she is alone. Otherwise, the healthy hens will eat it all up before she can get in a single bite!

Scrambled egg is the perfect food for a sick chicken because it is soft and easy to eat. It is also the perfect delivery mechanism for the other therapeutic ingredients like the liver and olive oil.

The olive oil is a very important ingredient as this will safely loosen up anything that might be stuck digestively or within the reproductive system. A partially formed or stuck egg or a bit of toxic food that was eaten will be moved out of the system quickly this way.

The raw liver is an important ingredient as it is incredibly nutrient dense and a superfood. Remember, chickens are omnivores. A hen that is sick is probably not eating much, so the few bites she takes must be as loaded with nutrition as possible. If you don't have any liver, just make the olive oil infused scrambled egg, but note that you may not experience as much success healing your hen.

If your sick chicken does not eat all the chow, that is fine. The rest of the flock will happily eat it up when they discover it.

Make this recipe fresh once a day until your chicken is fully recovered.