Jun Tea

This recipe for Jun tea is delicious and easy to make and will delight kombucha fans.

Servings 16
Author Sarah Pope MGA



  1. Heat the water to 165 F/74 C in a large pot. Use a frying or candy thermometer to check the water is not too hot (I use this one).

    Hint: Do not boil the water like when making kombucha.

  2. Remove the pot from the heat.

  3. Place 4 tsp loose tea in a stainless steel tea mesh (I use this one) and hook to the side of the pot. Let steep for 2 minutes.

  4. Remove tea mesh and pour hot tea into a fermentation vessel (I use these).

  5. Stir in honey and let the mixture come to room temperature.

  6. Stir in the starter and stir to mix. Place Jun tea culture on top. Cover with a clean, white tea towel or flour sack cloth (like these) and secure with a large rubber band.

  7. Place in a quiet room (the top of a bureau in a guest bedroom or the top of a file cabinet in a home office is perfect). Ideally, not the top of the refrigerator or other appliances as the EMFs will weaken the Jun culture over time).

  8. Leave undisturbed and do not move for 3-6 days.

  9. Harvest after 3 days if you wish to bottle the Jun tea for 3 more days for additional fizziness (see this video for the how-to) or leave for 6 full days if you don't intend to bottle.

  10. Place Jun cultures in a glass jar or bowl with sufficient brewed Jun tea to cover and reserve in the refrigerator for your next batch.

  11. Bottled Jun tea should always be very cold and opened in the sink to prevent accidental fizzing over onto the counter and floors.

  12. Finished Jun tea should be stored in the refrigerator in clear glass only. No plastic, no enamel, no colored glass.