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This week, from August 7-9, 2012, Paul Wheaton, founder of, the largest internet site on permaculture, will be hosting a giveaway on the new permies’ Food as Medicine forum for a FREE registration to the Weston A. Price Conference of choice or the 2012 Raw Milk Symposium!






There are 3 conferences to choose from:

  • The 4th Annual Raw Milk Symposium, October 19-20, 2012 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

How to Enter to Win a Free Conference Registration

All you have to do to have your name entered into the giveaway is join and post in the Food as Medicine forum sometime between August 7-9, 2012.  I will be representing the Weston A. Price Foundation as part of this giveaway contest and will be available answering questions on this forum during this time, so be sure to head over to permies and let’s chat!

*To win, the permies member must have a ‘real sounding name’ and also be signed up for Paul Wheaton’s daily-ish newsletter.

Here’s the best part if you like to eat good food:  Meals are included with the conference registration. This makes the giveaway package worth up to $400 for the winner!

If you haven’t ever eaten at a Wise Traditions Conference, you haven’t lived.  The food is not only nourishing and tasty, it is locally sourced as much as possible and traditionally prepared so that you will feel your absolute best as you listen and absorb all the leading edge health information that is shared by the Conference speakers.

Make sure you check out, sign up with a real sounding name, and post in the Food as Medicine forum before Thursday night, August 9, 2012 so that you can be entered for a chance to win!


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The Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Mother to 3 healthy children, blogger, and best-selling author, she writes about the practical application of Traditional Diet and evidence-based wellness within the modern household. Her work has been featured by USA Today, The New York Times, ABC, NBC, and many others.

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