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I spend quite a bit of time each week answering comments on my blogs, both old and new. I love answering comments and no question is ever a “dumb” question in my book. The only dumb questions are the ones that never get asked!

That being said, there are always a few comments each week that really grab my attention for whatever reason.

Here are the ones in the spotlight this week (don’t miss the final comment! I had to break out a couple of charts for this one) ….

Brilliant Comments

This from Bochon regarding the post Why Skim Milk Will Make You Fat:

Excellent post. A lifelong sugar and refined carb addict with an extremely strong family history of Type 2 diabetes, i was diagnosed as a diabetic last year. After doing some research and rejecting the ADA low-fat “diabetic diet”, I cut out refined sugar and carbs from my diet and switched to whole milk organic yogurt as my main source of dairy. I have lost 40 pounds to date relatively painlessly and my fasting blood sugar is down 130 points. Total cholesterol is 150. Our bodies were not designed or did not evolve to eat so many refined carbs.

Bochon, your comment really made my day!  I just love it when folks “get it” and the light bulb goes off so quickly as in your case.  That’s what happened to me years ago when I first listened to a cassette tape of “Why Butter is Better” by Sally Fallon Morell.  It was an instantaneous “aha” moment and I felt like such a sucker for having been snookered by all the lowfat, butter substitute propaganda for so many years.   Congratulations on taking such immediate steps to moving back toward healthy, traditional fats by chucking the Smart Balance in the circular file!

This comment from Angela, responding to Slay the Sugar Monster in Four Doable Steps:

I’ll chime in too…cooking with real old fashioned fat really does tame the sugar craving for me AND the tendency to overeat. I made homemade chicken stock and used it to cook rice (with lots of chicken fat included), and made chicken & rice casserole with homemade “cream of” mushroom/chicken/celery. Real butter, whole milk. Usually I can and do eat more than one helping of chicken & rice when cooked the old way (no good fat, canned soup). This time, I could not bring myself to eat more than one serving, I felt so full. Fat IS satisfying!

The bonus here is that taking a day to make homemade stock equips me for at least a week’s worth of stock for using in soup, casseroles, etc. It is cheaper than buying canned broth, and healthier too since I know exactly what’s going into it.

Angela, your observations are awesome!  Being in touch with your body and noticing how your feel and react to food is what it’s all about.  Finding ways to incorporate traditional foods and the critical preparation methods (which are usually ignored) into the diet and embracing traditional fats are the keys that unlock the door to vibrant health.

Another insightful comment from PBMom from PBMom’s Blog in reference to Formaldehyde: Don’t Breath or Touch – Injecting is Just Fine!

It’s the same mixed message that government gives women who are pregnant. Limit your mercury exposure by limiting the quantities of fish known to have high levels of it, but please do get your flu shot that contains methyl mercury in it. Did you all read the article that links toxins in the environment to autism, including methyl mercury and possible phthalates? It would be interesting to see a study if the rates of autism are leveling out in Europe since they are banned. I read that even organic canned goods have been found to have phthalates in them. Of course, that doesn’t help that our fish sources are now containing phthalates because of the plastic garbage patches in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Then there is the mercury toxicity in the pesticides of high-fructose corn syrup (in things tested like Yoplait Strawberry yogurt of all things, or Hershey’s syrup. I watched the Fox news clip where they were sharing with their audience and both doctors talk about the report, the mercury and that this is pretty great study, yet when asked about vaccines at the end of the report – oh no, no link. HEADSLAM. You just said there was a link between one of the ingredients still left in some vaccines, that are recommended to pregnant women. Even RhoGAM, the shot they give women for blood incompatibility has mercury in it (unless the woman is smart enough to ask for the one that does not have it).

Bingo!  You’ve hit the nail on the head, PBMom!  When health messages are contradictory, time to tune them out.  The government’s health recommendations no longer have any credibility do they?  Common sense is critical to finding one’s way in the morass of health propaganda that abounds today which is why the healthy habits of Traditional Cultures is such a beacon of light to those of us who are confused!

Boneheaded Unenlightened Comment

This over the top comment from L The Scientist in response to If You Are In Support Of Vaccinations, Read This if You Dare:

Have you all lost your minds? Do you not remember a little thing called SMALLPOX and how it was irradicated? I suppose it was by luck? No,….by Vaccines, my friends. Learn your history. And why are vaccines for smallpox not given any more..oh yeah, because they are NOT NEEDED since they did their job the first time. I can imagine all of you watching your poor children suffering horrid deaths caused by smallpox and other vaccine-preventable diseases then pat yourself on the back for “saving them” from harmful toxins in their bodies. EVERTHING we put in our bodies holds the risk of making us sick. Does that mean we should stop eating, breathing air, drinking water? NO! We have to decide that the benefits outweigh the risk. Wake up people and do your REAL research; This “world renowned” neurologist is by no means “world renowned”. I did a search for him on Pubmed and do you know how many scientific research articles he has written on his “research”? NOT A SINGLE ONE. He has merely published Reviews on his theories BY HIMSELF with NO collaborators whatsoever. No one wants to collaborate with bad science and “theories”. He can’t seem to get famous by scientific communities so he will pray on gullible parents to lead to the slaughter with their innocent babies being sacrificed in the meantime. Good job you so-called super parents.

L The Scientist, here’s some real scientific data for you – a graph of smallpox mortality before and after the vaccine was introduced (source of data: Office of National Statistics). Scarlet fever is also included for comparison to see that there was little to no difference between the two despite the fact that smallpox had a vaccine and scarlet fever did not. Epidemics have their own lifespan and as you can see from the graph, the smallpox vaccine had little to do with anything other than spiking the smallpox death rate.   Smallpox disappeared on its own like all infectious disease does after it runs it course.

The second graph shows mortality rates for measles, diptheria, whooping cough, typhoid, and scarlet fever.  As you can see with this graph, these diseases eventually all disappeared whether or not there was a vaccine for them (scarlet fever and typhoid had no vaccine and yet dwindled out just like measles, whooping cough and diptheria)! Vaccines had nothing to do with eradicating infectious disease – improved sanitation, no more horses in the streets, better access to fruits and veggies were all players in reducing infectious disease dramatically.   The source for this data is US Vital Statistics.  No fudging of data here like with the “safety studies” of vaccines conducted by the fox guarding the hen house – Big Pharma.

Sarah, TheHealthyHomeEconomist.com

Source: Healthsentinel, Smallpox Death Rate, US Disease Death Rate


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