soaked wafflesOne of the holiday traditions in our home is eating soaked waffles on Christmas morning after all the presents have been opened. In past years, I have always used the waffle recipe from Nourishing Traditions cookbook. I dutifully soaked the freshly ground, whole wheat, einkorn or spelt flour in buttermilk, yogurt, or kefir the night before and whipped up the batter in the morning.

healthy cereal is not in a boxThe second part of the e-class on how to make healthy cold breakfast cereal is below.  If you missed the first part, click here.

On The Healthy Home Economist Facebook page yesterday, I challenged everyone to go to their pantry and throw out every single box of breakfast cereal lurking in there.   

healthy cereal is not in a boxI’ve been wanting to do an e-class about how to make healthy cold cereal for some time, but because it takes several steps to do it properly, I haven’t had the opportunity to film it until just last week!Boxed breakfast cereals are some of the most toxic, unhealthy foods you can possibly buy at the grocery store.

mill for grain grindingMany readers have emailed me over recent weeks with questions regarding the grain grinding routine in my kitchen.   I realized that I needed to take a step back and show you the basics of selecting a grain grinder and other tasks related to making fresh flour to help you determine a routine that works best for you.

sprouted grains make sprouted flourThe video lesson features how to make sprouted grains at home and thus make your own sprouted flour for all your baking needs.

China is credited with developing the method for germinating seeds many centuries ago and on long ocean voyages, Chinese sailors used sprouted mung beans as a source of vitamin C for preventing scurvy.

soaking flour basicsThis video features one of the traditional methods of grain preparation:  soaking flour before making bread and other baked goods.

This traditional cooking technique is important to reduce anti-nutrients such as phytic acid in the grains which improves digestibility and absorption of minerals considerably. Other methods for reducing anti-nutrients in grains and improving digestibility include sour leavening (sourdough) and sprouting.

homemade pumpkin breadToday I baked a loaf of healthy pumpkin bread with the last cup of pureed pumpkin that I had made back at Thanksgiving. When I take the time to make pureed pumpkin, I always use in season pumpkins and make a lot, frozen in small containers. This way, I have enough not only for pumpkin pie

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