Since last summer, I’ve been periodically updating you all on the progress of Lauren and Brandon Sheard, an amazing young couple from Seattle, Washington.  They founded their company, Farmstead Meatsmith, with the goal of laying one more step on the path to a new food culture by reviving the traditional practice of homestead meat provenance.

fast food signI almost didn’t do this video.

I honestly thought it would be too wacky and out of the box for some readers to handle.

My change of heart occurred when one of my children said, “Mom, you HAVE to do that video”.

SarahThe Healthy Home Economist holds a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

swallow cod liver oil

In this nuts and bolts video, I show you exactly how I swallow cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil every day!  My kids take it the very same way.

That’s right.  I’m slugging it down for the whole wide world to see.

You now have no excuse.  

food labels

Nearly 50% of people make a resolution each New Year to lose weight and get healthier. In fact, a CNN poll in recent days found that 76% of people intend to try and lose weight in 2012.

This goal is not easily accomplished, however, unless you are a self taught expert at deciphering food labels and the many games food manufacturers play with ingredient names.

Is your budget crunched and your time short when it comes to preparing healthy meals for yourself and your family?

You’re not alone.  The time/budget challenge is something almost everyone has to come to grips with at some point and figuring out how to make it all work within the context of a very busy family isn’t easy.

traditional eatingOver the past eight months, I’ve been working on a 12 part Beginner Video series for the Weston A. Price Foundation which covers all aspects of traditional eating.

Today I am posting my favorite video from this now completed series which is titled Introduction to Traditional Eating.

My friend Cat Raymond of the Farm- to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund called me recently to see if I could help with a promotional video which would coincide with the release of the new Farmageddon documentary.

I was eager to help with this project as the mission of the Farm- to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is inextricably intertwined with the success of the Local Food Movement across America.

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