kefir grainsThere are two ways to make kefir. First, you can make homemade milk kefir from dairy milk. You can also use the same type of culture to make coconut milk kefir at home.

The other type of live kefir culture is used to make water kefir and kefir sodas.

apricot butter recipeMove over apple butter! Apricot butter is hands-down my husband’s favorite fermented food. The written recipe and video demo below shows you exactly how to make it using the Nourishing Traditions method. You will find innumerable uses for apricot butter in your kitchen.

As with all traditionally fermented foods,

homemade mango chutneyMy favorite condiment to go with chicken or fish is mango chutney. The recipe below plus video demonstrates how to ferment this favorite dish so that probiotics and additional enzymes are added which boost nutrient absorption and digestibility. It’s much more effective than taking an enzyme pill!

Another way to serve fermented mango chutney is to spoon it directly on top of a salad of organic baby greens.

homemade sauerkrautBy popular demand, the process of making homemade sauerkraut is explained and demonstrated in the two video lessons below. The written recipe is also provided by those who wish to dive right in.

This traditional food is probiotic rich and very nutrient dense unlike the vinegar packed sauerkraut wanna-be’s at the store.

wheyDo you know how to make whey from yogurt, kefir or raw milk? A by-product of this simple technique is nutrient rich cream cheese that is loaded with enzymes and probiotics.

The recipe below describes how with visual instructions via video demonstration!

How to Make Whey the REAL Way

Making real,

homemade kefirI prefer homemade kefir to yogurt because yogurt only has a 2-5 strains of beneficial bacteria. None of these aggressively attack and destroy pathogens in the gut like the probiotics in kefir do.

By the way, kefir is pronounced ku-feer (not kee-fer or ke-fer). 

Kefir made at home has dozens of beneficial bacterial strains as well as several beneficial yeasts.