traveling with kombuchaOur family enjoys lots of outdoor activities during the warmer months, but heat, humidity, sweat and thirst just seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?  To stay hydrated and comfortable while you are enjoying all that summertime recreation, skip the sports drinks full of GMO high fructose corn syrup or hidden artificial sweeteners and opt for the delicious,

ginger aleMost folks do not know how to make ginger ale at home. Yet, it is one of the easiest drinks to whip up in a matter of minutes.   The bonus of making ginger ale yourself is that you can ferment it. This means it is loaded with beneficial bacteria known as probiotics. In addition,

fermented lemonadeFor those of you who are wanting to take the leap and start adding a daily probiotic element to your whole foods diet, this recipe for fermented lemonade, also called Hindu lemonade, is one of the easiest to get started with.

This fermented lemonade recipe is delicious and will please both child and adult alike.

beet kvassOne of the most nutritious and health boosting fermented beverages you can make in your home is beet kvass.  Beets are chock full of nutrients and fermenting them as shown in the recipe and video below is extremely beneficial to those with any sort of digestive complaints. Beets are highly cleansing to the liver,

water kefir sodaMany people are surprised to learn that soda is actually a traditional food! Of course, ancestral cultures did not sweeten fermented beverages artificially or add unhealthy chemicals and GMO sugar like most brands today. Water kefir soda is a very popular example of a healthy traditional beverage that is tasty, fizzy, satisfying, and thirst quenching without any of these additives.

advanced kombucha recipeDo you already know how to make kombucha, but wish you could easily make more than a gallon at a time? If so, this advanced kombucha recipe plus video series is for you!

The technique I’ve developed for brewing many gallons of kombucha at once involves making a sweetened tea concentrate that you can use to make as many gallons as you like in a single batch.

kombuchaKombucha is arguably one of the hottest beverage trends to sweep the world in recent years. The discussion, recipe, and video demonstrations below provide all the information you need to understand kombucha benefits to health and how to make this tasty probiotic beverage in your home.

The traditional probiotic drink made from fermented tea originated in China and then Russia.