chocolate peanut butter fudgeHere is a great way to get lots of RAW, pastured butter into your kids.  Chocolate peanut butter fudge – recipe at the end! Don’t know where to get raw butter?

See my Shopping List under grassfed dairy to locate a list of small farms that will mail order you this fabulous food.

dairy free pumpkin pieIf there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s cheap food. I admit it. I’m a dedicated Food Snob. Perhaps it’s my French heritage. Perhaps it is all those years I actually ate cheap food and suffered the inevitable consequences of dodgy health and a crabby disposition much of the time. I remember some years back when the French farmers were picketing McDonalds for bringing cheap food to their land.

homemade chocolate pudding

It is a sad fact that most folks under the age of 60 don’t remember how to make homemade chocolate pudding from scratch. Boxed pudding (like Jell-O Brand – yikes!) was introduced to the American public during the processed food explosion that gained momentum after WWII ended.

The incredible ease of making instant pudding by just emptying a box of sugar/chemicals into a bowl and mixing in some milk quickly eliminated any memory of how to cook homemade chocolate pudding over the stove with real ingredients!

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