grain free brownies

I tweeted this grain free brownies recipe a few weeks ago. I’ve made a few tweaks here and there and am now ready to share it in a post. While not strictly a GAPS recipe as cocoa and carob powder are not permitted on this diet, it is grain free so that folks who are semi-GAPS and do not find starches to be a problem like the grains (and other disaccharides like sugar) can eat these with no problem.  

panna cotta served 3 waysA recent recipe plus video tutorial showed you how to make homemade panna cotta. We absolutely love this recipe in my home! It’s amazing that something so delicious can literally take less than 5 minutes to make!

As a follow-up to this recipe, I am posting a few pictures of how we enjoy panna cotta in our home.

We go grain free in our home every weekend, and this past Saturday, everyone had a hankering for muffins.   I found this recipe from Organic and Thrifty and it looked absolutely perfect for what I was looking for.

I used the original recipe pretty closely,

thai custard puddingFor those of you egg custard lovers out there, this recipe is a twist on that basic recipe using whole coconut milk instead of fresh milk. The coconut milk imparts a slightly coconut-y flavor giving Thai custard a hint of Asian flavor. I prefer to use homemade coconut milk,

I had some pecan flour in my freezer and came up with this grain free blueberry cobbler to try it out in a baking recipe.    It ended up turning out quite tasty .. even my picky 5 year old liked it!     If you don’t have any raw pecans around to grind into flour for this recipe,

sprouted flour browniesAnyone worth her salt in the kitchen is able to, at a moment’s notice, whip up tasty and healthy creations that make the family verrrry happy – like a pan of sprouted flour brownies!

In fact, if you serve up quality often enough, your family’s taste buds (and yours) will soon learn to reject the ersatz flavored,

homemade sodaI’ve blogged in the past about the traditionally made, fermented, homemade soda I make in my home. Such drinks like kombucha, kvass, and homemade root beer are loaded with probiotics, are delicious to drink, and greatly assist digestion and nutrient absorption when sipped with meals.

What to do if you are temporarily out of homemade soda and the kids really are wanting something “soda like”?

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