nut pudding

A basic nut pudding made with macadamias is a favorite for using up those leftover egg whites and bits of sour raw cream that always seem to be hanging around in the refrigerator in various containers and dishes!

This nut pudding can be whipped up in a matter of minutes –

sprouted crackersOne of my favorite things to do at the International Wise Traditions Conference held in November each year is hang out in the exhibit area, chat with people, and eat some of the yummy foods that are available for sampling. One of the tastiest treats I sampled at one Wise Traditions Conference were sprouted crackers made by Peggy Sutton.

homemade pumpkin cookiesWhen I make pumpkin cookies for my kids, I prefer to make them grain free to mix things up. I occasionally make crustless pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie with an almond flour crust for the same reason.

While we are fortunate not to have any grain allergies in our home,

peanut butter ice creamDespite its reputation, ice cream, even fancier flavors like peanut butter ice cream, can be a very healthy dessert to serve your family when you make it yourself at home with quality ingredients.

Commercial ice cream has many dangers as I’ve outlined in the previous post Antifreeze in Your Ice Cream.  

egg custardEgg custard pudding was my most favorite treat growing up.  I usually made a couple of bowls a week at my Grandparent’s house (they lived not far down the road) and my Grandfather, also a huge egg custard fan, and I would happily wolf it down together while watching baseball on his rabbit-eared black and white TV.

homemade breakfast cerealOne of the most popular videos and recipes I’ve posted on this blog is How to Make Cold Breakfast Cereal. A frequent question I’ve gotten from that post is how to make a grain free homemade breakfast cereal for those who eat Primal or Paleo or are currently on the GAPS or SCD diets.

bread and butter puddingBread and Butter Pudding is a delicious, traditional British dessert best known for using up all those pesky bread crusts that no one ever seems to want to eat!

When you spend $5-7 or even more per loaf for excellent quality sourdough or sprouted bread, you don’t like to waste a single slice! 

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