gingerbread cookiesMy paternal Grandmother wasn’t much of a cook but, boy oh boy, could she ever bake! I was fortunate that Grandma and Grandpa lived about a half mile down the road from my parent’s home. Grandma would start her Christmas baking right after Thanksgiving each year, churning out batch after batch of all sorts of holiday cookies.

creme brulee

It’s Friday afternoon.  You’ve just looked at the calendar and suddenly realized that your good friends of many years are coming over to dinner and they are (gasp) vegetarian!

No worries.  Just serve a nice veggie stir fry cooked in ghee or expeller pressed coconut oil and whip up creme brulee for dessert.

Have you noticed that healthfood stores in recent months seem to be carrying an ever increasing variety of snack chips?   In addition to the typical potato and corn chips, I’ve noticed taro chips, black bean chips, and even chips made from chickpeas!   My grocery store is also getting into the action with a large display of lentil chips that is very prominent right as you walk in the door.

iced chocolate egg cream So there I was, standing in line at the grocery store.


The elderly gentleman in front of me was obviously a bit bored with the long line too because he turned around and started to examine what was in my shopping cart.

What was in my cart,

gluten free carrot cakeMy friend Chris Giordano, who devised this creative recipe, is well known around town for her delectable carrot cake. It is her baking specialty.

Then, she was diagnosed with Celiac and could no longer consume gluten. So, she got creative and devised this gluten free carrot cake that her family swears tastes exactly the same as her original carrot cake made with wheat flour.

Devils Food Cake

This recipe for devils food cake makes for an absolutely sensational birthday treat.

In fact, devils food cake is almost always the birthday goodie my kids choose for me to make for them when their special day rolls around.

The inherent moistness of devils food cake combined with the nutrient loaded butter frosting I posted about recently makes for a melt in your mouth experience your child (and you) won’t soon forget and neither will the birthday party guests!

butter frosting

Bet you never thought that a birthday cake could be nutrient dense!  Well, it can and your kids will be smacking their lips and loving every crumb on their plates!

When my children have a birthday, I make nutrient loaded butter frosting for their birthday cake with deep yellow grassfed butter –

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