peanut butter cookiesSo many of you emailed about how much you enjoyed the old fashioned sugar cookie recipe I posted recently that I thought I would share another one for peanut butter cookies.

My tween actually took a conventional (yuck-o) peanut butter cookies recipe and converted it to healthy ingredients in order to make the yummy cookies pictured above.

sugar cookie recipeMy paternal Grandmother was not much of a cook, but wow, could she ever bake! Every year during the first week of December, she would go on a baking binge and whip up dozens of cookies for the Christmas holiday. My two favorites were her incredible gingerbread cookies and the old fashioned sugar cookie recipe below.

key limes for key lime pieKey lime pie is one of my family’s all time favorite desserts. Making it conventionally is a surefire way to risk a nasty cold or sinus infection though. The reason is the sweetened condensed milk that is a key ingredient of this dish. It is one of the most allergenic and unhealthy processed foods on the market!

chocolate cookie pie crustI consider a chocolate cookie pie crust essential for making certain types of confections. In particular, key lime pie and cream pies turn out absolutely delicious using this type of pastry crust.

I used to purchase an organic chocolate cookie crust that was made with palm oil.

bowl of popped sorghumPopcorn is an incredibly popular snack especially in North America. However, for reasons not yet fully understood, corn allergies are increasing which precludes many people from enjoying a bowl even if the popcorn is organic or an heirloom variety and popped in a healthy fat. This is where popped sorghum comes in!

heirloom popcorn kernelWhen it comes to making snacks for my family, popcorn cooked in a healthy fat and sprinkled with sea salt is one of my all-time favorites.

Some folks like to add even more nutrition by sprinkling their bowl of popcorn with brewer’s yeast. This practice is a very tasty way to add lots of B vitamins.

sweet onion dip with cheeseWhile on vacation with four of my siblings recently, my baby Sis whipped up a homemade sweet onion dip. It was quite possibly the best I’ve ever tasted!

I asked her if she would mind if I shared the recipe, and she said “of course”.

Thanks Beth!

Not only is this onion dip super easy and fast to make,