benefits of gelatinOne of the main reasons to learn how to make bone broth as a base for homemade soups and sauces is to supply hydrophilic colloids to the diet. This opens up the door to obtaining the numerous benefits of gelatin to health.

The hydrophilic nature of the gelatin in homemade meat broths has the unusual property of attracting digestive juices to itself.

I love roast eggplant and so does my husband, but I have to admit my kids hate it.  I think it’s a texture thing – the eggplant just gets so mushy after you cook it that the kids can’t get past it to discover the amazing flavor!

So, when I got a ton of Indian,

squash and tomato soup recipeToday I’m posting the recipe for one of my husband’s favorite dishes: squash and tomato soup. This particular soup recipe is very hearty and serves as a meal in itself. I like to serve garlic bread with it.

It is also a bit spicy from the sun dried tomatoes, so if you prefer bland soups,

bacon greaseAh, potato soup – yes, even including the bacon grease (as opposed to rendered lard) – is my “go to” soup when I need something warm, comforting and delicious for dinner at a moment’s notice. This soup is  also a great way to get loads of healthy fats into your friends and family without them even knowing what is happening!

What does your freezer look like?    This time of year, mine is loaded up with homemade broth.

The picture above is the top shelf of my kitchen freezer.    The container third from the left is actually a full gallon container (you can’t see how wide it is from the picture),

tomato soupWant to make a pot of soup, and lo and behold, there is no organic bone broth in your freezer? It’s easy to make a pot of tomato soup using miso as the base instead.

Whatever you do, don’t resort to MSG loaded bouillon cubes, soup base powders, or cans of nutritionless (and also MSG laced) chicken stock from the store! 

This is an extremely fast and delicious soup  I made for dinner one night recently with leftovers in the fridge that needed to be used up.    It turned out really hearty and really didn’t need much to go with it except for perhaps a salad.    Dinner in less than 15 minutes .. now that’s REAL fast food that won’t wreck your evening with a headache,