bread crusts

Do you find yourself wasting bread crusts or feeding them to the chickens, ducks or other birds in the backyard?

This is not a very frugal strategy considering the high price of a quality loaf of bread these days.

A quality loaf of properly prepared sourdough or sprouted bread is going to set you back somewhere between 5-10 US$.  

making stock safelyThis post on making stock using the concept of cumulative time is a follow-up to the article about why broth doesn’t gel. In the comments section of that post, several people expressed concern about leaving a simmering stockpot on the stove for the number of hours required to ensure a quality,

stock that gelsDo you have frequent trouble where your homemade broth doesn’t gel after being chilled in the refrigerator? This is a problem to solve quickly, as correct preparation is one of the foundational techniques of Traditional Cooking.

So critical is properly made, gelled homemade stock to the ongoing maintenance of health that Dr.

Cafe food in most museums I’ve visited over the years consists primarily of packaged food like chips and crackers, soda, and MSG laden, microwaved entrees if hot food is served at all.

The one notable exception is the Louvre which does offer an amazing array of Parisian made foods along with my all time favorite,

chicken broth MSGDo you buy chicken broth labeled “No MSG” on the tetrapak or can  from the store thinking this is a safe and healthy option for homemade soups you make at home?

Maybe you even go to the trouble and expense of buying chicken broth from the healthfood store that is labeled free range and organic believing this is a quality choice for your family.

By Fitness Editor Paula Jager, CSCS

As a fitness professional, I have found homemade bone broths to be a great source of protein elements not found in the typical consumption of primarily “muscle meats” sought by most exercise enthusiasts. Many people seek to eat only boneless,

barbecue bone brothA tummy bug is going around our local community at the moment, so it’s no surprise that our family is going through a lot of homemade broth to shore up our resistance and/or ensure rapid recovery should it come a-knocking at our door!

The copious amounts of natural gelatin in broth,