I had some pecan flour in my freezer and came up with this grain free blueberry cobbler to try it out in a baking recipe.    It ended up turning out quite tasty .. even my picky 5 year old liked it!     If you don’t have any raw pecans around to grind into flour for this recipe,

almond flour pancakesI devised this recipe for almond flour pancakes one Friday night some years ago when my husband and I got the late night munchies. I recommend a food processor (doesn’t have to be a Vitamix) rather than a grain grinder to make almond flour due to the oiliness of the nuts. Grain grinders don’t work very well for grinding most nuts,

honey breadThe recent recipe for Paleo muffins proved to be very popular, so I am posting another no grain recipe I use frequently in our home! This particular honey bread recipe that is also Paleo friendly features coconut flour instead of nut or bean flours.

Using coconut flour to make baked goods results in a consistency similar to Sara Lee pound cake.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of eating a salad is the bit of crunchiness that the croutons add to each bite. What then, do you do if you are avoiding grain based carbs for either weight control or health reasons? Perhaps you simply do not want to consume these highly processed bits of dried bread that frequently contain MSG among other additives and fillers (even organic croutons have this problem,

paleo banana muffinsYum!  Paleo banana muffins!

I love to try out new things in the kitchen. It helps prevent getting stuck in the same old routine and same old meals week in and week out.

I frequently get in over my head, with something taking a lot more time and effort (and mess!) than I ever imagined!

chocolate peanut butter fudgeHere is a great way to get lots of RAW, pastured butter into your kids.  Chocolate peanut butter fudge – recipe at the end! Don’t know where to get raw butter?

See my Shopping List under grassfed dairy to locate a list of small farms that will mail order you this fabulous food.