coconut flour pizza crustI’ve been using both store bought and homemade coconut flour for years. Until very recently, however, I had never tried making it into a coconut flour pizza crust! I held off for so long because of the natural sweetness of coconut flour. I just didn’t think it would work very well in a savory dish.

paleo apple cobblerMy friend Juliann recently emailed me this awesome recipe for Paleo apple cobbler.  Juliann writes that the hazelnut flour tastes so much like wheat flour that she was astonished.

With treats like this that are amazingly delicious as well as backside slimming, it is easy to limit those grain based foods while sacrificing nothing in the taste and satisfaction department!

ginger snaps recipe grain freeAfter more than 15 years of using the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook as a primary guide for all my traditional cooking endeavors, it amazes me how I can still find new recipes that I haven’t tried before that delight my family!

I just recently had this experience once again while I was thumbing through my very well worn,

paleo peach cobbler

With summer here and peaches ripe, juicy and in season, I’ve got a serious hankering for some warm, Paleo peach cobbler made with extra filling sprouted almond flour instead of wheat.

I like to make this dish even in the winter with organic sliced peaches still in the freezer from when they were in season the summer before.

kale chips in a bowlSeveral friends have been raving to me lately about kale chips, a delicious new way to enjoy your leafy greens.  Now, I really don’t know if this is new or not in the grand scheme of things;  in fact, I suspect it is not new at all.  There are probably folks reading this post who have been making this recipe for some time!

I am so excited!!    I have a great guest post coming up this week from a gal whose story of healing from the simple act of going grain and starch free will amaze and inspire you!

In the meantime, I thought I would get everyone’s enthusiasm going for the life changing, autoimmune healing power of following the GAPS Diet (by Dr.

tomato soupWant to make a pot of soup, and lo and behold, there is no organic bone broth in your freezer? It’s easy to make a pot of tomato soup using miso as the base instead.

Whatever you do, don’t resort to MSG loaded bouillon cubes, soup base powders, or cans of nutritionless (and also MSG laced) chicken stock from the store!