sweet potato hummusSweet potato hummus is Real Food that fits the budget!

I first met Arabella Forge, author of the sensational book Frugavore, at the 2004 Wise Traditions Conference. We immediately hit it off as my husband is also from her hometown of Melbourne Australia, and I have visited that beautiful city on several occasions.

egg custardEgg custard pudding was my most favorite treat growing up.  I usually made a couple of bowls a week at my Grandparent’s house (they lived not far down the road) and my Grandfather, also a huge egg custard fan, and I would happily wolf it down together while watching baseball on his rabbit-eared black and white TV.

baking powderHealthy baking powder is a must in the kitchen of a savvy cook. Used as a leavening agent, baking powder lightens texture and increases the volume of baked goods such as muffins, cakes, pancakes, and cookies. It works by releasing carbon dioxide bubbles into the wet batter in a chemical reaction. This process expands and helps to add optimal texture to the mixture.

homemade breakfast cerealOne of the most popular video recipes I’ve posted on this blog is How to Make Homemade Breakfast Cereal.

A frequent question I’ve gotten from that post is how to make a grain free homemade breakfast cereal for those who eat Primal or Paleo or are currently on the GAPS or SCD diets.

russian custardWhen my husband and I were on the (temporary) GAPS Diet to improve our gut health, one of our favorite treats hands down was Russian Custard. It is an excellent substitute for dairy cream and works well for any recipe which uses it. Coconut cream is also a good sub, but not everyone enjoys the flavor of coconut.

Paleo angel food cake

What child doesn’t love angel food cake?   Light and fluffy with tongue tantalizing texture, angel food cake is an all time favorite especially for little girl birthday parties!

Dolores Clark, a great grandmother who lives in Dade City Florida recently sent me a Paleo angel food cake recipe,

Irish soda breadBy Chef Emily Duff of Family2Table

Irish soda bread is a traditional quick bread used in a number of cuisines where baking soda is used as the raising agent instead of yeast.

In its home country of Ireland, soda bread is typically made using wheat flour,